Love Gone Wild

Love Gone WildMarissa Vanderson is a sheltered wealthy heiress that had a tragic past but she has had enough being protected. She wanted to live her life and experience things. She will enlist the help of a bartender, Dane Sinclair, but she will soon find out that there might be dangers out there that she wasn’t expecting.

Love Gone Wild is a novel by Michele Bardsley. This was a hard book to write a quick summary because there are many parts to it. For me I thought the story was humorous and wacky at times with the situation that comes up. At times the story was a little too silly for me but overall I liked it, just didn’t love it.

From how I wrote the summary it could be considered that Marissa was just a pampered heiress but she wasn’t allowed out of the protection of her parents because her brother had been kidnapped and her older sister killed all when she was a child. That part threw me when I started the book because the cover pretty much looks like a normal contemporary romance novel. Well there is certainly romance that Marissa tries to make happen between Dane and herself. Dane feels this romance but he doesn’t want to be with Marissa because she was a heiress like his ex-wife. That fight will only last so long for Dane.

Well Marissa has a list that she wants to cross off before her birthday which was a list her older sister had helped create. Dane is helping Marissa cross things off that list. Now that sounded fine but then the plot changes from Marissa to a serial killer and then to a US Marshall and another woman who is following Marissa. Needless to say the plot gets wacky as I said above. Though don’t worry because all these plots will interconnect in a surprising way.

The Heiress Effect

The Heiress EffectMiss Jane Fairfield was out to make herself look foolish so that no man would want to marry her, which would protect her sister. Jane had become very good at that task until she meets Oliver Marshall. He was the one man that she might want more from.

Mr. Oliver Marshall had a goal which was to have everything. He was after a vote and would do what he had to do to get that vote. Though he will find that he was having a trouble getting that goal with Jane Fairfield as his obstacle.

The Heiress Effect is the second book to the series Brothers Sinister by Courtney Milan. I was waiting for Oliver’s story and was not disappointed. I loved this book. There is a way that Courtney Milan weaves a story that makes you compelled to read the story word for word.

Oliver was a man that did not know his place in society but was determined to get his place, for himself and for his father. I liked his drive that he had, but he was also a good man. When everyone laughed at Jane he did not. He knew what it was like to be laughed at. Now Jane’s character was also determined. Everything she did was to help her sister. Jane endured a lot of humiliation during those days.

I wondered about the romance between Oliver and Jane. It was a very slow build kind of romance and it was sweet as they were very much alike. Though because of those similarities that made the romance hard to handle at times.

The villain was clearly the Marquess and you disliked him greatly for how he was using Oliver and threatening Jane. There was also another villain in this book which was Jane’s uncle. He wasn’t a bad man on purpose but he was one that didn’t listen to reason.

There were several side story’s with Emily, Jane’s sister, and then one with Free, Oliver’s sister. I liked these side stories. I know that Emily’s story is over but Free will have her own story soon.

Captive of Sin

captive of sinSir Gideon Trevithick was on his way home when he finds a young woman nearly beaten to death struggling on the road. He will help her and get her safe. Even though with protecting her means he will have to marry her.

Lady Charis Weston was on the run from her step brothers who were cruel men that wanted her fortune. She will meet Gideon who will be her savior. She will still try to runaway to keep everyone safe.

Captive of Sin is a novel by Anna Campbell. Now after reading Tempt the Devil I was all set for my next Anna Campbell book. I started the book and I just couldn’t get into the story. I immediately stopped because it was actually very late when I started to read the book. I decided to pick it up in the morning and start over. Starting over the next morning helped greatly. Sometimes I am just too tired to read as I am looking at a computer screen all day.

Well once I started to reread the novel I started to enjoy the book. You were brought into a situation where this young woman who had been severally beaten by her stepbrothers and was on the run from her family. She was a strong character in an impossible situation. I liked that she still fought even when she was severally beaten, she didn’t give up. Gideon was the man that had found her and immediately helped. Gideon was an interesting character who had a hard past. I wanted him to be healed by Charis but he will not be too accepting.

I am on the look out for my next Anna Campbell book.

