No Limits

No LimitsCannon Colter’s goal was to go for the title but there will be a bump in the road that he will first have to get through. Cannon will find out he is part owner of a house and pawnshop with Yvette. Cannon will take this opportunity to get to know Yvette again and to protect her from danger that will surround her.

Yvette Sweeny did not want to come home to settle her grandfather’s estate but she has to. She will be shocked that Cannon was named as part owner, but will be even more shocked when Cannon wants to stay. She knows that he is being a hero again, but after a while she will start to wonder if he truly wants more.

No Limits is the first book to the Ultimate series by Lori Foster. I could not put this book down. It completely reminded me of the SBC fighters series which I have devoured over and over. When I read the prequel I knew already I would love this series and it was reinforced when I completed this book.

I think you can guess that I really did love this book, I am a big fan of Lori Foster. The thing that I liked about this book were how the characters were written. Yes the fact that Cannon was a fighter and extremely sexy was a big plus, but that was not the deciding factor. If an author can make me like the characters then I know that I will really enjoy the book. With Foster’s characters they are not just there, there are emotions and a very detailed backgrounds that for the most part are not pleasant. The tragedies that she gives these characters give them more depth.

Cannon’s character was a tough and caring guy. He made sure to back off when he needed and went all in when it was needed. I was excited to read his story especially when he was introduced back in Love Undercover series. Yvette’s character had been through hell three years ago and it haunted her still. That made Yvette very guarded, which led her to being closed off when it came to sexuality. Cannon will be able to help Yvette open up and feel things that she had been trying to stay buried. I also liked how Yvette’s character faced trouble. It was realistic, a little naive, but it felt real.

So there was a twist with who ever was after Yvette. There were a couple choices that I had thought were the bad guys, but Foster blindsided me with the person who ended up coming after her. Well the people I thought were guilty were still guilty, they had their own part in the twist.

I am looking forward to reading more about these fighters. I will be reading Denver next and then Stack. I will have to wait for Armie’s story but not for long as it comes out February.

In Your Dreams

In You DreamsEmmaline Neal had to go to her ex-fiance’s wedding otherwise it would look like she was still pinning away. Emmaline wasn’t, she just didn’t have anyone to go with. She will find help from Jack Holland, who was someone she had a crush on.

Jack Holland needed a way out of his town for just a little and he will find a way when Emmaline needed a date for a wedding. He will jump at the chance and will be surprised that the trip will bring on feelings for Emmaline.

In Your Dreams is the fourth book to the Blue Heron series from Kristan Higgins. Once again another fantastic book from Kristan Higgins and addition to the series. Since the beginning of the series I have loved these books. They are mushy, heartwarming, heartbreaking and feel real with the problems that happen as not everything is perfect. I like that she makes her characters with flaws or quirks which make them real.

So there was Emmaline. She was a character which was heartbreaking. She lost the love of her life to another woman and has been unlucky in love since then. You want things to work with Jack but there are definitely ups and downs in this relationship. I wanted them to have a chance at love because of their past, they deserved some happiness that would last. Now there is Jack who is a hero but in his eyes he is not, that attribute made him feel real and the situation. Jack was a man that everyone loves and was a very kind man which got him in trouble especially when trying to move forward with Emmaline in a relationship. The problem was that his ex wife was back in his life and wanted to try again. He can’t just say no to helping his ex wife but you know there are no feelings there anymore.

The people that I disliked was Kevin, Emmaline’s ex, and the new woman Naomi. They were a little too crazy with their workouts. Those two were perfect for each other. They both treated Emmaline poorly and I wanted her to stand up and fight back but she is too scared to do that. Another person I didn’t like was the ex wife of Jack, Hadley. She was much to immature for him and liked to play the victim a lot. She drove me crazy in the book but I knew that she was not a threat to Jack and Emmaline’s happiness.

Now as the books before Higgins goes into great detail of back story’s on Jack and Emmaline. I love that about these books. You really get to know the characters and when she goes back into the past I have never been confused with the switch of scenes.

