Hard to Be Good

Hard to Be GoodJeremy Rixey was a fun loving guy but found himself overwhelmed with all that had been happening to his brother and his brother’s teammates. He will find that one person will give him some peace, Charlie, who had suffered his own tragedy.

Hard to Be Good is a novella in the series Hard Ink by Laura Kaye. First off as you can see from the cover this is a male on male suspense romance book. I will admit I was apprehensive about the book but as it was part of the series I wanted to read all of the books. There was also the fact that I really loved Jeremy’s  character from the very first book.

Well all I can say is wow. The sex scenes were intense and to be honest that was all there really was with the book, which was kind of disappointing. I wanted more with these characters, wanted more of a story not just a novella. Previously you had gotten to know the characters from the other books but I wanted more background, more of the build up with the romance. Now even with my wants of more detail I did truly like the novella and it was because of Jeremy and Charlie. I loved Jeremy who was so charismatic and bold while there was Charlie who was shy but a genius. Together they worked.

The mystery behind Nick and his men gets a little swept under the rug as the romance between Jeremy and Charlie take center stage. I have no doubt that the fourth book will bring more insight with this mystery that surrounds these men.

I am looking forward to reading the fourth book to the series.

Girl Least Likely To Marry

Girl Least Likely to MarrySamuel “Tuck” Tucker was seen as a jock foremost but what most did not see was that he had a brain. Cassie was the girl who thought him stupid and he was having fun making her think otherwise but the joke will be up and he will find that the more he spends with her the more he wants her.

Cassie Barclay was genius smart, she wasn’t the normal girl next door. She will brush off Tuck and didn’t want to give him a moment of her time because he was a jock. The problem was she was attracted to him.

Girl Least Likely To Marry by Amy Andrews is the second book to Wedding Season series by four different authors. I liked this book, it was cute and a fast paced. Its a Harlequin romance, the first one was as well, so they tend to be shorter than other novels. I felt that this story flowed a little more than the first. I think it was because I have know gotten to know the friends a little better. It didn’t hurt that there were no hurt feelings that started with these two characters. There was a little annoyance with each other, really on Cassie’s side, but that quickly evaporated especially when they started to sleep with each other.

I honestly liked Cassie’s character as she was a genius, she just didn’t have much at experience with living life. It was kind of humorous when she started to act normal with feelings at the end. It was something she had never felt before. Tuck was kind of a player but all in good fun. I didn’t like he took Cassie on a dance with a wager but I warmed up to his character. He was fun loving and was smart which worked well for Cassie. I liked them together and was cheering for them to find that happy ending.

I am reading the third book, Maid of Dishonor, next which is with Gina.

Two of a Kind

Two of a KindFelicia Swift wanted a new start with Fool’s Gold. She wanted to be normal as she was considered a freak because she was very smart. Felicia will hear that Gideon was back and before she knew it they started back up but she knew he was not going to want a relationship. She still found herself staying with him.

Gideon Boylan was in Fool’s Gold to act like everyone else but he knew he was not like everyone else in the town. Gideon will be surprised to see Felicia showing up and the sparks that flew four years ago were still igniting. He knew she was looking for the forever kind of guy and as he was not that guy he should stay away but he could not take his own advice.

Two of a Kind is Susan Mallery’s twelfth book from the series Fool’s Gold which I can’t get enough of since I started. Mallery is on a role with these strong men from the Black Ops who have now come into town. Felicia is part of the team but for reasons that she is very smart on a genius level. I loved Felicia. She seemed so authentic with how she was written in the book like her dialogue or the actions she takes. Then there is Gideon who is a broken man from two years of torture. He was the hero that you wanted to hold and tell that everything would get better. You hoped from the start that Felicia and Gideon would be together but it was not an easy transition and it almost did not happen.

I liked the added surprise of Carter who showed up. Carter is Gideon’s son who gives his dad a surprise especially as Gideon did not know about him. Carter brings in a sense of normalcy for Felicia and Gideon. I liked that Mallery writes Carter to be similar to his dad with a sense of loss plus the nightmares he has.

