The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MacKenzie

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MacKenzieDaniel Mackenzie has grown up in a wealthy, scandalized family but was never unloved by any of them. He grew up generous and smart with an eye for beautiful women which led him to Violet. He knew she was not gifted with a sight to see beyond but that did not make him stop wanting her. She will drift away but Daniel will find himself following her only to find there is much more to this woman.

Violet Bastien is a professional at what she does. Being a medium is the way she and her mother makes a living. Her job was easy and that was to entertain, to read people which she got good at but it came with a price. She learned long ago not to trust thanks to a man who ruined her. Violet will learn all men are not the same thanks to Daniel but it will not be an easy journey.

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MacKenzie is the sixth book to Highland Pleasures series that is written by Jennifer Ashley. I had become obsessed with this series thanks to the very first book with Ian. Through the series you heard about Daniel and I have been waiting for his own book which is now here. First off I loved this book. The story was everything I wanted and more. You had Daniel as the lead but there was also the MacKenzie men and their wives that made an appearance through the book which kept me remembering why I love this series so much.

Then there was Violet the fake medium and she was one who suited well with the clan even though she did not think it would go down that path. Violet had her innocence ripped from her at sixteen years old and it has traumatized her. She was not someone who cried in the corner but she was also not able to open herself up to anyone that is until Daniel. Now Daniel was someone you wanted to have interest in you and to take that chance. He was generous and an odd mixture of his Uncles and his father but it made him to be a good man. I liked there was the sensual side, a dangerous side and a caring side. Daniel has many layers and all are shown throughout the book.

I love how Jennifer Ashley writes Violet and Daniel’s relationship from start to finish. There was no broken feelings between the two but there was Violet’s past that had to be gotten over and Daniel’s family. The family wasn’t much of a obstacle but Hart would not stay silent like always.

The ending gave a justice to all that Violet had gone through which was satisfying. I will keep on the look out for the next book which is sadly comes out next year at some point. There are some novellas that are part of the series which I am on the look out but can’t seem to find. I have been thinking of trying out another series from Jennifer Ashley like Shifters Unbound which sounds like it goes towards the supernatural.

The Seduction of Elliot McBride

The Seduction of Elliot McBrideElliot McBride was there to stop a wedding but as the groom left Juliana there was no need. All he needed to do was take the grooms place. Elliot needed Juliana, would make her his and bring her back home to keep the demons away.

Juliana St. John has loved Elliot McBride, her childhood friend, forever. She never imagined she would marry him but at the alter she stood. She will find that the Elliot she knew no longer existed but that did not stop her from loving this one or trying to help.

The fifth book, The Seduction of Elliot McBride, from Jennifer Ashley’s series Highland Pleasures was very engaging. I think this is a series that all the books really can be read on their own, you miss the connection of family but Ashley writes the book so they are mentioned again.

I could not get enough of the characters of Elliot and Juliana, especially Elliot. The book might not have had the temperamental MacKenzie around the entire story but Elliot does have a similar style to those brothers. I think its because he kind of reminded me of Ian who was the first brother I read about and had me falling in love with the series. The interaction between Elliot and Ian was slightly comical as they were almost acted the same due to the treatment they received in the past. Due to that past Elliot is a very strong character with lots of flaws and pain that he is trying to hide and handle by himself. Juliana I thought was another strong character. She did not back down when she found out what was going on with Elliot. She fought harder to help save him.

There is danger that also lurks around in the book. Danger that is following close to Elliot but it is not from the obvious enemy that is given.

I want more from the series now that I have finished Elliot’s story. Daniel MacKenzie’s story is coming out in November who is Cameron’s son. Daniel has been in the series since the beginning and I can’t wait to read about him as he has grown up.

Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage

Lady Isabella's Scandalous MarriageLady Isabella left her husband three years ago after enduring the loneliness, love and frustration that followed being Mac’s wife. She reserved herself and went on with her life but each time she saw him it broke her heart a little more. Now she will come to him with a problem that will lead to much more.

Mac MacKenzie was an artist, not a starving one but one who lost his muse for the art. It happened around the same time Isabella left. He will take his brothers advice and find a way to be husband again to his wife.

Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage by Jennifer Ashley is the second book to her series Highland Pleasures. I finally was able to get the second book. At first I wondered if I would like this book, I knew yes I would but wondered if it would be too heartbreaking to read about Isabella and Mac’s story. There were moments throughout the story that had your heartbreaking that they could not trust each other to really be themselves, namely Mac but with the ending there are nothing but smiles.

