Saint Anything

Saint AnythingSydney, and her family, were dealing with the aftermath of Peyton, her brothers, mistake which destroys a life. Sydney knows that she has to play the perfect daughter, to fade into the background but she will then meet the Chatham family who really sees her.

Saint Anything is a novel by Sarah Dessen. I really loved this book. I have not read anything from Dessen for about five years. Its not that I don’t like her writing because I do. I thought Lock & Key was amazing. I think that Dessen is a wonderful storyteller. I think why I didn’t go rushing back to the author is the fact it is for young adults. Though why I should go back is because she gets you with the emotional turmoil that she writes well. Its not just teen angst, its deeper and you feel what those characters are feeling, and I felt for the character of Sydney. Though this was not doom and gloom, it was a journey she takes to rediscovery and Dessen did it right.

So the character of Sydney I loved. She was a daughter who was loved but she was almost pushed to the side. The parents only concentrated on their troubled son and didn’t see the daughter who needed them. They will get it together but it takes a lot for them to truly understand. I was happy the parents got their act together before something very bad happened to Sydney. I liked that Sydney started to live life for herself which was thanks to the Chatham family. This family I loved. They were dysfunctional but worked in the best ways. There were three characters of the family that stood out which was Mrs. Chatham, Mac, and Layla. The mom was courageous with all that she had to go through. Layla was kind and a vibrant young woman who made Sydney believe she could be more. Then there was Mac who was definitely the love interest. I liked that it was innocent and not a heartbreaking love, but a hopeful one.

Then there was the ending which was predictable, though I wouldn’t have it any other way.


WildGeorgia was dumped by her boyfriend because she was too boring. Georgia started to get frustrated as she knew it was true, even her friends saw her as safe. She wants to try more and will go to the campus kink club where she will see her friends boyfriends little brother. He will force her out of the club since it was not her scene but she fought back and ended up kissing him. She will be blown away by the intensity of the kiss which will only be the beginning.

Logan had a reputation around the campus for being a player even though he was an eighteen year old in high school. He will want to protect Georgia from the club but when she kisses him everything changes. He wants more and will show Georgia that she wants the same thing even though she wouldn’t admit it right away.

Wild is the third book to the series Ivy Chronicles. I really enjoyed the third book and it pulled me in right away.

The characters of Georgia and Logan were intriguing. Georgia was the good girl and wanted to change her image. I thought she was going a little extreme with going to the kink club but she had to start somewhere. Now I liked Georgia but she kept going back and forth on her feelings and that was not fair to Logan in my opinion. I wanted her to make up her mind and go with her gut instead of letting her turn away from something good because of what others thought, especially her mother. She gets it together but it was frustrating to get to that point. When it finally happens I am cheering for the couple. Alright, now Logan. I liked him and thought him to be a kid but there was so much more to his character. He was a real man with plenty of experience, sexual and in life. He was very commanding when he pursued going after Georgia but you felt for him when he was rejected. Your heart broke for him and you wanted to yell at Georgia for doing that. Once again they will get it right and they will have a chance.

With the book there were no real villains but I will say that Harris at the end was not a very nice person. I was happy with the result. I guess you could also say that the mother was a villain in a sense. The mother wasn’t cruel but she was dictating her daughters life and did not listen to Georgia and what she wanted.

There was an epilogue which wraps up the story and gives us some happy information about the other two couples to let you know they are still getting their happy endings along with Georgia and Logan.

The Mediator-Haunted

The Mediator-HauntedSusannah will find that someone from her past will be showing up and causing problems. She is annoyed by Paul Slater but knows that he understands certain things about them that she needs to find out.

Haunted is the fifth book to Meg Cabot’s series Mediator. I say it every time but I love this book. The growth of this supernatural powers is fascinating to me as I have always loved this topic. I liked that within each book Cabot gives us more to read about mediators and what powers come with that gift.

We are learning more and more thanks to Paul as that is really the only thing I think he is good for. So we learn that Susannah and Paul can shift which basically lets them go from one realm to another. This is an interesting concept especially when there is another little talk about transferring souls which opens many new opportunities for the last book.

Okay so Susannah screws up in this book and lets herself feel like a teenager especially when she is vulnerable. All of it is PG rating but this will cause problems with her and Jesse as Susannah is not always truthful. But thanks to Cabot there will be one more book which will give Jesse and Susannah a shot, even though the ending looked like they were doing pretty good, and to explore more about this shifting that was learned. Twilight is the sixth book and I will be starting that one next.

The Mediator-Reunion

The Mediator-ReunionSusannah will find herself in trouble when she has to now face four very angry ghost who were killed going over a cliff. She will have to find out the truth and stop them from trying to kill the boy they think is the cause for their accident.

Reunion is the third book from Meg Cabot’s series the Mediator. I love revisiting books I haven’t read for so long but know that they were really fantastic when I first read them. This series is very much like that. I love this series. With each book Meg Cabot builds and builds Susannah’s character up and you are learning more and more about her.

