Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride

mr-darcy-presents-his-brideAfter reading all of Jane Austen’s stories I wanted to read just a little more but as I couldn’t get any more from Austen I decided to try a book that was a continuation of Pride & Prejudice. I had gotten Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride years ago for Christmas from my parents. It has been awhile since I read the book. I was happy to read this book again because it is really well written and a great sequel to a book I love so much.

The book is simply a continuation of the story Pride & Prejudice. Helen Halstead writes about the lives of Elizabeth and Darcy. She also writes about the family and friends that know Elizabeth and Darcy, along with some new friends they make in their come out as husband and wife.

I liked how Halstead wrote the continuation because it really showed how the characters lives had altered into a new way of living. I loved how Elizabeth felt overwhelmed but because of her charm she was able to glide through society, though it was still a struggle. She had to make sure not to embarrass her husband and to make sure they don’t lose their love for each other. It was interesting that Halstead gave each character a chance to have their own thoughts told on the page. You were really able to get to know the characters from Halstead’s words.

There was definitely some sad news that I didn’t like towards the end but you knew it would happen. Though I think Halstead brings it together to give you that happy ending which many have dreamed for Elizabeth and Darcy.

Well that is it for me with reading stories all related towards Austen, at least for now. I am sure I will come up with some more adaptations or inspired Jane Austen stories through my search of other authors to read.

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea DarcyAlethea Darcy has been married recently immediately finding out that her husband was not one she wanted to stay with as his cruelty was breaking her spirit. She had to find a way out. With her maid at her side they escaped in the middle of night disguising their appearance as men. Alethea will keep running as she finds little help from her sisters, with the exception of Camille who is out of the country. She will find a savior in the arms of an unlikely man who will help her find a way out.

The second book to the Darcys series is The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy. Elizabeth Aston brings us back to the world of Austen with the youngest sister in a bind. I loved reading about Alethea in the first book and was interested in finding out more about her. I loved her bravery in the book and was horrified with what happened to her, what her husband inflicted upon her. I was happy that Aston did give a happy ending for Alethea.

I loved Titus, our hero. He was a hard man to but he helped those in need especially Alethea who needed his help without question. I loved that a friendship grew and then to love especially as he had loved and it did not end well. He was able to get a second chance. The ending was perfect.

Our villain is certainly Alethea’s husband but there were several others who were her sisters I think. I was very angry with Georgiana who dismissed her sister and told her that it was her husbands right. If I didn’t like the sister before I would really dislike her now. Even Letty got worse with her religious banter.

This plot was more scandalous I thought than the first only because of what happened to Alethea. For me this is going outside of the realm of Austen but it was really well done as you could still feel for the most part it was Austen’s world with how the characters interacted and behaved.

She Only Needed To Find That Strawberry Birthmark…

After reading the second book to the series Madison Sisters I went in search of the first book, The Countess. I really wanted to know if I was right when I thought how this story was being told. And I was right. Lynsay Sands tells the same story in so far two parts with a sister at the focal point. So in this case Christiana is at the center with the real Earl of Randor, Richard.

Christiana Madison married for love a year ago to a man, Richard Fairgrove the Earl of Randor but it all changed when they married. The charming man disappeared and a monster formed which was why when he dropped dead it was not an urgent matter for Christiana. But things get complicated when he rises from the grave.

Richard Fairgrave the real Earl of Randor is furious with his twin brother George. Richard was left for dead but he survived and now he wanted revenge. Richard did not expect though a wife to come his way. Christiana was a hiccup in his plan but soon she became a savior in his life and what he was missing.

Reading the first book gave the story more sense after I had started with the second one. I truly liked how Lynsay Sands created the plot to intertwine and how each book revealed more which makes me want to read all about Lisa and Robert.

Christiana’s character was perfectly done as she was once the free spirit but crushed by marriage and now started to be set free. I liked how Sands progressed how Christiana’s character became  happy with the real Richard. It was also humorous with how Christiana had to find out if this man was the real Richard or George and it counted on if he had a strawberry birthmark on his backside.

Now the real Richard was everything a gentleman should be with a very passionate side for only his wife. He brought a lightness to the story and his revenge scheme was a little more overshadowed with his relationship with Christiana but that did not create a problem in the book.

Finishing up The Countess I am patiently waiting for when Lisa and Robert are going to have their story told. It will be interesting as you don’t really know too much with what is going on with them, so it will be fun reading what happens. 

Lost in your Arms by Christina Dodd

As far as the governess bride series goes Lost in your Arms is a fast paced book which will have you keep reading as adventure, amnesia, love, and spies will fill the pages.

Enid MacLean has lived without her husband for nine years and she does not mind being without. She is a nurse and likes it that way but a message will bring her back to her husbands side.

