Hard To Handle

With Foster you are always going to get steamy no matter what it appears and that is fine with me as she gives her characters to be intriguing and well detailed. You want more out of her characters but always happy to get what you are given. Hard To Handle is just the book that will make you squirm with wanting more for both characters but you will be satisfed at the end of the book.

Harley Handleman is known as a fighter, an up and coming fighter who will be going all the way. Harley likes what he hears and will stop at nothing to get it. But Harley is never sure how things will turn out as he has had those chances but those cirumstances were out of his control. And contol is something Harley tries to maintain especially in the bedroom but that control will slip with Stasia.

Anastasia Bradley will always have her heart start beating at the sight of Harley but she knew better to try and mix herself with him. But that will not stop feelings to get into the mix. Stasia finds herself  getting wrapped up into Harley’s world and his body as she is trying stay clear of an unknown enemy.

With re-reading Hard To Handle I knew the outcome and all the details but I still love to read it. Out of the books for the SBC Fighter series this once is a favorite and I tried to prolong the ending of this book.

I think what it is you get wrapped up into that fantasy of the very strong, protective man who wants nothing more than to protect you and help you in anyway. Which is how Foster created Harley exactly to be with the added bonus of his sexual desire in the bedroom. I liked how she also gave him a past which made him the hero even though he didn’t want to be labeled as such.  Foster also created Stasia right as she was independent and wanted more. Her character was true throughout the book which made it all the more interesting to read.

I also liked how Foster created the side story of Barber, the musician, and Jasmine. They weren’t really side characters as half the book was probably about them as well. I loved the sexual tension and the fierceness of Jasmine. They were fun to read about.

Hard To Handle is definitely a book you will want to check out and is the third book to the series SBC Fighters.

Back with the twins

The sequel to the series Wrong Bed: Again and Again is Twin Temptation but this time its Maddie’s side of the story.

Maddie Farrell is used to be only with her dad. Now that he passed away she had no family expect that was not true. Maddie soon found out she had a twin sister and not only that but they have to switch places according to their mothers will. Maddie will travel to New York and her sister to Santa Fe for three weeks but almost immediately as Maddie gets there trouble starts in the form of a man Jase Campbell and a robbery.

Jase Campbell knows the woman in his bed is not Jordan but this woman has her face. Jase soon finds the whole story from Maddie and no sooner does trouble start to find their way. A shooting and another almost hit and run will have Jase protecting Maddie.

Cara Summers delivers a hot sequel to the series that will leave the readers wanting more of Maddie and Jase as they steam the pages with the sexual desire and dangerous plot they intertwined themselves into.

I liked though how Summers now delivered the second half of the story on Maddies side. It was interesting to read as you already knew some of what happened from Jordan’s point of view.

Wrong Bed: Again and Again is a fantastic quick two book series.

Whose’s seeing double?

Having a twin is great. Having a twin and not knowing for twenty six years not so great. Cara Summers will entertain you with her series Wrong Bed: Again and Again. Cara starts the series with Twin Seduction.

Jordan Ware just lost her mother to a hit and run. It is all confusing as she now will have to help run the business she has been working in but there is a new person in her life, her twin sister. Separated at birth Jordan never knew about Maddie and neither did she know about Jordan. With the twins reunited they must follow their mothers instructions and switch lives for three weeks. Jordan will venture to Santa Fe and Maddie to New York.Jordan will be quite lonely on the ranch until she meets up with the rancher Cash Landry.

Cash wants to check on Maddie and see how she is surviving the storm but things esculate and finds her on the couch. Feelings start out of now where as he views a new Maddie. That night changes everything for Cash but he will find himself with another woman, Jordan.

The two are sexually driven and have chemistry something he never had with Maddie or even wanted. Together they come together but not just in the sheets as now Jordan and Maddie are being subjected to threats on their lives.

Doing this in a short novel was a great idea. Summers keeps you involved in the characters, Jordan and Cash, lives while giving little insight of what is happening on Maddie’s end. In Twin Temptation you will get Maddie’s story.

Every character was intriguing and pulled you into the story further. You found out about what happened between their parents and its sad that neither got to know each other’s parent but Summers reigns it in for a happy ending.

The story itself was light with sexual desire but a sense of danger which added to the plot to keep you going. You wanted to find out what else could happen to Jordan and Cash. And who is behind all this trouble.

I am interested in reading the sequel to this series to see what Maddie goes through as Summer’s gives little preview throughout the book.

Get tempted and pick up Twin Seduction.