The Truth About Lord Stoneville

The Truth About Lord StonevilleMarquess of Stoneville, Oliver Sharpe, had lived with scandal for the last nineteen years since his parents death when he was sixteen years old. Now as a man he has a new problem that starts with his grandmother who threatens to disown him and his siblings if they do not find a spouse in the next year. Oliver will play his grandmothers bluff and blackmail Maria Butterfield but will find that he will not be immune to her as he would have liked.

Miss Maria Butterfield was in London to find her fiance who had not been heard from for the last three months. She will find herself in trouble when she is claimed to be a thief and will be blackmailed into pretending to be Oliver Sharpe’s fiance and will help her find her real one. Maria did not know that by agreeing she will start to fall for the man.

The Truth About Lord Stonville is the first book to the series Hellions of Halstead Hall by Sabrina Jeffries. I really loved this book. Previously I have read the fifth book of the series and thought it was great but it was a story in process. I wished I had started with this book but oh well it doesn’t always happen. Thanks to reading it out of order I know some of the secrets but with starting at the beginning I will be able to read how those secrets had come to be. I also enjoyed reading about Celia and Pinter, who are the main characters in the fifth book, and how they interact with each other.

Oliver was a troubled man who was living with plenty of guilt since he was sixteen years old. I liked learning the mystery with what had happened with the parents and how it had started with what happened with Oliver. Maria was a determined woman to find the man who was her fiance. I liked her backbone as she did not just give into to what Oliver wanted. I thought the interaction between them was at times sweet but mostly it was steamy as Oliver was making it his mission to seduce this woman.

The family I really loved. All of the siblings played a part in the book and all had their individual voices. I really can’t wait to read their stories and I was able to get all six books from the series. I have already read the fifth book but I will be re-reading it anyways to go through the entire series.

A Hellion in Her Bed is the second book which I will be reading next.

When the Marquess Met His Match

When the Marquess Met His MatchLady Belinda Featherstone is an American matchmaker making her living in London where she had been married almost a decade before. She vowed to help those who were heiress find the right match and not go through what she had to endure. Belinda will find herself challenged when the Marquess of Trubridge was in need of her service of matchmaking. Being challenged will not be the only thing that she feels especially with those stolen moments with him.

Nicholas, Marquess of Trubridge, need a wealthy heiress to help get his business started. He will go to a renowned matchmaker who was the widow his his friend. He will be shocked to find that the woman he had seen a decade ago had changed into a more beautiful woman. He will want the woman but knew that he needs an heiress. Although that does not stop his lust towards her or those few moments he takes in her arms.

When the Marquess Met His Match is the first book to the series American Heiress in London. Laura Lee Guhrke is a brand new author to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. There was some wit between the characters and light humor along with of course that passion that is between Nicholas and Belinda.

Belinda was a determined matchmaker who will finally meet her match with Nicholas. She dislikes him on sight because he reminds her of deceased husband. She will find that she is wrong in her assumption and find him a much better man. Now Nicholas was carefree but he had a serious side and wanted to do right with his business. It was sweet that he had feelings for her a decade ago but he didn’t try to seduce her then. Now she was fair game being a widow. Fireworks will spark between the two when they go against each other in words and in passion.

As this was a book that I really did enjoy I will be out to find more on the author like Edie’s story, the second book to this series, and other books from Laura Lee Guhrke.


Margery Mallon was a lady’s maid for some of the most scandalous women of the ton and remained innocent. Margery will soon meet a man that will change her world letting her know she is the granddaughter of an earl, a very rich earl. Margery will deny it, will deny the fortune and title as she knew she would not fit into this world, but with every time she tries to get away Henry will be there pushing her back into this new world.

Henry Atticus Richard Ward, Lord Wardeaux was to inherit the earldom. It was a known to all of society. Now his godfather claims his granddaughter is alive and he charges Henry to find her. Henry interacts with Margery to find out any information on her but he made the mistake of keeping too close to her. Henry will find her attractive and lust will pull him towards her. He knows she wants to marry for love and that is something he can not give.