Stephan MacLean has been injured and does not remember what happened but in truth he is not Stephan but his cousin Kiernan. Enid will be horrified that she has feelings for this laird which sent letters excluding her from the family.

I got frustrated with the character of Stephan/Kiernan because at times you want to slap him and give Enid some satisfaction but it changes as he remembers more. It was nice to read that he was not the dreadful man that was described.

The characters of Enid and Kiernan were a blast to read as their fiery arguments kept each on their toes and thinking about each other. I liked also Dodd’s humor at the end as Enid will have the upper hand but will use it to maintain the new life she wants to lead.

Lost in your Arms is a romantic adventure that will leave you smiling.

Rules of Attraction by Christina Dodd

Hannah Setterington has been a companion and governess for nine years. She has her secrets and wouldn’t tell anyone until she is in front of the man she left nine years ago, her husband.

Dougald Pippard waited nine years for this reunion. He hated that she left and would teach her a lesson. Make her fall in love then leave but there was still passion there and he will be blindsided.

The third story is with Hannah the last remaining governess who owns the Academy. I liked Hannah’s character as she is still very much able to take care of herself but she remains in the past because of the hurt he endured and was part of.

Dougald’s character was someone you disliked very much. He was stubborn, bad temper and had the biggest ego. Woman were not really to be noticed was his reasoning. But as Dodd unravels the book the character of Dougald soften expect he still makes you upset by his old fashioned ways. But nevertheless a happy ending will come as the two learn all about love.

Rules of Attraction will make you believe in second chances.

My Wife’s Affair

Reading the back cover I was not sure of this book. It sounded interesting but from what I am used to reading it did not seem to be my style. But I wanted to try the book as I was going to hear the author have an interview. I had never gone to an interview with an author and I have to say it was fun. The interview she gave was about publishing which is always a need to know when trying to break into the business.

Before the interview I was able to find and read the book because I wanted to see the type of work she did and after reading I was surprised.

Georgie and Peter have been married for a while with three wonderful children. Moving to London was Peter’s idea and Georgie took that opportunity to try and find an acting role again. And she did for the role of Dora Jordan. Georgie becomes involved with the character and her marriage is threatened as events soon to spiral out of control leaving more than one character in pain.

The story invoked such a feeling of frustration through the entire book but in a way that was amazing because the book gave me such a response. The story was from the husbands point of view which was unexpected and unique I have to say.

I liked to read about the historical part which was intertwined I think Woodruff did a very good job combining the past and present.

Through the entire story I was dreading the end because I had a feeling I knew to a point what was coming. I have to say the wife I was not a fan of. She seemed too self but I like stories that have the happy ending. This book does not but it ended really well to keep the reader invested and to feel for the characters. From that one story I was very surprised at my reaction and I believe if an author can invoke any emotion (frustration, love, desire, passion, happiness, sadness) for the reader they have reached their goal.

I am interested in what Nancy Woodruff will have next coming. In her interview she is going towards nonfiction for her next book so we will have to see. She has one other book out called, Someone Else’s Child.

Lady Jane’s Nemesis by Patricia Oliver

Just when you think those regency books are slightly getting boring there is a book that pulls you out of that stage.  Lady Jane’s Nemesis does that for me.

The Plot of Lady Jane’s Nemesis:

Since her birth, Lady Jane Sinclair has been unofficially betrothed to Roger Hastings, heir to Trenton Abby.  But at twenty-five, Jane remains unmarried-and the rumors of Roger’s liaison with the immodest Lady Horton have spread like wildfire.  While out riding, she discovers her betrothed in a tryst among the flowers-and need not see the face of his lover to recognize the unlaced corset of Lady Horton.  Jane is cut by his scandalous behavior, but Roger’s rougish figure nonetheless torments her in her most private moments.

But suddenly, Roger proposes-and though Jane is now assured of the husband she desires, Lady Horton’s challenge threatens to destroy her fragile future with Roger before it begins.  And even if she has never know the fiery passions of desire fulfilled, she knows she must lure Roger away from his wanton woman-if her tender love is to bloom.

Patricia Oliver transformed this lighthearted regency novel into something that was interesting, frustrating, filled with betrayal and hidden love.

I love the character of Jane.  She is strong and determined but I wish she did more.  I guess being of the modern woman I would have yelled more or not have forgiven all of the husband.  It kinda pissed me off he couldn’t be man enough to actually admit what he had done.  And the character of Lady Horton well Patricia Oliver did a good job on making the woman villainous.  Very frustrating character.

But Roger was not all so bad.  He found himself in love with her and wanted to do right by Jane but he kept putting off telling her.

I thought the novel had a lot of appeal through the betrayal and the fight of trust which Jane had to go through.  She fought for her love to be crushed time and time again but in the end there was peace.

That is the kind of ending that was needed for the book.  And as all regency books go love does find a way.