The Bollywood Bride

The Bollywood BrideRia Parkar was known as the Ice Princess. Ria had made herself distant from everyone else but now she was coming home for her cousins wedding. She wanted to be there but that meant she would see Vikram, the boy whose heart she had broken.

Vikram Jathar had loved Ria but then she had betrayed him. When Vikram sees Ria he will be angry as all those feelings come back to the surface. He will try to keep his distance but it will be a losing battle.

The Bollywood Bride is the second book to the series Bollywood by Sonali Dev. Like the first, I loved this book. Sonali Dev really integrates the culture and traditions well throughout the book. I wanted to find out all that was hidden in the past and to find out the real reasons why the characters were a shell of themselves.

Ria’s character was a young woman who had gone through a big trauma at a young age. You don’t know everything until later one. At first I thought Ria truly was an ice princess from how she handled things ten years ago, but I had a feeling she was not that cruel. Ria’s true self is discovered and your heart breaks for her as she is just a shell of herself. Vikram’s character was intentionally cruel to Ria and its because he felt betrayed. There is logic to that but I wanted him to at least move on and make a fresh start. I get my wish but the future is complicated for these two characters that is until everything gets out onto the table and they take a chance.

I really wanted something to be done about Vikram’s mother but I guess that would have put too much strain on the characters. I liked that he was standing up to her and taking a chance with Ria once again.

So Sonali Dev third book has come out in September and I will be reading that next but I am hesitant. It is with Nic and Jen who were in this book and are the ones that are getting married. It seems in the next book a tragedy will happen that break up the couple forever. Well I will find out more as I read the book next.

Lover Unleashed

Lover UnleashedPayne has been released from her prison only to find herself in another one when she is seriously injured. Her brother will make sure she does not stay paralyzed as he will bring in a doctor, Manuel Manello, to fix her. Payne, however, was ready to die that is until she meets her healer.

Manuel Manello had lost one of his best friends a year ago, but will soon find out that she is not completely gone when he is pulled into a very strange situation. Manny never believed that vampires were real, that is until he met a whole group of them. He will help heal Payne and find that he will not want to leave her side, but knows they have no future.

Unleashed is the ninth book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. Another great book to the series. I found that I flew through the pages with this book. I thought it was interesting with the new character, Payne, and revisiting with Manny.

From the previous book I thought Manny was alright but in this one I was liking his character. I liked that he become tongue tied and not as cocky as he had been. He wants Payne pretty much right away and the feeling is mutual. Payne for me was like the other Chosen. She was very new to this world but what she has that the Chosen do not are the fighting skills. They have no problem with chemistry but what they do have a problem with is the future and how they can have a relationship.

Well with the last enemy not really in the book you know that Ward has to find another one and it will be from the past when the Bloodletter was alive, and the Bloodletter is V’s and Payne’s dad. Right now that enemy is staying hidden but I have no doubt he will come back to the Brothers to complete his mission.

The story of Qhuinn and Blay continue on and it gets interesting when it looked like Qhuinn was having almost a vision. Its a vision he never want to happen, which makes me wonder if Qhuinn will ever find happiness? Also with how things stand will these friends ever be together? I looked ahead with the summary’s of the books and found that Qhuinn’s story is coming in the eleventh book. Of course you will still hear about him in the tenth book which I will be reading next.

The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault in Our StarsHazel fights cancer everyday of her life as it is part of her. She knows that she will die one day and doesn’t want to leave anyone in pain when she is no longer around. She is content until she meets Augustus Walters who is a survivor and one who wants to know more about her. With cancer battling between them they find a way to love and to give love.

The Fault in Our Stars is a bestseller by John Green and has been turned into a movie. To be perfectly honest I tried this book out of curiosity thanks to the trailer I kept seeing played over and over on commercial breaks, the song with the trailer kept replaying in my head. The trailer was very uplifting but I knew that there was a sadness to this book. After reading this book I am going to be waiting for the movie to come onto DVD as I am sure I will cry and I don’t want to cry with an audience.

So first let me say that I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was well written and Green writes a captivating plot that has you reading from the beginning to the end. Its funny as this would be a perfect book for my book club but this time I picked it out on my own. This book is definitely out of my normal realm of historical romances with the contemporary romances thrown in, but I am happy to have read it.

These are characters who know that their time will end someday especially as they see others loosing the battle to survive their cancer. This story is about the possibility of love and that all powerful love that you can have even when life is anything but pleasant. I wouldn’t say much on what was going on with these characters but I will say I cried a lot towards the end but it wasn’t because it was so sad, it was, it was also by how Green ended the book. It was sad yet uplifting and it just ended the right way with all that had happened in the book.

Will I be trying another book from John Green? I honestly don’t know if I will, but it wouldn’t be because of his very well written plot. It is because the book got to me emotionally and I guess with the romance books I have read do not always go to that strong of emotion. If I do it will probably be later on so I can get this book out of my head.

Now for those who don’t mind some crying I recommend giving The Fault in Our Stars a try, it really is worth the read.

Five Days at the Memorial

Five Days at MemorialFive Days at Memorial is a nonfiction book written by Sheri Fink. This was my April book from my book club. I had read the description of the book and from the listing of the nonfiction books I thought this would be interesting to read. It is not primarily about the Hurricane Katrina but the aftermath and what happened in Memorial Hospital for those five days.

So first off nonfiction books that I read are very few. I have to have a topic I would really enjoy to keep my attention especially as they are sometimes written like text books. Now Sheri Fink’s writing I thought was well done and you could clearly tell that she knew her topic. She wrote a compelling tale of what happened in those five days at Memorial Hospital or at least pieced together what happened after doing extensive research and interviews.

