Reservations for Two

Reservations for TwoTilly Milek was in high hopes of a successful restaurant but it all came crashing down to one disastrous night when a food critic was at the restaurant and gave a horrible review. Tilly had to save her restaurant but she will be distracted by a stranger who started to barge into her life. Tilly started to have feelings for him but she froze when she found out he was the food critic.

Dan Meier was a freelance writer and was doing his friend a favor with writing a column on restaurant reviews. He took his mother to a polish restaurant and the night was disastrous and he gave the review under stress. He knew he didn’t make a mistake but when he meets the owner/chef he finds that he is attracted to her. He knew that if she found out things would be over before they even started, but he knew that things would come out sooner than later.

Reservations for Two by Jennifer Lohmann was one that was a fun short novel to read. The plot is set in Chicago and around the time of the Taste of Chicago.  I liked that simple fact as I am an Illinois residence.

Now to the characters I thought Lohmann did a nice job at making them realistic. I had thought at first Dan’s over analysis of his guilt playing over and over was a little over done but its realistic. Tilly was one person who I loved in the book. She was determined and optimistic but when it all finally got to her she felt defeated and then hopeful again. She was a ball of emotions but once again realistic.

The villain here was the sabotage that was happening within the restaurant. I didn’t have a clue who was the person or why they were doing this. Lohmann will give the identity of the person almost at the very end and the explanation.

Reservation for Two was a fun book to read and I am looking forward to reading about Tilly’s sister when the next book comes out.

Scandal Wears Satin

Sophy Noirot is a natural born saleswoman but now she must put her skills to another use, save the reputation of their most prominent customer. Sophy would team up with Clara’s brother Longmore in search of finding Clara before more damage was going to be done. She knew that going with Longmore would be tempting as she was finding it hard to resist the man any longer.

Earl of Longmore ears are ringing as his mother is always ordering and telling him things that are not going as they should. He became worried when Clara disappeared and was reluctant to accept help from Sophy but did as he knew she would be able to help. Having Sophy in close quarters was hard on Longmore and soon he would stop fighting it.

Scandal Wears SatinAfter reading the first book of Dressmakers series I wanted to know more with what would happen to Sophy and of course to Lady Clara. As Scandal Wears Satin is only the second book I have read from Loretta Chase I am still new to her but can tell you that I will be hooked on this author. The second story of the series once again swept me away with the story. There is humor and wit that burst through the pages. I loved the character of Longmore. I am not thrilled when the characters are portrayed stupid but for some reason it worked for him, well he wasn’t completely stupid just got distracted a lot. Chase made Longmore lovable with his nonsense of not always knowing the right thing to say but when it counted everything worked. Sophy was fabulous as well with her quick wit and a way with words. Once again it doesn’t seem like these two kinds of people from different stations in life but as they interact you only want them to find a way to make it work. The ending was wonderful and there is a little happy surprise with the all powerful mother of Longmore and Clara.

Now I want to find out more with the third Noirot Leonie who you don’t know as much as the other sisters just that she is  good with numbers. But Leonie is not the only one I want to know more, there is also Lady Clara who I hope that she finds a happy ending as it seems that in each book something bad happens to her to ruin her chance at happiness.