Immortal Nights

immortal-nightsAbigail Forsythe has had a tough couple years and they will get a lot worse when she finds herself hiding in the back of a cargo plane, but she wouldn’t be alone. Abigail will find an unconscious man who had been kidnapped. She will help free him but they will have to move fast to keep distance between them and the kidnappers.

Tomasso Notte and his brother had been kidnapped. His brother had escaped and with the help of a stowaway he will escape as well. Though Tomasso will not be freed from the trouble as it will follow him and Abigail as they search the island for safety.

Immortal Nights is the twenty fourth book to the series Argeneau by Lynsay Sands. I thought that this novel was good. I liked reading about Tomasso and his plot intrigued me as it continued with the Notte twins.

Abigail’s character was someone who had it tough for a long time. She was a strong woman to handle caring for her mother. You wanted Abigail to find love and to be happy again and for her to get her life together how she wanted, like becoming a doctor again. Tomasso’s character a strong warrior and loyal to his family. He was also adorable as he was a closet nerd. He liked science but you would hardly know that as he didn’t speak much. Though when he does speak he is thoughtful.

There are parts in this book that is the same with every book which is always explaining about the immortals. I think that Lynsay Sands writes it well but it gets repetitive especially since I have read this series from the beginning. The danger in this book is low key but Sands will leave us with a cliffhanger at the end.

The next book is coming out in March of 2017.

About a Vampire

About a VampireJustin Bricker has watched many of his fellow immortals pair off with their life mates. He wanted his life mate mostly for the sex but when he finds her there will be a problem. His life mate is already married.

Holly Bosley was going back to her temp job when she will be surprised by some intruders. Holly’s life will forever be changed from the one that she knows as she will be turned into an immortal.

About a Vampire is the twenty second book to the series Argeneau Family by Lynsay Sands. I thought that the book was not bad. It was certainly Lynsay Sands writing which is entertaining but I wasn’t loving it like the earlier books of her series.

I have been waiting for Justin’s story for a while and while I liked it I was kind of disappointed. He was just way to immature for my taste. Although that is pretty much his personality and Lynsay Sands keeps his character true to how he had been written. I guess I didn’t like him as much because it was now focused solely on him. But there were parts that I liked in the book. There was that humor that Sands writes well like with how Decker and Anders get back at Justin. Also towards the end of the book I felt that Justin did mature a lot with how to deal with his life mate. Holly’s character was okay. She was married and didn’t want to cheat on her husband which was good. I was wondering how Sands would let Holly and Justin be together. The ending she writes lets that happen and I will say it gets a little cheesy but with that ending everyone is happy.

Now although this wasn’t my favorite I know that I will continue reading the series when another book comes out.

Darkness Rises

Darkness RisesKrysta was used to fighting on her own when it came against vampires. She will become confused when a vampire starts to save her life every time she faces a pack of vampires. She will get to know this man, Etienne, to find out there is much more to him and to her.

Etienne was not a vampire but an Immortal Guardian. He is a protector and will be playing that role once again when it came to Krysta. He will be impressed with her skill and know that she was different. He will also know that her life is in danger thanks to her killing certain vampires.

Darkness Rises is the fourth book to the series Immortal Guardians by Dianne Duvall. I liked the book but I will say I was a little confused by it. There were plenty of things happening in the book with many characters which I needed to keep straight. Now Duvall writes who these people are but I felt I was missing more of those details that I would receive if I had read the prior stories.

The idea of these gifted ones and immortal guardians were an interesting twist to vampire stories that left me turning the pages. Krysta’s character was strong and was cheerful even with all that she was dealing with. I liked her spirit and her power to read auras was interesting. Etienne is a strong immortal and has his own ability which is telepathy which comes in handy. I was reminded of Lynsay Sands story Love Bites and Tall, Dark and Hungry, not because their writing is similar just that Etienne and Bastien are the same names used in both stories. It is not an important fact, it just popped in my head while I was reading the story which I thought was interesting. I don’t read many stories that have names like Etienne or Bastien.

Now as I have said from above that I was a little confused but the book intrigued me and I would be interested to start at the beginning of the series to see how it all started.