As the book was discussed there were no breaking moments as there was a lot to talk about. I think as we talked and as I had read the book I was shocked by all that had happened. There are many points in the book when you are shouting at these doctors and nurses, shouting at them to stop. Towards the end euthanizing patients was discussed and followed through with some patients. At that point you are horrified. I thought how could they do that especially with some of the patients who would have made it out.

The biggest question that my book club asked was, “was this right? What would you have done?” Now that would be impossible to answer because you are not in that situation. I would like to say I would never do that because it is inhumane, but as through the description of Sheri Fink’s writing I can see from the doctors/nurses point of view as they thought to help the patients. But not all of them were trying to help at least that is how I viewed it.

Within this book there are many doctors, nurses and patients that are mentioned which got a little confusing. Dr. Poe was one of the man ones as she was the one accused of this horrible crime and I would have to say there was merit for that but there were others involved. I was kind of shocked that the one nurse who brought up the idea to Dr. Poe was not brought to trial which I thought was unfair. There is so much that goes on in this book that leaves you to wonder why wasn’t there protocol that was set up for these kind of disasters especially in a state that has that kind of weather. If there was protocol and communication things might have been a little easier, no guarantee but anything would have been better than what happened.


DestinyNash Barron liked his life in his hometown but with his estranged brother back he had not been one to want his big brother back. Now that some time has passed Nash is learning to forgive after all these years with the help of Kelly. As this all happens Nash will find new facts about his life.

Kelly Moss settled into the town Serendipity to be close to her half sister. She will be finding herself getting closer to Nash and sparks will fly between them but she doesn’t want to lose her heart to him.

Destiny is the second book to the series Serendipity from Carly Phillips. From start to finish I liked the book. There were little surprises that revealed secrets of the characters, Nash and Kelly. I was intrigued by the book and found myself flying through the pages.

Nash was a hard man with a grudge but he does lighten up throughout the book. Kelly was hiding her own secrets that embarrassed her for her poor judgment, but in reality she did everything she could. She grew from that experience which hardened her a little, much like Nash. But both did find a way to be together, it helped with the steamy connection that happened between them. I had wondered for a little if his ex wife was going to be a problem but she wasn’t. In fact she had her own love story in the book with the bartender Joe. They were pretty quick to have their own happy ending. Kelly and Nash had a harder time finding that peace that would bring their own happiness.

I went and looked for more books from the author and saw some other books that are part of the series Serendipity with characters Kate and Lissa getting their own novellas. It also looks like there is a series called Serendipity’s Finest which I wouldn’t mind reading. Since she does have a lot of books out from other series I will have plenty of choices to pick from.

Only Yours

Only YoursMontana Hendrix found a calling when working with therapy dogs in hopes to help those around her like a boy who needs confidence when reading or a burn victim who needs comfort. She wants that story book ending but it seemed to not be going her way that was until she bumped into the new doctor, but he was not someone who was going to be easy to love.

Simon Bradley wanted to help patients and as many as he could and especially those who had scars. His heart closed up at an early age and permanently when his mother harmed him, but now there is Montana who is trying to open his heart once again. He wants to resist as he doesn’t want to feel it breaking from rejection.

Only Yours is the fifth book to Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallery. I can’t get enough of this series. This was another great heartwarming and heartbreaking book especially when it came down to Simon and his story.

Now as I was reading I had the idea of Beauty and the Beast in mind when it came to Montana and Simon. Montana is beauty but due to old relationships she found herself insecure about the real beauty she was. Simon was scarred due to his mothers abuse when she pushed him into the fireplace the fire still going. He thought no one could accept him. Love finds a way but there are many obstacles that are forced in their path which are all self made.

On the rest of the plot the side characters were wonderful as always to read about. The mom, Denise Hendrix was comical to read about with her dating scene but what was interesting was to learn more about the man Max. Now I have to say I loved the therapy dogs, CeCe and Buddy, and how they brought joy to the kids who needed them. I have seen those type of dogs in action and it was really amazing to watch.

The last sister who is part of the triplets will be next in Only His with Nevada.

MacGregors: Daniel

Getting to know the children you find out that the parents were very much in love but now you get to know how Daniel was able to get Anna to be his wife, and it was not an easy task.  Nora Roberts brings us Daniel and Anna’s story in For Now, Forever.

The Plot of For Now, Forever:

Daniel MacGregor has and always will be a charismatic man who had nothing and built everything he needed.  Anything he wanted he found a way to get.  As Daniel was now getting to his thirties and was very wealthy he found that he needed a wife.  A smart woman to have a conversation, pretty and confident.  Someone that would challenge him.  Daniel found that in the woman Anna Whitfield.

Anna Whitfield was a student finishing up her college to get her degree and go into medicine to become a doctor.  She wanted nothing more than this.  When Daniel MacGregor found Anna she knew that she was in trouble.  He was a strong, tall man that she knew would get what he wanted.  He professed that he already wanted her and that scared her.  She knew that she would want him, come to love him but she couldn’t.  Her career had to still be number one but she wanted him as well.

Daniel pursued Anna and finally she gave into him but not to all his demands.  He told her over and over that she would marry him and be his wife, but he didn’t accept her career.  That infuriated her and kept her from going further.

It will take some strong advice from others that will bring the two together but ultimately Daniel and Anna make their decision to have everything.

The fifth book of the MacGregors was fantastic to read.  I loved to see that Daniel was still as bold and stubborn in his youth as he is later on in his life.  The prologue was intriguing as Daniel was in a crash which promoted the memories of Daniel and Anna’s first encounter.  I longed to see them finally together even though you know they would have a happy ending, but it was nice to read about it.  By far one of the best books of the series, The MacGregors.