The Earl Claims a Bride

The Earl Claims a BrideHarrison Thornwick inherited his title but Harrison would gladly give it back to have his brother back. With little time to accept the title Harrison will find that the Prince will be requesting him to marry a Miss Angelina Rule. Harrison will be against the match until he meets Angelina.

Miss Angelina Rule has wanted to marry her Captain for the last three years, she had dreamed about it. Now she is being forced to marry another because of her father’s debt. Angelina will be sadden at the fact she can’t marry the man she had wanted, but when she meets Harrison she will find herself wanting him.

The Earl Claims a Bride is the second book to the series The Heir’s Club of Scoundrels Trilogy by Amelia Grey. I really liked this book.

Harrison’s character was a good guy. In his past he had a definite wild side but that is tamed especially when he finds himself attracted to Angelina. I liked that he had actual feelings for Angelina and it was not just on the surface. I wanted him to win the affection of Angelina instead of the Captain because the Captain was not the same man as he once was. I thought it was interesting that Harrison also knew more about Angelina in such a short time than the Captain ever did. Personally I think that the Captain just saw what was on the surface and didn’t truly know the woman he wanted. Angelina’s character was a dutiful daughter who wanted to do right by her father. I thought it was cruel that the father did this to his daughter. I liked that Angelina was staying true to her Captain but I wanted her to realize that the feelings she had were no longer there. The feelings she had for Harrison were alive and well.

I am reading the third book next.

The Ice Princess

The Ice PrincessCoral Smythe was known as the Aphrodite. She had stopped entertaining men but she will be won through gambling for seven nights. Coral will be scared as her job was one she hated especially when Captain Wargate was not like all the other men out there.

Captain Isaac Wargate disliked his men gambling away their earnings but there was little he could do. All he could do was make sure his men made it back to the ship. Though this time Isaac will stay behind to help the Aphrodite who was being sold for seven nights.

The Ice Princess is the fourth book to the series Prince Trilogy by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really liked this story right from the start. I was pulled into the story right away.

Coral’s character was a woman who led a hard life but she did what she had to do. You felt bad for Coral when her freedom was taken away but she was a clever woman. Then there was Isaac who was a stern but a fair man. He had a softer side which showed when he saved Coral from the other men. Now since this was only a novella the story was fact paced but I liked how with each night she wrote them getting closer, they were connecting with each other.

The ending had a twist but with a nice surprise that left the romance reader in me happy.


Then Came You

Then Came YouLily Lawson was reckless and wild and loved to shock London. Her next task was to stop her sister from marrying a man who would not make her happy. She will succeed in her plan but Lord Alex will not distance himself from her. Alex will want this spirited woman and they will form an attachment that will lead to love but Lily is still hiding her secret.

Then Came You is the first book to the series Gamblers by Lisa Kleypas. I had read the second book a while ago and loved it. The first book was just as good.

I thought right at the beginning Lily was going to be too wild and not likable but right away you find out that she is searching for her daughter and she is doing what she can to earn money which means playing card games. She plays a role which is effective since everyone believes that she is wild. Due to the insight of who Lily really is I cheered for Lily and for Alex. Now Alex was a man who wanted a calm woman for a wife but his mind will change when that option is taken from him and he sees only Lily. Alex is not a bad man, he is jealous and a little possessive when it comes to Lily but you will forgive him for that since they were right for each other.

I liked the introduction of Derek Craven who is the main character in the second book. I found it sad that he could not have Lily but happy they were still friends. I was okay with Derek not having Lily as I knew he would have his own happy ending in the next novel.

The task of finding Lily’s daughter went all the way up to the very end. I thought that Lily’s daughter’s part of the story was pushed a little to the side but Lily was never far from Lily’s thoughts which kept her in ours. I liked how Kleypas wrote Alex’s involvement and the discovery of the betrayal which was close to Lily.

Desire Becomes Her

Desire Becomes HerGillian Dashwood had enjoyed her first marriage in the beginning but her husband had changed and he became a different man, a man that she did not love especially as he offered her up to pay a wager. Gillian will find freedom when her husband will be murdered and she is suspected but never accused. She survives the rumors but two years later the rumors are there and someone knows what had happened about her husbands wager that night. She will find help from Lucien Joslyn who is a friend of her uncle’s. Together they will find out what happened that night and more.

