The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

With the first book of the series behind me I couldn’t remember the next one so I randomly picked up The Many Sins of Lord Cameron. This book from Jennifer Ashley is the third book to the series but once you start it doesn’t really matter you don’t want to put it down.

Cameron Mackenzie is used to widows and married women who want a liaison with him but six years ago he was turned down. He wondered about the Mrs. Douglas and always he wanted more but he moved on that is until he came upon her again in his bedroom and no longer was she married. She could be his.

Ainsley Douglas is widowed after many years to a wonderful man but at this moment she had to concentrate on getting letters. She searched every room and the one she did not want to go to was Lord Cameron’s. She remembered six years ago and how she felt in his arms. She had an excuse then but no longer. At every touch Ainsley melts a little more but she knows she must do something to get into Cameron’s heart as well.

You will follow along the story line perfectly and want it to continue. Ashley creates the back story of these characters, Cameron and Ainsley, and only gives them little by little which is frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I loved how Ashley gave Daniel a bigger part in the book and will love to read when he has his own book.

Cameron as a rogue and seducer is perfect. His past is hurtful that it takes a lot of Ainsley’s pursing to get him to let his guard down. I also liked there was no actual milious betrayal on Ainsley’s or Cameron’s part. There is only hurt that is going to be healed.

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron will lead into the next story where Hart the oldest is going for a bride but how will she react to this news? Can’t wait for The Duke’s Perfect Wife.

A Bronx Boy and a Tough Horse trainer Girl

The second part of the Unholy Trinity series starts off with a bang as Rafe has his eye on the new horse trainer in The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty.

Rafe Santiago was born on the streets in the Bronx and has had a tough life. He trusts his gut and little else but something will change when Elena comes into their lives. He knows she is hiding something and his gut tells him he has to uncover her secrets.

Elena Caulfield is tomboyish to the core. Her love is horses. She keeps everything to herself until Rafe tries to uncover what she has hidden inside her. Elena has to keep her secret to keep the people around her safe because now people are after her and the secret.

The second book, The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty, from Donna Kauffman gives an inside look into the second friend of the unholy trinity. Readers will love Rafe’s toughness he exhumes and Elena’s protectiveness and not just of her horses.

Irish Rebels by Nora Roberts

The third and final chapter, Irish Rebels, to the series Irish Hearts was enchanting and entertaining as the other two.  “Irish Thoroughbred” and “Irish Rose”, the first two in the series sets the plot for the third one.

Irish Rebels brings us more into the future where the Grants are again the main topic but this time it is Keeley Grant the oldest daughter and Brian Donnelly, an Irish man.

“She was practically royalty-the daughter of a rich, renowned horse-breeding dynasty.  He was just a hardworking horse trainer.  But Brian Donnelly was in America now, where even he might aspire to possess the breathtaking Keeley Grant.  Her wealth and position didn’t deter Brian…for it was the innocence Keeley offered him that beguiled the wild Irish rebel and threatened to corral his restless heart.”

Brian Donnelly a man that wants no attachment, no troubles is about to get shaken up when he takes employment with the Grants on Royal Meadows.  He didn’t want to feel the attraction to her but the moment she walked in he knew he wanted her but couldn’t touch.  He thought insults would be good enough, made fun of her students.  Saying those privilege kids would never stick with this.  But he finds that he put his foot in his mouth.  Keeley helped unprivileged kids and rescued abused horses.

Keeley was goal oriented and didn’t want anything getting in her way.  But then Brian Donnelly came on to the scene and everything changed.  An attraction was there from the start but she didn’t know how to deal with it.  She remain cold until enough was enough.  Keeley decided to take the seducing in her own hands.  She wanted Brian and she was going to get him.

Brian was denying her at first but he couldn’t for long.  The two of them were able to find comfort in one another and Keeley knew she felt love in the arms of Brian but he wasn’t saying it.  Her goal now was to get Brian to come over to her side and admit he wants a life together.  But with a man afraid of attachment ever find a way to accept and feel that he belongs?

I enjoyed reading this book.  I liked how Robert’s was able to share on what happened with the previous books through this plot. She keeps the characters moving forward and to see how things have progressed.