Scandalous Desires

The third book, Scandalous Desires, of the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt was certainly worth reading as it will have you turning the pages right from the start.

Scandalous DesiresSilence Hollingbrook has lost her husband at sea but she is comforted by Mary Darling though now she finds the little girl is taken by none other than Charming Mickey O’Connor, the man who ruined her relationship with her husband. Silence though will take on the task and make another deal with Mickey. She will find things have changed as her eyes are starting to open to a new man in front of her. Though not all is well as her life and Mary Darlings life will be in danger from Mickey’s enemy.

Mickey O’Connor was calculated in his thinking and knew that by taking his daughter Silence Hollingbrook would follow right into his palace. Mickey had wanted Silence since the night they talked in his bedroom and now she is in his grasps. He will find himself at ends with this woman as she is not like any other women he has encountered before. She would not obey or sit meekly while he gave orders but rebel at every turn. This only made him want more of this woman. Mickey would make her his as he protected her from his enemy but things will start to look bleak as a traitor is found.

Since starting the series I was wanting more on Silence Hollingbrook as I felt that Hoyt was building up her story with each book. I was not surprised with the male lead as Mickey, he made an impact in the first book. I liked the two together as they were the complete opposites but if you looked deep within they were similar. They both were changing throughout the book in their traits, not a complete 360 but enough to show a difference. Mickey not so much as his was a change that happens much more at the end which was more plausible as he is a hard man. The scenes between them was a sizzle on the pages as Hoyt has done so in the previous books. Now the villain in this one is known but there is a twist with this villain. I had a feeling but did not think of it almost until the secret was about to be revealed.

With both books before this has a happy ending coming to the characters but we are left with a problem as the ghost of St. Giles has become injured and soon to be unmasked by none other that Lady Isabel Beckinhall but that will all come to play in the fourth book Thief of Shadows.

The Perils of Pleasure

Since reading the second book of the Pennyroyal Green series I was able to locate the first book of the series, The Perils of Pleasure.

Colin Eversea is ready to be hanged for a crime he did not commit. For Colin it is almost as bad watching the woman he love be married to his brother. But thanks to a note Colin will be saved from the hangman only to be taken capture and ransomed.

Madeleine Greenway was ready to ransom her hostage but everything goes wrong when a gun is turned on her and her hostage saves her life. Madeleine and Colin will work together to find out who wants her dead and to right the wrong for Colin.

Going after Julie Anne Long’s first book of the series the pieces that were missing from the second book clicked into place. At first I wasn’t brought into the book right away then Colin got the message to stumble and with the action that follows I was hooked.

Long brings these characters to life with her details and the feelings these characters portray which is essential to the story. Reading the book I was on Madeleine’s side and did not want Louisa to keep Colin’s heart. Long brings it a close thing until the very end of the book. To me Long is almost more of an adventure story than romance but once she puts those scenes in there is no doubt.

Pennyroyal Green series will be one to look out for.