Highland Savage

Sir Lucas Murray has been wounded and betrayed by the woman he loves. Surviving the betrayal he is once again reunited with Katerina and will find it hard to resist helping her.

Katerina Haldane has lost the one man she has loved but now all it not lost. She has found out that he has not died and she will save him from her scheming half sister, and try to win his trust once again.

I liked the book Highland Savage. It is the ninth book to the series Murray Family. There was the normal Scotland historical romance with the Murray family, but for me something was missing. I wasn’t thrilled by the plot but I did like the two characters who were entertaining to read. Lucas is Artan’s twin which references the eighth book where Artan was the lead character.

Highland Savage was a good book but it was missing the Murray family connections  I guess. I like it when Howell brings in that family which helps each other through the crisis. The next book is Highland Wolf.