Highland Honor

Nigel Murray has been gone from his family fighting for seven years. Thinking its time to come home he stumbles upon a girl dressed as a boy. Nigel soon finds himself wrapped up in helping this woman from the people she had been running from and from herself. Nigel will find himself enthralled with her and wanting more from life that she was now in it, but he had to first keep them alive and away from her family that wanted her dead.

Gisele Deveau is on the run for murdering her husband. Of course she did not murder him but wanted him to rot in hell. Gisele will find herself on the run with Nigel and sooner than later she will find herself in his arms. Love will blossom but she doesn’t want him hurt and will do her best to keep them both alive.

Highland Honor is the second book of the Murray Family series from Hannah Howell. I liked this book as it held the intrigue of an adventure to fight for the truth. Howell also speeds up time to seven years later that Nigel has been away from home. I liked that as it gave Nigel the time to work out his own issues.

Gisele and Nigel were well matched in the book as each were strong in surviving what life was giving them. Gisele was a little hardened from what life has given her while Nigel was a little more lighthearted.

There was a betrayal on Nigel’s part that didn’t make you hate him in the least but frustrated that he was being an idiot. I liked that Gisele made him work for his penance and did not take him back with the first attempt of wooing.

Eric will be next in the clan to rescue the damsel in distress.