Love in the Afternoon

Love in the afternoonBeatrix Hathaway loved animals no matter what type of animal came her way. She was kind and considerate but odd in society’s eyes. She has a hard time accepting society’s rules so she doesn’t follow them which can land her with troublesome rumors. Beatrix will land herself in trouble when she takes over corresponding for her friend Prudence and with each letter she will fall deeper in love with Captain Christopher Phlean.

Captain Christopher Phlean wanted one woman and thanks to her letters he survived the battles. Christopher will be baffled when he starts to feel things for Beatrix who he had nothing in common and fall out of love with Prudence who seemed different from the letters. He will find out the truth and find that there was one woman he wanted to be with, but first he would have to conqueror his own battles.

Love in the Afternoon is the fifth book to the series Hathaways from Lisa Kleypas. I thought this was a good finish to the series as it wrapped up all the unconventional Hathaways with their own happy marriages and ever growing families. Kleypas brings a little something more with Beatrix’s many animals and Christopher’s haunted reality.

I liked Beatrix and her unconventional ways with her animals. She cared for many and had quite a collection that made her odd to many, but she was one who had a compassionate nature. She had that way with humans as well and Kleypas keeps that up through the entire book with her trying to heal Christopher from all that he had suffered. She wrote to letters to keep him going which did pay off even though it was deceitful. I felt that Christopher was going to be cruel to the person who deceived him with writing those letters as that was how he was acting, but he does not go that route. He will be kind to her and understanding which did make sense because he was half in love with her already. He will have to face his demons and guilt for surviving and not helping more of his men especially his best friend. He will be saved thanks to Beatrix.

There is no real villain that plagues the pages. Prudence is not really a good person as she is a little too vain but she is in the story very shortly. There will be a problem towards the end of the book but all will work itself out in the end leaving everyone with their own happy ending.

This is the last book I have to read from Lisa Kleypas at least for right now but I will be back for more. Maybe trying another series or just go straight for some of her novels.

Married by Morning

Married by MorningCatherine Marks is a governess for the Hawthaway family and for three years she has felt accepted and part of a family. She hides her true self from all those around her but her secrets will start to come out and she will not be alone when she has to face her past.

Leo Hathaway has lived through tragedy and fell far from grace but he will be back on his feet trying to do what is right for his family. He will find that he will need to marry in order to keep their home. He doesn’t really want to but knows he needs to and he will look towards Catherine who usually fuels him with all the fights he can handle. Though he will start to see Catherine in a new light.

Married by Morning is the fourth book to the Hathaways series from Lisa Kleypas. For me the series keeps going well and I feel invested in these characters. Catherine and Leo were around in the beginning and it was interesting how you learned more about them throughout the books. Pieces to the puzzle were dropped in the paragraphs and you were left with more knowledge about who they were, this happened more with Catherine as her past was more of a mystery. I liked that Kleypas did not give the information away but kept dropping little subtle hints to let us know that it was not a past to be fond of or to remember. Catherine acted brave but she was still scared but it was more that she would become what she hated. Leo on the other hand had already turned into what he hated but survived. He was a good man and was certainly the hero of the story. He was protective of his family and that now included Catherine.

Their story was one that went up and down. They would fight at the beginning and it didn’t really matter what the subject was as they would argue no matter what. Then they found their rhythm as passion started to fill them when they encountered each other. Their love was sweet as it was something that was built and not instant.

The villain was definitely the man after Catherine but also the family of her past. They were a cruel as they didn’t think Catherine like a person but more like a thing that could be bought and sold. The villain no longer will be able to torment Catherine by the end of the book.

The last book is next with the youngest of the Hathaways.

Tempt Me at Twilight

Tempt me at TwilightPoppy Hathaway was in love with one man but thanks to another that love would never blossom into marriage. She will not be forced into the decision of marriage to this villain but knows that it needs to happen as she has been compromised. Poppy hoped to make it work but the more she found out how she was manipulated she was hurt. She will have to forgive her husband in order to survive her marriage.

Harry Rutledge was a wealthy owner of a hotel but he would not be considered a hero. He knew secrets and used them to get what he wanted. He wanted Poppy the moment he saw her and was not put off by ruining her slim chances with the man she loved.

Tempt Me At Twilight is the third book from Lisa Kleypas series Hathaways. With the first and second book behind me I was looking forward to Poppy’s story as I am liking the series more and more with each book.

Poppy was young and in love but she still had a head on her shoulders. She will do what she had to, to deal with and try to find the best in her husband. Kleypas keeps them distant as she was in love with Michael but if it was a perfect love then Michael would have fought harder. Now Harry was to be considered the villain of the book without a doubt as he used secrets to get what he wanted. He did that with Poppy and Michael’s relationship because he wanted her, but as you find out more about him you soften towards him. He was a hero but in the shadows. With Poppy’s help he becomes more of the man he was meant to be but there was of course the ruthless side that would never go away.

I will be reading the fourth book next and I am excited to find out what will happen between Leo and Cat.

Seduce Me At Sunrise

Seduce me at SunriseKev Merripen has loved his beautiful friend for most of his life since he was taken in by her family. With respect to her and her family he has kept his distance especially due to his past. Although avoiding temptation from Winnifred could only stand for so long.

Winnifred Hathaway has loved her friend for as long as she remembered. She is heartbroken when she keeps telling him that she loves him but he doesn’t return those feelings even though she knows he is not indifferent. Now that she is better she will show him that she has not changed but there will be competition for her hand.

Seduce Me At Sunrise is the second book to Hathaways series from Lisa Kleypas. The first book of the series caught my attention but it did take some time for me to get into, the opposite of the second book. I went right into the book know that I knew this family. To be honest I was apprehensive about the story at first but with the first couple of pages I got into the story.

From the first book you were introduced to Kev and Winnifred or Win and it was obvious there was attraction but it was displayed more on Win’s side. I was interested in how their relationship would progress when Kev was not being too forth coming with his feelings, but he does show them when the time comes to be passionate. I did like the background which Kleypas gave on Kev and Win. Knowing how they became friends and started a relationship helped give their characters more.

The villain was pretty predictable and with the subtle hints you had a pretty good idea what was going to happen. I did like how Win’s part was vital to get what was need to save her family member. She was strong and manipulative when the time was needed.

I am continuing the series with the third book where Poppy will be having her story being told.

Mine Till Midnight

Mine Till MidnightAmelia Hathaway knows how easily things become unraveled as she is the one to keep her family from running around. She will have a new task which is harder to handle, an unexpected inheritance along with an attraction towards a man that she should not be interested in.

Cam Rohan is not the normal Englishman as his roots are from a Gypsy heritage. He finds normal society rules vexing but he will soon be entertained by this unconventional family. He will seek a friendship but passion will override that and it will flare between him and Amelia Hathaway.

Mine Till Midnight is the first book to the series Hathaways from Lisa Kleypas. I have been reading several books from this author all in a row and have several more to go. Her books are ones that you can just devour and read over and over. I have loved all the books I have read so far but I will say that this took me a little to get into. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the story, I just couldn’t get into it right away. Possibly it was all that was going on as it seemed to happen all at once. I am usually okay with that but there are times when chaos is not always great to have in a book. Of course then as you progress in the story the characters for me come together and come alive.

I liked this unconventional family that did things their own way. I am looking forward to reading more from Kleypas on this series. I thought Amelia’s and Cam’s story was a good introduction to the series, once I got into the story, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I will be starting the second book next with Winnifred Hathaway.