Ice Games

Zara Pritchard had been an Olympic but her reputation was in ruins when she walked away during her routine when she was fourteen. Now Zara has a second chance at figure skating with a reality tv show. She is hesitant and even more so when she meets her partner.

Ty Randall did not think that a ice skating show was going to repair his reputation with the MMA but he was forced to go with it. He will fight with his partner every step but then something will change between them.

Ice Games is the third book to the series Games by Jessica Clare. I really enjoyed this novel. It was a fun story based on Dancing with the Stars.

I liked Zara’s character because she had learned from her mistake. She had been young and thrust into the limelight. She was doing her best to still make something of herself. The reality tv show was funny with how it was rigged, which you have to wonder how many of those shows are rigged. Ty’s character was at first someone I thought I would hate. He was going to be too cocky but all he really wanted was a second chance at his career. He got it together with the help of Zara. The romance reader in me loved the ending because it wrapped up everything in a nice bow, and I was happy with that.

I am moving forward with the series and will be reading the fourth book next.

Bedding Lord Ned

Bedding Lord NedMiss Eleanor “Ellie” Bowman has been told over and over to find a suitor. It’s a problem though the one suitor she wants doesn’t even see her, or sees her only as a friend. Ellie this year will try now to find a suitor as she wants children, but as she does Ned will start to notice her as a woman after all these years.

Lord Edward “Ned” has been out of mourning and knows its time to find another. He never thought that his attention would drift towards his childhood friend, but since finding those red bloomers he has been seeing Ellie in a new light.

Bedding Lord Ned is the first book to Sally MacKenzie’s series the Duchess of Love Trilogy. Reading this book certainly brought on tons of emotion throughout the entire book. There was laughter, frustration, sadness, love, anger and lastly hope. MacKenzie does a fantastic job on this first novel. You get to know the characters very well  and find out what makes them tick. Ellie and Ned of course were the majority of the book as it was their story. At times I wanted to put the book down thinking that MacKenzie will never put them together as they were both cowards to admit their feelings or in Ned’s case to dense to comprehend his love for Ellie. But nevertheless there is a happy ending even with all the suitors at this house party.

The villains are not really villains only social climbers who turned out alright in the end, well expect for Percy who deserved what he got from Ned.

Now the matchmaking work of Ned’s mother, Venus was something I really enjoyed. She is a wonderful character full of life and mischief. She is calculated knowing what is going on in everyone’s life and uses that to twist the situation. At the end she gets her way the middle child. I am assume Jack will be next in the book as Ash is already married. MacKenzie does a good job at getting you interested though in Ash. He has been separated since the night of his marriage. I want to know what went wrong and why. Was Percy part of the trouble? Were lies being told. I hope that Ash’s story is being worked on as I really want to know what happened. Or maybe with Jack’s story we will know more.

As I was finishing up the book I noticed that there were about 90 more pages. There was a prequel, Duchess in Love, to this series staring Venus and Drew, the parents of Ash, Ned and Jack. It was a very quick to read but fun as it followed the same pattern but this time we got to read about the matchmaker when she was very young and meeting her match.