Sunset in Central Park

Frankie Cole never thought love was for her because of her parents divorce. She threw herself into work as a designer for gardens. That was her true passion. Frankie will notice things start to change between her best friend Matt, who she liked more than she should’ve. She knew that if something happened between them it would not end well, but Matt will keep pursuing and Frankie will start to wonder.

Sunset in Central Park is the second novel to the series From Manhattan with Love by Sarah Morgan. This was a cute book.

I had to get into more of the novel to really love Frankie. It wasn’t right away but once I was there I really liked Frankie’s character. She was definitely shy and kept people at a distance when it turned romantic. I liked that she finally took a chance and really had a talk with her mother which really helped her find love. Matt’s character was the right man for Frankie. He was sweet to Frankie and wanted the best for her. Also wanted her romantically as he had loved her for years. I wanted Matt to take a chance and tell Frankie, subtle didn’t work with her. There are predictable problems but it makes it all the more sweeter when things go right for them.

I am on the list for the third book which will be about Eva who is the hopeless romantic of the group.

The Truth About Love

The Truth About LoveGerrard Debbington only wanted to paint the exclusive gardens of Lord Tregonning but could not unless he painted the mans daughter portrait. Gerrard did not want to but conceded and walked in on much more than a simple portrait.

Jacqueline Tregonning was told that she was to sit for a portrait. She knew that her father did not want the portrait for obvious reasons. He wanted the artist to paint her to show her innocence from the crime everyone thought she had done.

The Truth About Love is the thirteenth book to Stephanie Lauren’s Cynster series. I liked this book. There was more of a mystery going on that intrigued me to continue. I thought why would everyone assume a young woman would be able to lift up their own mother and toss her over the wall which she was killed. I liked reading about the revealing of the mystery and Laurens does it well with giving clues but keeping this mystery a mystery until close to the end.

Gerrard was not the average painter which I liked. He wasn’t self obsessed and was a good man. He was also a seducer but didn’t make that his job until it came to Jacqueline. His attraction to her is quick and intense but it is not all about that with Laurens. She writes a mystery of murder and a good who done it plot. I liked Jacqueline for the most part but wonder why she did not fight a little harder for people to believe she was not the murder.

I had wondered how in the beginning of the series Laurens would keep writing the series once the set of Cynster cousins were through. I do like that she continues the series with those related to the wives who married the Cynsters, like Gerrard who is the brother to Patience. Patience is the wife of Vane Cynster. Laurens keeps a family tree so far with every book that I have read which is useful since the family keeps branching off.

The next book is What Price Love?

Mistral’s Kiss

Mistral’s Kiss leaves off with Merry still with the sidhe. Hamilton will show just how far Merry will go to bring back life to her people.

Merry wakes up to a frightening dream and will soon find that the dream wants her to wake up the land. She will be giving her body to wake up the soil but with so much power other things will wake in the process. The wild hunt will be called and it will be a race for Merry and her guards to find safety.

The fifth book is shorter than most in the series. With only 212 pages I was able to speed through the book. I liked Mistral in the book even though he was very cocky for his own good. The King of Sluagh surprised me with his rash decisions in the book but made up for them at the end.

Its a little ridicules with how much sex there is and how Merry literally screws the land back to life but it fits with the concept of the story.

I am interested in finding out more now that Cel is free of his cage. More trouble will definitely be coming and most likely travel its way in the next book as Frost will be the center of attention in A Lick of Frost.

Surrender by Amanda Quick

Amanda Quick writes an engaging story of a young woman who does not want to surrender her heart or her fortune in Surrender.

Victoria just wanted adventure but not a husband. Lucas Colebrook seemed perfect for that purpose. She liked him and he indulged in her whims but all goes wrong when she gives over to one indulgences that will lead her marry this man. She does not want a man after her fortune and now that is what seemed Lucas was as he now prohibited her spending in different projects and from her adventures. But there is a bright side to this relationship as Victoria will find herself in love with her husband only will he find love with her?

The two dynamic characters in Surrender lead the reader to enjoy their bickering and plotting of adventure. The twist of murder lead the reader to be surprised by the motive which was not revealed until the very end.

A Garden Folly by Candice Hern

Marriage for a fortune was all Catherine Forsythe could think about since her father left her sister and herself destined to be penniless.  But as luck would have it Catherine and Susannah are going to have the chance to find eligible bachelors of fortune, but perhaps there would be more for the girls.

Aunt Hetty’s old school girl friend who has been the duchess for some time has invited Hetty and her two nieces for a month long house party.  Hetty was delighted at this for her nieces and herself with renewing her old friendship.  Catherine and Susannah are beyond excited.  Both girls are very pretty but Susannah the youngest was the fairer one of the sisters and naive in the world.  Catherine is going to take it upon herself with the help of her Aunt and MacDugel to find the most wealthy of the men for the two of them.  This house party had to secure one of them a husband of fortune if not both.

The Duchess “Isabella” has her one and only son Stephen who detest these house parties and has long since left before they started.  His fear is that his mother would try to set him up with a young woman ready to be wed.  Stephen wanted the woman to love him and not his title, but once they knew that he was a Duke all their interest was upon that fact.

Catherine and Susannah make it to the house party and immediately Catherine went to work on her strategy for snagging a man.  Of course Catherine made time for the gardens which she loved.  There she was literally be run over by a man who happens to fall on her.  Catherine thinks that this man is the head gardener but instead it is really the Duke himself.  Through their interaction Catherine finds herself telling him things and feeling things for him but he is only a gardener and she can not wed him.  Even though those feelings are becoming stronger every time she sees him.

Stephen finds he loves to spend time with Catherine but is crushed when he finds that she is a fortune hunter.  He can’t believe he was wrong about her but his feelings are making him act crazy.  Is she just the fortune hunter or is there something else that drives her need?

“A Garden Folly” by Candice Hern was a wonderful romance to read with mystery, secret identity, and finding love in the midst of everything.