Blue Heron series is one that I will keep reading. I can’t wait for the next installment which will be featuring Connor O’Rourke. His story, Anything for You, will be coming out in December.

Love in the Afternoon

Love in the afternoonBeatrix Hathaway loved animals no matter what type of animal came her way. She was kind and considerate but odd in society’s eyes. She has a hard time accepting society’s rules so she doesn’t follow them which can land her with troublesome rumors. Beatrix will land herself in trouble when she takes over corresponding for her friend Prudence and with each letter she will fall deeper in love with Captain Christopher Phlean.

Captain Christopher Phlean wanted one woman and thanks to her letters he survived the battles. Christopher will be baffled when he starts to feel things for Beatrix who he had nothing in common and fall out of love with Prudence who seemed different from the letters. He will find out the truth and find that there was one woman he wanted to be with, but first he would have to conqueror his own battles.

Love in the Afternoon is the fifth book to the series Hathaways from Lisa Kleypas. I thought this was a good finish to the series as it wrapped up all the unconventional Hathaways with their own happy marriages and ever growing families. Kleypas brings a little something more with Beatrix’s many animals and Christopher’s haunted reality.

I liked Beatrix and her unconventional ways with her animals. She cared for many and had quite a collection that made her odd to many, but she was one who had a compassionate nature. She had that way with humans as well and Kleypas keeps that up through the entire book with her trying to heal Christopher from all that he had suffered. She wrote to letters to keep him going which did pay off even though it was deceitful. I felt that Christopher was going to be cruel to the person who deceived him with writing those letters as that was how he was acting, but he does not go that route. He will be kind to her and understanding which did make sense because he was half in love with her already. He will have to face his demons and guilt for surviving and not helping more of his men especially his best friend. He will be saved thanks to Beatrix.

There is no real villain that plagues the pages. Prudence is not really a good person as she is a little too vain but she is in the story very shortly. There will be a problem towards the end of the book but all will work itself out in the end leaving everyone with their own happy ending.

This is the last book I have to read from Lisa Kleypas at least for right now but I will be back for more. Maybe trying another series or just go straight for some of her novels.


SeductionDominic Paget, Earl of Bedford, was injured and now has no idea where he is only that he is being helped by a beautiful woman who looks to be the enemy according to her radical views. Dominic will have to stay silent about his identity not knowing who to trust.

Julianne Greystone is radical for the French. Being British she had to watch what she says and to whom but Julianne believed in her views. Her radical ways will get her in trouble as she falls for a man who is not whom she thought to be. She will also find out that life in London will not be kind to her views or to her heart as she is still in love with Dominic.

I was pulled into Seduction right away as Brenda Joyce has a way with words and how she can write a plot and describe her characters. Reading the second book already I knew I would like this book and I was right. I kept reading until the last page.

This is a romance story but it is more of course as there is betrayal and lots of betrayal on both sides. Dominic was doing more for malicious intent, well to a point, as he knew a life with her would never be. Julianne’s betrayal was to save the lives of others even though she knew she would be hurting another. There is of course a happy ending at the end but once again it was tough to get there for Julianne and Dominic. It seemed everything was pulling them apart from their views to the people around them. I liked that they had to fight to get that happy ending.

In the story you are introduced to Jake and and Lucas who are Amelia and Julianne’s brothers. Jake will be in the third book which I am interested in reading but wonder if Lucas will have his own story as well.

Whisper of Scandal

Nicola Cornick has been an author I have acquainted with before but with only one book. I went to my library and found several books to be interesting which all happened to be of the same series. I like reading series in order but since these are the only ones available I thought I take a stab at them and revisit Nicola Cornick. I did though start with the first book of this series Scandalous Women of the Ton which is Whispers of Scandal.

Whisper of ScandalLady Joanna Ware is the darling of the ton and does her best to keep it that way but all is about to be threatened once again as her husband will reach her from beyond the grave. Joanna will be given a chance to take care of her husbands illegitimate child but she must cross the arctic to do that, she could not do this alone. She will be forced into having Lord Grant help her and she will be forced to feel things for Alex that she long buried.