ForbiddenI had recently read the fifth book of the series Scandalous Women of the Ton so I remembered all the characters with ease. Forbidden is the sixth and last book of Nicola Cornick’s series. This series is one that will make you sit down and read until the very last page. The tale takes a page from Cinderella as our heroine will have the chance to go from rags to riches. Now what I liked about this book was how Margery was given a new outlook on life but rejected it and everything that went with it. That is until she was able to meet her grandfather and they warmed up to each other. I liked her fiery personality as she was not afraid to speak her mind especially to Henry. Our hero is Henry and is a cold-hearted man who has learned to shield himself away from really feeling especially love. He will slowly break down that shield but at the end it will erupt as Margery could be lost. I liked his role as the rake as he played it well but loved it more that he was a working gentleman who was an engineer. The passion was bursting through the pages every time they kissed leaving you with steamy scenes of temptation.

On a side note I had not read anything about Tom who was from the previous book. It looks as if his fate was sealed in the previous book. I had hoped it wasn’t but we can’t get everything we want. At least at the end of the fifth book he had redeemed himself which I liked.

The back story of how Margery was taken was obviously going to be brought up and Cornick gives us a villain in the beginning with not a clear motive but there is a surprise villain. I had not seen this person coming which let you be surprised at the twist. I will have to find myself another series to start as it appears this was the last book to the series, well I still have two more books to read (second and third book). Of course the series could keep going, we will just have to wait and find out.


Blog BooksTeresa, Dowager Marchioness of Darnet is on the search for husband number four as she finds herself in a bind with a blackmailer. She searches for the right groom and found Owen to be perfect as he would not be able to function like normal men. Teresa though will be surprised that this marriage will not be like the others.

Captain Owen Purchase or now known as Viscount Rothbury found himself amused at the prospect of Teresa as a radical but even more so his bride. Owen will accept even though it was amusing his desire for her was building. There will be trouble brewing in the back ground that Owen will have to help Teresa with which test their relationship and find out who trust one another.

I have reached the fifth book of the series (only reading now three of them out of six) and I am loving this series still. I think Nicola Cornick wrote well when doing these books as each character so far has been well described and plotted out. All her themes are similar as it correlates to the title of the series Scandalous Women of the Ton. Each woman is scandalous in their own way but keeps most of themselves hidden. Teresa follows that similar guideline but in the public view she is brazen. There is a lot of depth to her character that I loved. Also her being part of the radicals was fun to read. Now Tersa holds a secret about her past which has damaged her. Cornick slowly uncovers it with little clues along the way. You can guess what happened through the clues but not how it happened exactly. Owen is a novelty. He was a Captain now he is a Lord. Owen stays true to his character as the knight in shinning armor which I loved. I knew though there would be a problem when he married Teresa as the topic of Joanna popped up. As he was in love with her beforehand it would break Teresa to know that. It is predictable and Cornick does it well. She made me dislike Joanna, who I loved in the first book, for a little as she seemed greedy for wanting Owen to still love her. It was an odd part in the book but it was settled and all would be okay once again.

As always there were side stories going on with the novels and the characters who surprised me were Emma and Tom. Emma was part of the radical which surprised me as her strength had grown. She was not the pampered little girl anymore but one with a voice. I liked her better for it. Tom was also a surprise. Now knowing some the the back story with Tom (a villain in the past who has reformed) I am a little sad at what happens to him, its understandable as he is the villain but I was starting to like him a little. Most likely his fate is sealed at the end of this book but I can’t help but wonder if Cornick will give a twist in the sixth/last book of the series. Either way I am excited to finish the rest of the series (second, third and sixth book) as this author has got me hooked.

Lessons from a Scandalous Bride

Miss Cleopatra Hadley is on a mission to find a husband and she has her eye on an elderly gentleman reaching his eighties. He was the perfect person as he would not be able to sire any children which would keep Cleo from making her mothers same mistakes. As she is about to complete this mission a new man comes her way making her heart feel things she never experienced.

Lord Logan McKinney is in need of an heiress for him family and home. He had set his sights on one woman but another has his attention. She is about to become engaged but Logan will not have that happen as he believes she is the one that will be a perfect fit with him.