This book was all about these four students who were killed and wanted their revenge. Susannah takes it upon herself and tries to save the boy. You wonder sometimes if she thinks she is in over her head in these situations. I will say that this time there is more violence in this one or at least more action than the others. I liked that about the book because I like action in my stories. It keeps you on your toes and wanting more.

Jesse’s character is playing more of a part with helping her with the other ghost which I liked because he was around more in the book. There was also a little more info about Susannah and this mysterious psychic who told her that Susannah would find a one great love and it would be forever. This bit of information brings out some facts about the priest’s past when he was a young man, I wouldn’t say what information this was, but it was interesting. Now as I already know what will happen in the last book this is a big foreshadowing moment which was done well.

I am continuing with the fourth book, Darkest Hour, next.

The Mediator-Ninth Key

The Mediator-Ninth KeySusannah is having a better start to her new life than she thought. She is going to parties and has friends but it will all start to go strange when a boy, Tad, who likes her. The problem happens when she sees another ghost, a woman, and she is pleading to tell Red a message. Susannah will have to find this Red which will lead her to Tad Beaumont’s family and more trouble than she can handle.

Ninth Key is the second book to the series Mediator by Meg Cabot. I once again liked this book a lot. I mean what’s not to love with a spunky heroine who gets in way over her head with trouble but makes it out alive.

So Susannah is still hard at work trying to deal with the dead and getting their messages across to the intended person. It is interesting how Susannah knows two ghost, her father and Jesse, but when she needs information about this mysterious woman ghost they can’t help. It makes Susannah’s job harder to do but you need that when telling a story. If everything was easy then you would get bored.

I liked that Cabot is writing more on this gift that Susannah has, first from the priest and then from the psychics. I liked that the psychics were able to see what Susannah could do.

The villain is defined in the book, I am not going to say who, but they are certainly a lot of trouble for Susannah. Jesse, who still around Susannah’s room, will be helping her out of these tight situations that she will be getting herself into. Still love Jesse and will continue to do so.

I am reading the third book, Reunion, next.

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & ParkThe book I read from my book club for May was Eleanor & Park. I had asked one of the librarians was this going to be a sad book and she gave me a look that said it all. Now as it was for my book club I was going to force myself to read it even though it might not make me happy. Also this was the first book I listened to on CD since high school which was a different experience and very long. Books on audio are very long.

So first off Eleanor & Park was a fantastic young adult book written by Rainbow Rowell. I could not get enough of this book, and yes the librarian was right and she also wasn’t when talking about the ending. The story behind it is basically two kids who are outcasts in their own way and they are surviving high school in Nebraska, in the 80’s. They were not friends at first and then they became more thanks to comics and music that was shared between them.

I am not going to go into detail as I do with some books as it is one you should just read and find out what will happen. I will say that there are ups and downs, ones that will make you sigh in happiness, and there are moments that make you cry. Crying in this book at least for me was one of those ugly cries where your whole face will just breakdown. I was alright with that because as a whole this book was well worth reading.

I highly recommend Eleanor & Park.

Sweet Spot

Sweet SpotNicole Keyes has had her world turned upside down with her divorce thanks to her sister Jesse while her other sister, Claire, has returned home. Nicole wants to change and live her life. She will meet Hawk and starts a sexual relationship but life is never that easy. Nicole soon finds herself saddled with a teenager and all the things that come with it.

Hawk saw Nicole in the bakery and knew he wanted her. Hawk was good at getting women to notice him but he never went into relationships. With Nicole it will be different but he will keep her from reaching that point especially when he has his daughter and star quarterback to worry about.

Sweet Spot is the second book to Keyes Sisters series by Susan Mallery. The first one was an onslaught of emotion at least in the first half but it was really enjoyable. The second book had the emotional onslaught in the second half when things started to unravel for Nicole and Hawk as well as Brittney and Raoul. I liked that Nicole and Hawk walked into this sort of relationship with their eyes wide opened. What changes is when Nicole finds herself seeing that she wants more. She changes more and more thanks to her kind of foster kid, Raoul. The kid Raoul I really liked. The parts where he interacted with Drew was comical and very sweet. I thought he was a great character who was thoughtful and was too good for Brittney but I guess it was young love. I hope that Brittney changes and becomes mature.

Back to Hawk and Nicole I did really like their dynamic together as they are both hard headed people but love those around them at least most of the time in Nicole’s case. Mallery does a good job at the ending when all the spoiling Hawk did for his daughter will come back to bite him in the ass. Brittney is not a bad daughter just spoiled. I like that Nicole doesn’t fall for his apologize the first time around. Hawk has to work at it which he was not used to.

I have to say that this is a very enjoyable series to read so far and I am itching to read the third and final book. I was happy that Nicole did not hate Jesse as much but I was unsure if she knew her ex husband and her sister did not sleep together. I guess I will find out in the third book with Jesse’s story which I am reading next.