With Fool’s Gold series Susan Mallery keeps bringing up the characters from past books which is nice. You also have a feeling that you know which character will be a couple just from the subtle clues, which I actually don’t mind because she creates the books to be well rounded and ones you want to curl up and just read. I have the next two books in my pile so Three Little Words is next to read.

Fire and Ice

Reading now my third novel from Anne Stuart I have come to realize that she writes romances but they have a tendency to be dark, as a thriller and mystery should be. Now I don’t know if this follows all her books but it seems certain this is the case in the series Ice and others like the House of Rohan.

Jilly Lovitz is a typical California girl except she is a genius, done with high school and college by eighteen. Jilly has a weakness though and he has bright red hair, tattoos and dangerous if crossed. Reno was her crush as an adolescent but nothing has changed. Now with danger breaking down the door he will be the only one to save her.

Reno is a dangerous man and a has a new mission, protect Jilly at all costs. He doesn’t want to be around her as she makes him forget she is off limits. When he first saw her he was intrigued but was told to stay away. Now he is all that is left to protect her from the thugs who are after her.

Fire and Ice is the fifth book to the series Ice. This book held no quiet moment for the characters as there was nothing but gun fire or brutal attacks. For me the plot was one you wanted to keep reading even if there was a lot of violence and cruelty in the book. The character Reno held the most cruelty at times which made you want to hate him but as Stuart gives him a voice through the book you understand his motive.

I was intrigued right away with Fire and Ice but felt I had missed a little interaction that was in previous books. For me the story was already in process but you still could understand the story and characters. I am interested in going back to the beginning to find out more of the committee.

Bodyguards in Bed

A genius, a driver and a model all have one thing in common they will need their own bodyguards. In Bodyguards in Bed is a collection of three authors (Lucy Monroe, Jamie Ann Denton and Elisabeth Naughton) with their own short story all about bodyguards.

In each story it almost seems as you are starting with the book in progress as you don’t know some of these characters. As each story could have its own series instead of a separate collection but each story is very well written and engaging with their steamy scenes and the quick thrill.

The three stories in the collection are Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brothers Bed?, Hot Mess, and Acapulco Heat.

The Final Chapter of the MacKade Brothers

The first three books of the series MacKade Brothers were fantastic.  The last book, The Fall of Shane MacKade by Nora Roberts was finishing up with the youngest brother.  The brother that had told many he didn’t want to marry.  Also one that is not telling all, he holds a secret.  But this secret is shared with one woman, Rebecca Knight.

“The youngest MacKade, Shane, was a man of the land, so the last woman he expected to catch his eye was a Ph.D. toting academic.  But Rebecca Knight had caught much more than that.  One beautiful lady didn’t mean the fall of Shane MacKade from bachlorhood was a sure thing.  But it was definitely a possibility…”

The story had all the of the MacKade’s along with the spouses and new children.  Shane was the last brother who has not found love.  He has been having a fantastic time with many other women.  That is until Rebecca Knight makes an appearance in his life.  From the moment he saw her at the airport he was baffled.

Rebecca Knight was a bright woman who never had a normal life.  Only academic, nothing else except now.  She was drawn to this place through dreams that she had been having for several years now.  Rebecca has little to no real friends, except Regan but now there was Shane.  She decided to let herself go and enjoy.  Enjoy in the arms of Shane who was trying his best to seduce.

I love the fact that Shane does seduce her but Rebecca is still a little resistant.  She is logical and does not ask or act like a normal women.  This fact drives Shane crazy because he does not know what to do, and before he knows it Shane will be stuck on Rebecca.  But is he brave enough to tell her everything?

I am not sure which book I liked more so I will say all were wonderful to read.  The brothers are an example of brotherly love through ups and downs.  Nora Roberts knows how to write a romance novel that is charming, seductive and a little twist of the supernatural element.

MacKade Series

The Return of Rafe MacKade

The Pride of Jared MacKade

The Heart of Devin MacKade

The Fall of Shane MacKade