Hidden Star by Nora Roberts

In this gripping series Stars of Mithra by Nora Roberts three friends will find trouble in the form of three diamonds. The first installment is Hidden Star.

Private eye Cade Parris is a man who is good at his job but is hounded by his family. Then in walks a women who was drop dead gorgeous but had no idea who and what she is doing. Bailey is the women but she has no idea how she came in possession of a tote bag with a million dollars, a pistol and a priceless diamond. With Cade’s help she will find out the truth.

The first page of the book got me involved. I like the concept of the main character getting amnesia and the reader has no idea who this person is.

I was impressed with how long Roberts had Bailey go with¬†amnesia. You find out little facts of Bailey’s life as the story goes on. I have to say I was pulled into the story needing to know who she was and what happened to her. And finally at the end of the book you know who she is but the trouble is not over.

I like that Roberts leaves the book to a finish for Bailey’s memory but the story is not over. Her friend M.J. and Grace will have to get help as well.