Lessons from a Scanalous BrideIt was only by chance that I had come across the book Lessons from a Scandalous Bride. This is the second book of the Forgotten Princesses series. As I like reading the series together I also grabbed Sophie Jordan’s first book again, Wicked in Your Arms, just to refresh myself with the story.

For me I love how Jordan keeps her characters well developed and intriguing throughout the story. The plot is simple but with the past that is driving these characters you are given a lot in the book. I loved how Cleo was determined to not become her mother but the ever persistent Logan was not giving her any room to flee. Throughout the book there is no real villain like in the first book. Cleo and Logan do though make it hard on themselves as to admitting their own feelings leaving it only to the very end. I thought the ending though was very touching and left you on a very happy note.

This was a charming story and I like that Jordan introduces another half sister making her most likely the next leading lady to have her own book.

How to Ravish a Rake

Going after the third book, How to Ravish a Rake, I was excited to finally pick it up and find out about Amy and Will.

Amy Hardwick knew that this was the last year she could look for love and marriage. Her only suitor was a vicar whom she did not want to be settled with. Amy set her mind out and decided to change her fate with her gown designs that she reluctantly sold. She became fashionable and more confident through each drawing coming to life. Amy though was still cautious especially with Will. She didn’t trust him but soon found herself compromised and married to the rake. Amy wanted love and will find herself in love with her husband as she gets to know him but knows he does not feel the same.

Will “The Devil” Darcett knew trouble was coming his way when he lost a large blunt at gambling. To avoid telling his brother he sought an heiress and he focused in on Amy, but when it came to that time he changed his mind. Will didn’t want to compromise Amy but sooner than later they will find themselves leg shackled. Will figured they would have a marriage at a far but with a wager he is drawn to Amy and the pleasure in her arms.

Vicky Dreiling writes a really well written story in How to Ravish a Rake that I had to finish in one sitting. Her characters, plot and wit bring life to the pages.

Amy was a fantastic character and excellent wallflower who has now burst from the wall. She was strong on her own at least when it came to her designs. For her self confidence not so much but she was gaining that as well.

Now Will I didn’t really remember too much with him but it kind of makes sense as his own family makes light of him and often forget certain things regarding him. I liked that Dreiling didn’t make him quite the scoundrel it was apparent he was going to be especially when it came to compromising Amy.

The novel was well worth the wait.

Scandal Becomes Her

Nell Anslow has been damaged for ten years after a riding accident. She is known as an heiress and men are trying to find a way to carry her off to marriage. Nell found herself in that dilemma until she was able to find a way to escape to a cottage but Nell will find herself not alone in the morning and soon she will find herself engaged to a man she knows nothing about.

Julian, Earl of Wyndham swore marriage off after his first wife. She made him miserable and he had no need to do that again. But when he found himself in a new marriage to this woman, Nell, he was not so unhappy. He could start seeing a life with Nell as she was not the normal quiet woman and made him laugh. But marriage would be hard as they are trying to a way to get to know each other and to avoid the family problems.

Scandal Becomes Her caught me right in the beginning. I actually really liked the book. It started as a regency novel but it took a different turn and into the paranormal. Nell finds that she is able to see into this killer but she doesn’t know it is real. These visions had been thought of dreams, nightmares, and nothing more. I liked how Shirlee Busbee blended paranormal as it was not the focal point but an added addition which gave the novel something unexpected.

Busbee’s playfulness in the character of Julian was surprising and gave the novel a fun outlook on the novel even with the dangerous accidents which follow the characters. Nell was not much of a surprise in her character but what happened to her with her dreams gave her much more intrigue and I wanted to know more about what did happened to her.

Shirlee Busbee’s first novel of the series Becomes Her was well written and I am left wanting to know more after reading Scandal Becomes Her. There are so far five novels to the series, Scandal Becomes Her, Seduction Becomes Her, Surrender Becomes Her, Passion Becomes Her, and Rapture Becomes Her.

It makes me wonder though if Busbee will bring in the paranormal through the rest of her novels.