Lord Alex Grant was to deliver a letter to the lawyer and be done with it but he stayed as the lady baffled him. She was not exactly how his best friend had described her as he found out the longer he stayed around. Alex will fight hard through the cold and danger that will surrounds them but will find it that feelings will change towards Joanna.

Since I have only read one book from Cornick I am not an expert on her writing techniques but I can say that I think she does a fantastic job on character description. When reading I tend to get lost in books, especially if they are well written. I found myself doing just that in Whisper of Scandal. Lady Joanna is by far my favorite character as she shows so many sides of her character but they are all the same woman. I love that she is brave and strong but almost broken from her last marriage. I wanted to almost cry as everything as her life was being torn apart once again by her dead husband. Cornick creates David Ware to be the villain even though he is dead. You will truly hate this man with how Cornick writes what he does to hurt his widow over and over. Alex was one you grew to really love. You knew he was not like his friend David Ware but he was still cruel with his assumptions. I liked how he changed over the book and found love and acceptance once again. Of course Cornick does put an obstacle once again in the couples path that leaves you to believe Alex is not our noble and caring hero as we thought he was but  Cornick will weave in a happy ending into the story which will melt your heart.

There are several side characters that drift through the book which I thought added to the drama of the book. I liked the Captain Owen Purchase who will be in the fifth book I picked up. Having him in the first book and getting to know him a little I am excited to know more and hope he finds that love he found with the wrong woman once again. At least someone who can love him back. I also liked the cousin Devlin as a young adventurer. He seemed like he was almost playing a role and that he would never get to close to any woman with his heart that is. Once again I looked ahead and found that Devlin is also to be staring in the fourth book.

Finishing up the story I wanted more from the author and the characters. I wanted to know where it would go. I looked ahead at the summary of the second book even though I don’t have that particular one in my possession, only the fourth and fifth book, I wanted to know who would be next. I found that it was Lottie the so called friend. I have to say I am not excited to read her book when I find it as her character was deplorable. She annoyed me throughout the book especially as she slept with Joanna’s late husband, well she sleeps with most and doesn’t care about feelings, at least that is how it is looked. Of course I am sure she will have redeeming characteristics but right now I guess I will stew in the  harshness of the character she has portrayed.

What I will say is Cornick does an impressive job on making you feel while reading the book and how the characters are not one dimensional. She is an author I would recommend and one to keep reading.

An Heiress and a Captain

Still being new to Margo Maguire I am trying out some of her novels after rereading Wild. I came upon another novel which was not a series called Brazen.

Lady Christina Fairhaven is an adoptive daughter but has considered her family to be her true family. Christina goes on with life as she finds out that her beloved brother has been killed and now is getting blackmailing letters saying he is a life and did something wrong. But life gets even stranger for Christina when she has a captain coming to her door claiming she is an heiress to a Duke, her grandfather.

Captain Gavin Briggs is charged with finding and bringing Christina to her grandfather. He did not expect to find her so appealing but he had a job to do. Somehow he was going to get her to the Duke but Gavin will find there will be plenty bumps in the road especially if Christina wants to have him help her find the blackmailer.

Quickly starting the book I felt that something was missing. The story line was fun and intriguing but the character of the captain I felt as if I should have known who he was. As I got done with the book I took the inititve and found that the Captain Gavin Briggs was in the novel which was written right before Brazen. I knew that would be a book to quickly find and start to read to find Brigg’s involvement.

Finishing the book was no problem even reading it out of order. The storyline held on its own when you got into the plot. I loved  Christina’s fiery temperament and longed for her and the Captain to tell each other of their true feelings.

The Captain was perfect with his past and what were his faults. The surprise of who he was in the war made sense and gave him depth to his character.

The ending gave a finish to the book which was a sweet conclusion. I recommend to read the book, Seducing the Governess, to know the story of the sisters and of the Captain Briggs. But as I did you can read them out of order and still get through the plot.