UnlacedLucy Abbington did not want a season but to appease her father she went. Lucy though has no desire to wed as she knows that her husband would demand she stop her healing animals. She will be tempted to give up everything to be with one man.

Henry, Lord Mandeville, did not want to marry especially anyone his mother wanted him to marry. Henry would marry but only a woman who would elevate his position in parliament. When Henry meets Lucy he will immediately want her but knows he can’t marry her.

Unlaced is the first book to a series. I am not sure what the name of the series is called as there are two names for this book series. One is Undone by Love and the other is Ashton/Rosemoor. Well never mind about the title of the series I loved this book. The book left me smiling. I had read the second book five years ago. I had loved the second book but getting Kristina Cook’s books were hard to do from my library. So I gave up and moved on to another series by another author. Well I am back with Kristina Cook and I have more books of hers to read.

I loved Lucy’s character. She was a fun character who had a backbone and a drive to do what she loved, which was to heal animals. She had a passion for medicine but because of her gender getting a degree was impossible. I liked that she wasn’t like the other woman who wanted Henry for his title. She didn’t want him but she will be tempted because of the man and of course lust. So Henry’s character  was a love/hate one for me. I liked Henry for his drive to be better but he was too critical and power hunger. Not exactly like his mother but he was trying to marry a woman who would elevate his position in society. Though when you get to know his character more you will fall in love with Henry, its another side of Henry that was gentler. Now with him there are plenty of things that he does wrong, especially when it comes to Lucy. I will say that he does redeem himself in the end.

Now there were some villains in this book. Mostly they are “the mean girls” who are too stuck up. Well one person that I thought was the worst was Henry’s mother. She was a vile woman who was power hunger and was not a kind woman to her son.

I am re-reading Unveiled and then on to the third book Undressed.

Midnight Warrior

Midnight WarriorBrynn of Falkhaar was a slave and healer. She will be brought to another man to be her master so that she could heal his warrior. She will do the task that is asked of her. She had expected the warrior to be harsh and to hurt her but she will be shocked to find that he is not like the other men.

Lord Gage Dumont was given a slave who was a healer so that his friend could be saved. He doubted her skills but soon would find that she was a gifted healer. Gage will also find himself starting to lust after her. He will want only her and for no one else to have her. Gage will fight to keep her safe.

Midnight Warrior is a novel by Iris Johansen. I haven’t read anything by Iris Johansen in a while but I knew that I would love this book since her novels are always entertaining. They can be a little long at times but they are worth the read. From the very first page of the book I was pulled right into the story and needed to finish so I kept reading until the last page.

I was captured by Brynn’s character and fascinated by her powers of healing. Although she was not the normal healer. She could heal by her touch and take the pain away but she had to link with that person. She was a strong woman with her opinions which got her punished though she never backed down. Gage’s character was a warrior but he was not the brute that he appeared. I liked that with Brynn he was gentle even though it seemed that he was forever yelling at her.

There were several side characters within the story and I have to say that I really liked Adwen and Malik. Adwen was a character that grew from the sickly wife to a strong woman who was willing to fight. Malik was the injured solider with a sense of humor and a bit of a player but his eyes were soon only on one woman. I liked that Adwen and Malik had a chance at happiness along with the main characters.

Highland Vow

Elspeth Murray fell in love with a lad at the age of nine and ten years later it has not gone away especially as he is the one to save her from an unwanted suitor. Elspeth will find herself giving Cormac everything that she has to offer in her heart and her innocence even as she knows he might not love her back. Elspeth will be persistent but will find herself up against a wall when Cormac’s mistress will make her presence known.

Cormac Armstrong has given a vow to a woman for ten years but this young woman is testing that vow. He doesn’t want to betray his love but after being with Elspeth he questions what he truly wants. The fact that he hears rumors of his beloved gives him worry especially as it comes from his friends but love made him blind. When he comes to lose the one thing in his life that was real Cormac has to make a decision.

The moment their names intertwined I instantly remembered that they were Ilsabeth’s parents who was the main character in Highland Protector the book I started with. I liked reading how her parents met and came about.

Highland Vow is the fourth book of Hannah Howell’s series the Murray Family. I found myself thinking that this series will get a little confusing as the family will continue to grow and you will get confused about whose child is who, but the nice thing about Howell’s stories are you get immersed. The story brings you in right away and you just enjoy the characters and the plot.

The book was easy to read and something you wanted to as you hoped that Cormac would listen to the rumors and follow his heart leading him to Elspeth. Then with Elspeth’s character you are impressed by her strength and persistence and hope that she gets her man.

Can’t wait for the next Murray to find love.

Seduction of a Highland Lass

After reading the first book to Maya Banks series Highlander I wanted to find the second book right away, Seduction of a Highland Lass. As the first one was with Ewan now the second book will be about Alaric and how he will have to perform his duty to his clan.

Alaric McCabe has been told he will marry Rionna McDonald and Alaric will do his duty. But Alaric will find a complication as he is left for dead but an angel will be the one to heal him.

Keeley McDonald is a healer and has been exiled for years from her clan. Keeley will across a warrior. She will heal him and feelings will start to stir but nothing will be able to happen. Alaric is bethrohed to her childhood friend. She will give her heart to Alaric knowing they will not have a happy ending.

I was excited to find the book as every time I looked it was never available to check out from my library but finally I got it. This trilogy is not the most original but then what is. With Maya Banks I seem not to be able to put them down. Maya Banks has created her characters to be irresistible and you just want to keep reading. And of course that is what I did. I could not put Seduction of a Highland Lass down. I had to finish the book once I started that first chapter.

The brothers are irresistible, Ewan is still strong, Alaric dutiful and Caelen mysterious and I love how even though this is about Alaric they are all involved within the story. Alaric is the dutiful brother and keeps that appearance even though he will loose the one that he truly loves.

Keeley’s character is another strong female which is being brought into the story so of course she blends right in. Her love for Alaric is sweet and you want them together but the destiny is already played out. Of course with any good story there is a twist and Banks will write it well.

Seduction of a Highland Lass is a fantastic second book to the series and I can’t wait to read the third book. Caelen is going to have his chance at the of being the lead and I am looking forward to what will happen.