The Devilish Lord Will

Will Mackenzie usually works alone but then Josette will come to him with a request to help her group find a trove of gold. He will team up with Josette to help find the gold that is lost somewhere in the highlands, which will help Highland women who lost a lot in the war. Will trusts Josette, they had worked together as man and wife and she was the woman he loved.

The Devilish Lord Will is the tenth book from the series Mackenzies & McBrides by Jennifer Ashley. I have followed this series from the beginning and have loved most of the books. Anything with Ian has always been fantastic to read. This book was good but by no means was it my favorite.

I think it was a good story but I found it a little boring at times. It didn’t drive me to read and want to know more. I am not always a big spy reader but it wasn’t even that. Maybe there wasn’t enough to really draw me into that story. Although, it was still good just took me longer to finish. I did enjoy the characters of Will and Josette. I liked that they had been a team beforehand which of course turned to lovers. I enjoyed their teamwork and I think Jennifer Ashley wrote them well. There was sweet interactions between them that showed Will truly loved Josette and her daughter.

Of course when the next book to the series comes out I will read it right away because I really can’t get enough of this series.

The Bride and the Beast

The Bride and the BeastGwendolyn Wilder will be the most sensible person in her village but that will get her nowhere when the villagers believe that a dragon lives in the abandoned castle. The villagers believe to make the dragon happy a virgin sacrifice is needed and Gwendolyn is volunteered. She knows there is no dragon but she is still afraid of what will come to her when she comes to the castle.

The Bride and the Beast was fantastic. This is a novel by Teresa Medeiros and I couldn’t stop reading the story. Personally I think it is because it reminded me so much of Beauty and the Beast, which was my favorite story when I was a child. There was something enchanting with the story.

I loved Gwendolyn’s character. She was a woman of sense, was brave and tried to do what was right. It was kind of ridicules with the villagers and how they thought sacrificing Gwen would solve anything. I was kind of mad at the sisters who didn’t really fight to help their sister. The two older ones were not great sisters, at least Kitty had some sense even if it was a little. Now the Dragon as he called himself but his true identity was someone who was out for revenge. There was a need for revenge as that was what he had concentrated on for most of his life. There was no room for love for the Dragon but you knew Gwen would be the one to make him change.

There was a little surprise about the person who betrayed the Dragon’s family, which I had wondered about. Though the person who had betrayed the Dragon’s family will not be discovered until close to the very end. I liked that it was concluded and that the Dragon had to work for what he had lost with Gwen.

Lawless by Nora Roberts

This book was last of the series “Jack’s History” and it was fantastic to read.  I loved the wild western plot of the story and liked that this was the story that Jack in “Loving Jack” was writing about.

“Half Apache and all man, Jake Redman was more than a match for the wild Arizona Territory.  Sarah Conway, on the other hand, was an Eastern lady who belonged anywhere else but on the rugged land Jake loved.  But beneath Sarah’s ladylike demeanor beat the heart of the true pioneer, a woman he yeared to make his own.”

Sarah Conway come from Philadelphia to see her father and live with him but instead she finds that he was killed in a cave in.  Upon moving out there Jake Redman goes out of the way to help her but denied that he had any feelings for her.  As Sarah stays on her fathers land she is determined to make it out there on her own even with the threats of the wild west.

I really liked this novel with how Sarah Conway came from a privileged life but fought for her new life.  She could make it out on her own.  She earned her way through sewing for the woman in town.  I also loved how she went toe to toe with Carlotta who was the head of a brothel, and Sarah won.

Jake Redman was your true western who was tough and determined to do what he needed to do.  Of course all that changes when he meets Sarah.  He is besotted with her but doesn’t want to admit it.

This novel was great to read.  The characters were genuine and thought out, and the plot was great with sabotage and threats to Sarah.  Gave romance and thrills.