A Right Honorable Gentleman

a-right-honorable-gentlemanMiss Catherine Hooks is a well known governess but it is time for her to move on from her post. She will make sure to do it quickly as it looks like her employer wants more.

Edward Glennon did not want his governess to leave. He was finding that his life would not be complete without her in it, now he just has to convince her.

A Right Honorable Gentleman is a novella by Courtney Milan. I liked this novella but I wanted more from this story. This novella was short and I mean short. I read this story in about twenty minutes. I have nothing against short stories and I know that Courtney Milan can write a great story but this needed more.

I think that if this was a longer novella to novel everything would come together nicely as it did in this story but there would be more depth to the story. You would then feel more for these characters and really cheer for Catherine and Edward to find that love and passion they had kept from each other.

I decided to try another Courtney Milan novella, What Happened at Midnight, which I am reading next.

When Lightning Strikes and Code Name Cassandra

Vanished 2I am back with Meg Cabot as I am re-reading the series 1-800-Where-R-You. I read this series as a teenager and it was one I loved. As I was reading the Mediator series I wanted more from Cabot so I went in search of these books and for me I still find the series pretty amazing. Meg Cabot writes this series with some flair, humor, sarcasm especially from Jess, and some pretty cool powers. At my library I was able to find all five books to the series so I can re-read the series all in a row. This first book which is titled Vanished is the first and second book to the series.

When Lightning Strikes

Jessica Mastriani or known as Jess was not having good luck with keeping out of detention but her luck will only get worse as she will find herself in a big storm under the school bleachers. When lightning strikes Jess will be hit. The next day she will know for sure that a kid who was missing will be found thanks to her dream she had the other night. Jess will find herself with powers to find people who were missing but that will come with its own consequences.

This was the first book to the series 1-800-Where-R-You and I loved it. Jess is a girl with a tough side who will stand up for those she cares for. She has spunk but she is not always as brave as she lets on. I liked that when she got her powers she in no way wanted that celebrity status, and that will get in her way when the government comes calling. I was reading this part and thinking don’t be stupid to agree to go with them but she has to do it to help her brother from having another episode.

With the government you knew they were using her and they didn’t see anything wrong with that. She does get her justice in the end with them which was pretty funny. I was kind of annoyed with her mom and sometimes her dad. Her mom was all excited about this celebrity status and getting rewards for what Jess was doing. I wondered why they weren’t more concerned that their daughter was hit by lightning. They were good parents though, I guess the mom was just caught up in it all.

Then there was the love interest which was Rob. I like his character as he looks like the bad boy, well acts like it at times, but he is a kid who made a mistake and was doing what he could. This book didn’t have him making too many appearances but he will be a character that will be in all the books of the series.

Code Name Cassandra

After claiming her powers disappeared Jess is taking it easy. For the summer she will be a counselor for gifted kids at a music camp. Jess thought everything was going fine when a desperate father will come to the camp asking for help. Jess will help reluctantly but this time she is going to investigate and make sure the kid wants to be found. But helping out will be getting Jess into more danger and have the Feds on her tail once again.

As a sequel goes I thought Cabot wrote this one well as she kept Jess with the defiant attitude and spunk she had in the first book. I liked that Jess was playing the game that she lost her powers when of course she didn’t. It was interesting that they will get stronger especially when she has to help find a kid fast.

Rob is back in the book as I knew he would be. I liked that he was doing everything he could to help Jess but he still wouldn’t go down that route to date her as she was too young, 2 years, but with him being 18 it can matter.  Well with these little adventures they take the two of them will get closer to becoming more.

I would say there is a little more danger with the threat of the man who will be after Jess in this book. Before it was the government, who didn’t want her killed just obtained and used. This man wanted to beat her and kill her for what Jess did. The Feds are still around and insisting that Jess is lying and they are going to keep watching and waiting to catch her in the act and these guys are persistent.

I am going to start the third and fourth books next as they are once again combined in one book. I pretty much remember all that will be happening in these next two books and can’t wait to re-read them.