I found Mac frustrating that he wouldn’t just open up and talk to Isabella but the same can be said about her. It was interesting to read the quick wit and banter they flew at each other and how their tempers got away from them. What I loved was Mac and Isabella were both celibate with their separation and Mac stopped drinking. They still loved each other too much to cheat, which left hope for them.

Now of all the characters I have to say I still really love Ian. He is so different from all of them and I loved the advice or his opinions he gave his brother Mac on how to be happy again which meant to be husband to Isabella once again.

The villain was written well and had some mystery to him. You knew what he was doing but not the name of the person. I did like that Mac got very protective over Isabella when danger was coming too close to her.

The series Highland Pleasures keeps growing with more stories on the MacKenzies and I am interested on where she will go next with the series.

The Duke’s Perfect Wife

Skipping over once again the second book, Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage, of the series I have gone to the fourth book. The second book is one I just can’t seem to find anytime in my library. It gets frustrating but with Jennifer Ashley’s series Highland Pleasures you can read the stories by themselves easily enough. I went on to find the fourth book The Duke’s Perfect Wife.

Lady Eleanor Ramsey was once engaged to the Hart MacKenzie. She lost her virginity to him and loved him but when she found out the Hart was not telling her the whole truth she ended it. Now years later she is back to help Hart and get out of being blackmailed by scandalous pictures that were taken. She will also soon find out that feelings for Hart have resurfaced.

Duke Hart MacKenzie has lead a hard life with the responsibility he takes on. He cares for his family and now going after the Prime Minister. He is a hard man and does what he wants. When Eleanor comes back into his life he will lead the seduction once again to show her that they belong together. It will be a fight as Hart will have to give up some control for the woman he loves.

As far as the stories go I will say the fourth book is very engaging to read. I wanted to hate Hart and did from the previous books in the series. You understand that it is his responsibility for everyone that has made him harder but you wanted him to lighten up. I was happy to read about the woman Eleanor coming back to help him. There was no happy reunion only pain as they kept coming back to each other. You wanted Eleanor and Hart to find that happy ending desperately, and you are not disappointed. Ashley gives a happy ending at the end but it was worked for. There is also a twist with the blackmailing photos which I liked. You are left not knowing until the end of the book who sent Eleanor the photos.

I am excited to read more on the series and how Jennifer Ashley will continue with the MacKenzie’s.

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

With the first book of the series behind me I couldn’t remember the next one so I randomly picked up The Many Sins of Lord Cameron. This book from Jennifer Ashley is the third book to the series but once you start it doesn’t really matter you don’t want to put it down.

Cameron Mackenzie is used to widows and married women who want a liaison with him but six years ago he was turned down. He wondered about the Mrs. Douglas and always he wanted more but he moved on that is until he came upon her again in his bedroom and no longer was she married. She could be his.

Ainsley Douglas is widowed after many years to a wonderful man but at this moment she had to concentrate on getting letters. She searched every room and the one she did not want to go to was Lord Cameron’s. She remembered six years ago and how she felt in his arms. She had an excuse then but no longer. At every touch Ainsley melts a little more but she knows she must do something to get into Cameron’s heart as well.

You will follow along the story line perfectly and want it to continue. Ashley creates the back story of these characters, Cameron and Ainsley, and only gives them little by little which is frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I loved how Ashley gave Daniel a bigger part in the book and will love to read when he has his own book.

Cameron as a rogue and seducer is perfect. His past is hurtful that it takes a lot of Ainsley’s pursing to get him to let his guard down. I also liked there was no actual milious betrayal on Ainsley’s or Cameron’s part. There is only hurt that is going to be healed.

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron will lead into the next story where Hart the oldest is going for a bride but how will she react to this news? Can’t wait for The Duke’s Perfect Wife.

Underneath the Madness

Going after another first book of the series I had to try The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie. The title alone intrigued me as with regency romances they can go many ways. I liked that Jennifer Ashley truly brought a character to the book who is mad in a sense.

Ian MacKenzie was a mad Scottish laird or at least that is what the ton had been saying. Ian was placed into an asylum when he was young but rescued by his brother as their father had passed away. Ian drifted through society until Beth came along.

Beth heard the rumors but she could not believe it. Every rumor told her to stay away but Beth saw Ian differently. She saw that she could help him and that she will especially to prove his innocence.

Jennifer Ashley creates this story to be packed with characters of the MacKenzie family who will grace the pages in the following books to the series Highland Pleasures. This story is not an easy or whimsical. There are trials and betrayal but very well written and not something that will be able to put down.