Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little DreamRachel Stone had a plan which was to come back to where she had lived with her late husband and find the five million dollars he had taken from all his followers. Rachel will not be welcomed into the town but will find help from an unlikely man, Gabe Bonner.

Gabe Bonner wanted to die but he could not do that to his family. He was just doing things to keep himself moving and not really living life, then he meets Rachel and her son. He doesn’t want them around but he will notice the longer they stay the more he felt alive.

Dream a Little Dream is the fourth book to the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. With every book I keep thinking that I will like one story better than the other, but that hasn’t happen. I really love each story so far, I can’t get enough of these books.

This book was about healing. Rachel needed to heal from the pain of being an outcast that she lived with thanks to her husband. Though she was a fighter and would do anything to help her child. Gabe has pain from losing his wife and son a few years ago. I felt my heart breaking for Gabe especially right int he beginning when you find out what he keeps in his nightstand. Obviously these characters were going to be together and heal each other but Phillips doesn’t make that journey easy for them. There is a lot of mistrust and guilt that is between them. I did like though it was Rachel who got to Gabe. She didn’t pull back and be calm around Gabe like his brothers did. That was a big part that allowed him to heal.

There was some bad things happening to Rachel. It was because others blamed her for the way her husband had acted. You knew who the person was pretty easily but there was another that will be after Rachel. I thought it was someone else because of how they acted, but I was wrong. There is another twist but this one will be happy.

Ethan’s story, Gabe’s brother, is also being told in this one. I liked Ethan but he fought too much of what he should be doing. I liked that he does accept his path and of course the relationship with Kristy. Kristy’s character I loved because she was the plain woman that decided to change for herself. She will get the man she had loved, Ethan, but she makes him work for it.

I am reading the fifth book next.

Highland Avenger

The thirteenth book of the Murray Family series is Highland Avenger by Hannah Howell.

Arianna Murray Lucette has been married for several years in a lie with verbal abuse everyday of her marriage, but now she is free. Though freedom is not so easy for Arianna as she is soon on the run with her husbands illegitimate children to the outside world. She will find sanctuary in the arms of a man that will make her believe that love is possible.

Sir Brian MacFingal will find a woman he thinks is dead but soon finds out she is alive and not alone. He will rescue Arianna and her two wards from the danger that awaits her from her husbands clan. Brian will protect her body with his own and try to heal the wounds that are on the inside of Arianna while trying hard not to fall in love.

I thought it pretty amazing how Hannah Howell created the series as this family could go on and on, and I have a feeling she is not going to stop anytime soon. I liked this story as it went back to an enemy the Murray’s had been fighting over time but its been a while since they were spoken.

The main characters were fun to read about and I like how Howell brings in Arianna’s family to be the protective type. Our main man Brian plays the same role as many of the men of Howell’s series where they don’t understand what they are throwing away. Of course a happy ending will find its way to the pages.

I wonder now which Murray will have their story told.

Penelope & Prince Charming

Magic and Prince Charming seem to go hand and hand but Jennifer Ashley will write how magic is not everything and true love shows through all.

Penelope Trask was not going to get married especially if the man did not want her. She wanted a love match. She was not expecting that with her own Prince Charming. But alas she finds out that the love is a spell.

Damien known to many is the Prince of Nvengaria. His quest is to find his love. The one that is foretold for him to be with. This quest has led him to a small village. At first it was the mother but she was already spoken for so it now landed to the daughter which Damien was more than happy with. But there were many problems which would get into their way and if they are not there in Nvengaria he would loose everything.

Penelope & Prince Charming is the first book of the series Nvengaria by Jennifer Ashley. I wasn’t sure how the story would be because it was supposedly another rogue going after a woman but in this case magic plays in the book which gives a good twist.

Jennifer Ashley’s characters are compelling to read and have more dynamics than they first appear to be. The mother, Lady Trask is full of surprises and leaves you enchanted with her character. I love Meagan’s boldness and her wit. But of course Penelope and Damien are the favorite. They antics as the spells come over them leaves them more pleasing to the reader.

Ashley gives an ending which the reader will be surprised and it is not the traditional one.

A fantastic first book to the series Nvengaria.

Charmed by Nora Roberts

The third book to the series The Donovan Legacy was Charmed. The guarded Ana will now have a challenge in her new neighbor.

Ana Donovan is no stranger to heart break. She told the truth of who she was and was rejected. From then on she only wants to be alone but then Boone Sawyer comes into her life and she knows he could get through to her. Boone is a writer of fairy tales but does not believe in magic. The two go with their attraction but it is tested when Boone learns the truth about Ana.

Ana’s story was enchanting to read. I love that she works with herbs to make potions to heal those around her. From the beginning I wondered what her power was going to be and it only made sense that she had the power to heal with her hands but there is a consequence since she takes that sickness into her.

The epilogue is perfect as Roberts wraps up the new families of the Donovan Legacy but the series is not over there is Liam which has not been talked about in detail so he will be a mystery.

Illusions by Richard Bach

This book, “Illusions” is a philosophical book.  During the many years of my reading I am not one to pick up anything but really fiction.   But I took this book on a chance and I have to admit I liked the stories dialogue and the message, but even now as I type I still think ‘what was the message really saying?’  That is a question that took some thought.

“What if somebody came along who could teach me how my world works and how to control it?  What if I could meet a super-advanced…what if a Siddhartha or a Jesus came into our time, with power over the illusions of the world because he knew the reality behind them?  And what if I could meet him in person, if he were flying a biplane, for instance, and landed in the same meadow with me?”

I started to read this book because it was recommended to me and he thought I would enjoy the book.  Now that I have read the book I recommend those who have not read the book to read it.  It was enjoyable, interesting and made you think about the words that were written.

The book itself has a witty dialogue between the two characters which makes it enjoyable and you almost forget you are reading something profound.  The book had an interesting plot as well, a pilot and an ex Messiah.  The combination is not one that comes up everyday.  Richard is a normal man, a pilot, who seems to be just drifting off in life and comes a man Donald, the ex Messiah.  A friendship bonds the two together and Richard will have a revolution thanks to Donald.

One part of the book that I found intriguing was the book that Donald gave Richard to hold on to.  It was a book that would let Richard be his own master.  The book had different messages that Richard read and left him only more and more confused but little by little he was beginning to understand.  Personally the book had interesting quotes but they got a little confusing.  Of course that was good because they got you to think about the message and what Donald wanted Richard to learn.

As I finished reading the book I thought about the message.  Everyone’s thought on the message will be interrupted just a little differently.  But the message I got from this book was we are people that need to find our own way in life.  To be happy, to think, to understand that all is connected.  That we live in a world full of illusions and it can only be us that will break out of that mold by becoming our true selves.