One Lucky Vampire

One Lucky VampireNicole Phillips is a successful artist but going through a divorce that is leaving her with too many problems. She will get some help with a new cook/housekeeper but she will be getting more than she realized.

Jake Colson is on a job thanks to a family member but it is not the normal security job. He has to play a role to help protect an artist who is being threatened by her ex-husband. He will keep an eye on her but his lust will take over even when the accidents gets too close.

One Lucky Vampire is the nineteenth book from the Argeneau Family series by Lynsay Sands. I have read all of the books of this series and it keeps me going with every book I have read. Lynsay Sands brings this series with a interesting twist with the nanos. This was another good book to read. She keeps growing the series with new family members and it looks as if she is giving more options going to the Notte side of the family. There is a side of me that still loves the very beginning books the best but no matter what these books are very entertaining.

I liked Nicole’s character in the book. She was an artist and stressed over all that she has been happening to her with the divorce. I liked that you found out more info on the soon to be ex husband which gives several answers to several situations that happened. Now there is of course our hero who is Jake. He was turned only seven years ago and doesn’t really like it. He does understand more now and stops hating what he is.

There will be plenty of sex between Nicole and Jake once they understand they are life mates and it doesn’t really stop. Their relationship goes fast pretty quickly but that is like most of the couples in the series. It gets a little humorous with Jake’s family intruding on them. I thought that getting to who is behind all the accidents took a while to have it all wrapped up together. There is a twist with this person that kept you guessing towards a different direction.

Divine Misdemeanors

Merry and her men have faced off with the Queen and the Prince and have lived to tell the tale. Now they are back in America and trouble is at their front door again but this time the demi-fey are the ones that are being attacked. Merry must help her people out and to find the one who is harming them.

The eighth book, Divine Misdemeanors, of the series Meredith Gentry was not bad. I had thought before that the seventh book from Laurell Hamilton had finished the series but she cranked out another one.

Turning the pages for this book started out slow. Since I love reading about Merry and her guards I knew I would like the book but it took a little to get into the story. The plot is not following the same as it had been and to me it lost a little interest. This book was not my favorite. Now on the other hand it was a good story once you got into the book and back with the characters. New things are revealed and Merry’s men who are the fathers of her twins are not the only ones she loves or lets in her bed.

At the end of the story Hamilton leaves it open. This book was published in 2009 so its been several years. I’m not sure if she will write another book for the Meredith Gentry series, but she certainly does not close the chapter completely.

Mistral’s Kiss

Mistral’s Kiss leaves off with Merry still with the sidhe. Hamilton will show just how far Merry will go to bring back life to her people.

Merry wakes up to a frightening dream and will soon find that the dream wants her to wake up the land. She will be giving her body to wake up the soil but with so much power other things will wake in the process. The wild hunt will be called and it will be a race for Merry and her guards to find safety.

The fifth book is shorter than most in the series. With only 212 pages I was able to speed through the book. I liked Mistral in the book even though he was very cocky for his own good. The King of Sluagh surprised me with his rash decisions in the book but made up for them at the end.

Its a little ridicules with how much sex there is and how Merry literally screws the land back to life but it fits with the concept of the story.

I am interested in finding out more now that Cel is free of his cage. More trouble will definitely be coming and most likely travel its way in the next book as Frost will be the center of attention in A Lick of Frost.

Seduced By Moonlight

Finding a chalice in bed was not what Merry expected to find after she and guards went to sleep. All of them know what the chalice means and fear what is to happen when the Queen finds out. Merry and her guards will keep the chalice hidden but it will be difficult as it will unravel in the heat of passion waking up dormant powers of her guards.

The third book, Seduced By Moonlight by Laurell Hamilton steps further into the world of the fey. Merry is encountering with more of the fey in this book and I find it interesting that magical objects keep finding their way to Merry.

I like that Merry is gaining power first with the ring and now the chalice. She is becoming stronger and almost like a goddess herself.

Doyle is still my favorite but really I like all of the guards. I think Hamilton does a good job making each guard distinctive and their own personality and power.

I am looking forward to the fourth book to find out if Merry will yet win the race to the throne.