Death, Taxes and Sweet Potato Fries

I don’t normally check out just any book. I usually like to do some research on what the book is about and if it is part of a series. Well I guess I am looking for a change because I had gone to my library and just browsed the new fiction. The book Death, Taxes and Sweet Potato Fries immediately caught my attention. I am an accountant so I was immediately intrigued with a book with the word taxes in the title.

IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway is given a new case with the coyotes which will lead her to her ex-boyfriend’s company, who could be part of the situation. Tara will have to find the missing girls before the coyotes could get away with human trafficking and she will get some help from her team and fiance, Nick.

Death, Taxes and Sweet Potato Fries is the eleventh book to the series by Diane Kelly. I knew immediately as I started the book that it was a story already in progress but it did not stop me from enjoying the book. This was quirky and a little out there but overall enjoyable.

Tara’s character is a woman who can do what she wanted. She didn’t need to be assisted by a man but she will give in every once in awhile to the man she loves. I liked that Tara was a take charge but that can often get someone in trouble. I liked the relationship she had with Nick. It was stable and you knew that Nick would be sticking around. He also balanced Tara’s character.

I am not sure that I will read the entire series even though I found this one to be entertaining. I will look into the series and see what other cases that Tara has to solve.


Bare It All

Bare it AllAlice Appleton has been through a lot which has changed her making her cautious. She has developed the ability to see if a person is good or bad for the most part. She will take a chance and open herself up to possibilities with new friends and Reese but danger is not far from her.

Detective Reese Bareden has taken it upon himself to get to know his neighbor who his dog seems to like. Reese is thrown by this woman especially with her shooting the men after Pepper and Logan. Reese will find out much more as he keeps her close with danger rushing around them.

Bare It All is the second book from Lori Foster’s series Love Undercover. I had stopped after the first book because I wanted to wait for the next two to come out and finish the series. I had thought there was only three but it turns out at least another is coming in March of 2014 with Dash.

So anyways the second book to Foster’s series was unbelievably good just like the first one, which of course I read again since I wanted to remember Pepper and Logan’s story. I liked that I did since the second book took place the next day. You could still read this book on its own because the story does remind you of what has happened but since I had the chance to read it all together I took it.

There is action, mystery, love and sexy scenes all wrapped in one package with Bare It All. I could not get enough of Reese who was all about taking a stand and doing what was right to protect the woman he was starting to love. His dog was a great addition which held Reese and Alice together well at the very first initial meeting. Now Alice was a woman who was damaged but she was doing all she could to redeem herself for what happened to her. Alice was first mentioned in the series Edge of Honor. I remembered her name but I had thought she was Trace’s sister or Dare’s. I had gotten that fact screwed up but Foster reminds the reader what happened in her past with more detail.

Our villain is very much like the man that had taken Alice beforehand. He is a vile man that will not have a happy ending. I liked that Foster keeps the plot strong with the compelling storyline that I sat and devoured. It was a longer book reaching past 400 pages but it is worth reading without a doubt. I could not get enough of this book.

Now once again all six main characters are talked about in the book. Reese and Alice of course are featured but everyone else are still a vital part of the plot. Rowdy really surprised me with his caring of Alice. He is a character that I want to have his happy ending that is once he stops messing around with all the other women but anyway I am really excited about reading Rowdy and Avery’s story. Getting Rowdy is next in my pile of books to read. I really want to know more about Avery and what she is running from.

Perfect Storm

Liking the last three book of the series Edge of Honor I figured I would like A Perfect Storm.

Arizona Storm has had a tough life, one she wants to be able to handle. Her way is to find trouble and stop it but she needs Spencer’s help. She is wary of him as she does feel things when she looks at him, but she is not ready to let him in. Of course curiosity sets in and Arizona will take the plunge while they will be in the midst of danger.

Spencer Lark a dangerous bounty hunter has tangled before with Arizona and finds himself agreeing to help her once again. He doesn’t like that she is endangering herself but knows that she would do it without his help. Having her close puts Spencer in a spell as every time he sees her he wants her. He holds back to that possibility until neither can’t take it anymore.

After I read the book I found myself loving the characters that Lori Foster created. I often love reading her books. This series however has characters that are more complex and in the fourth book I could not put it down.

I loved the story of Arizona and how grown up/naive she really was. She was only twenty one but with the experience of someone twice her age. You want her to find happiness with Spencer but also peace. I liked how Foster built Arizona’s character up through the entire book as there was no dull moment.

Spencer was something else. In all Foster’s books there is the strong man, the man who would do anything to protect the damsel in distress. Its the oldest story but Spencer will be challenged as Arizona is not a weeping willow. She will take the punches that is given to her. Spencer though is also withdrawn from real connection but of course Foster will make sure that is drawn out in the book.

The villain was obvious but there is a twist at the end that was not necessarily seen and surprised me. I liked that Foster had given that twist on the bad guy as it gave more intrigue and mystery.

Now finishing the fourth book I have to wonder if their will be another book from Foster which of course I hope that there is. Perhaps with Quin who will grow up and help in his own way?

Trace of Fever

As with the first story of the series Lori Foster gets the action going quickly in Trace of Fever with heated characters and a very dangerous situation. Trace will bring in the action with his co-star Priss but it wouldn’t be an easy road.

Trace Rivers hates all kinds of monsters and Murray Coburn is one of the best but why is Trace working with him? Trace is undercover as a bodyguard under the name Trace Miller. He has to act the part which makes him sick but he needs this monster put away for his sister and anyone like her. Trace was in the mist of his mission but didn’t expect Coburn’s daughter.

Priscilla “Priss” Patterson has one thing on her mind and that is revenge. Stepping into Coburn’s hell is not easy but in order to move on she has to end this monster. Priss thought it would be easy but the unruly bodyguard was not what she expected. He ignited everything in her body but she couldn’t stray from her mission even though Trace makes it very difficult.

From everything that happened with Trace and Priss it made you melt as Foster creates an erotic romance which will have you wanting more. It was frustrating at times that you wanted to not hate Trace but very much thought he was in the wrong with some of his actions he does. Then you have to remember he is playing a part. His character is flawed but fantastic at the same time with how he is able to protect his sister and friends. I appreciated that Trace did trust Priss enough to let his guard down some.

I liked also how Foster created Priss to be multidimensional. She was a great character who is in a situation way out of control. Her story was compelling with her mom and you wanted her to get her revenge no matter the cost.

The character Murray and Helena were frightening and Foster created them so you had no choice but to despise them. The drug which is created is an interesting addition and I liked how Foster was able to turn the tables on Helena.

Finishing up the book I quickly knew I had to pick up the next one with Jackson and Alani. I couldn’t wait to read what situation they were going to be put in. Overall Edge of Honor series is jump off the seat steamy and you only want more from Foster.