Desire Becomes Her is the sixth to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. I absolutely loved this book. I liked the previous one but it didn’t grab me. I was grabbed right away into the plot with the sixth book and only wanted more which propelled me to continue with the book. I kept flipping the pages wanting to know who was the murderer.

I liked Gillian and how strong she had to make herself become especially with her first husband. She built a tough exterior especially with the rumors but Luc will break through them. His seductive ways will help him in that task. Within the last book you got to know him but now you get to read about his character and yes he is charming and seductive but you liked him because he wasn’t a bad man. I was cheering for Gillian and Luc to find a way to be with each other and of course they do. I also liked that they were a team especially when it came down to finding the murder but Luc still kept things from Gillian and she was the same way. That will not stop love from blooming and when trust happens their happy ending is not far behind.

There was more mystery within the novel which got my interest because there was something to solve. I will say that I did not guess the villain but it made sense once they were revealed.

As I am done with the series it is time to move on to another author.

Season for Scandal

Season for Scandal (Holiday Pleasures, #3)Jane Tindall wanted a scandal as she wanted to be noticed. She will soon find out that having a scandal is not all that she wanted to be. Jane will have to change her way of thinking and save her marriage the man she loves while trying to make their marriage real.

Edmund Ware, Baron Kirkpatrick, needed a wife and Jane would do well but he wasn’t ready for her. She was impulsive and was caring but he could not confide in her. In order to have his marriage work he will have to atone for his sins.

Season for Scandal is the third book by Theresa Romain from her series Season. So after reading the first two books I was excited to read the next one especially as Jane was going to be in it. I was a little disappointed with the story. It was still well done and had built up enough intrigue but I wasn’t drawn into the book as I was with the other two.

Jane is an interesting character as her drive to be in a scandal is almost a number one desire. At times I find that she was a little too childish but I came to like her because she was a good person. She was trying to make her marriage real, she just might not have been doing it the right way. Edmund is the nicest man in London especially to wallflowers and widows but he has in demons that plague him. I found the intrigue with what happened to Edmund was a definite draw into the book because you want to find out. Edmund’s atonement is played up a lot throughout the book. It didn’t necessarily bother me but I wanted at times to have Edmund suck it up and share his secret with Jane so she could help.

I am taking a break from Theresa Romain and moving on to another author, but I will be back for more.

Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed

Seven Nights in a Rogue's BedSidonie Forsythe set out in the night to trade herself so that her sister would live. Sidonie had dreaded the thought of bedding this man who was scarred leaving his face badly marked. She will be terrified but as the nights go by she will come to find there is more to this man and she starts to care but that happy ending she wants wouldn’t be easy.

Jonas Merrick was a man scarred for life and lives away from people as they call him a monster and a bastard. He will take pleasure in causing harm to his cousin, William, which is why he wanted Roberta instead he got her sister. Jonas will play the villain but finds that Sidonie doesn’t act like the normal scared woman he would expect.

Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed is the first book to the series Sons of Sin Trilogy from Anna Campbell who is a new author for me and one that I want to try more from. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I thought it played close to the Beauty and the Beast fairytale which I liked as that was my favorite when I was a child.

With the character Jonas he acted like the perfect villain but in reality he was a hero you just had to brush off the dust that had been building. He is cruel for the most part but that is because he has been hurt most of his life. I liked that he does soften a little by Sidonie’s presence being there in his house. She was a good sister for trying to help and use herself as a sacrifice but she is not one to be shy and scared. They battle each other but feelings start to happen and of course there will be a secret that Sidonie is hiding that will have Jonas hurt as it changed everything. There is no easy way for Sidonie and Jonas to find love as they start off like enemies, turn to lust then love and back to enemies that is until they find a way to be with each other. In order to do that they have to forgive and give each other a chance.

The villain is clearly William who is Roberta’s husband and Sidonie’s brother in law who likes to hit his wife. He is very cruel to the point of a monster who gets a thrill at causing damage. William will not be safe forever as he will see his own end by someone close to him.

There is no doubt that I will be coming back to this author to finish off her series and try her other novels.

The Marriage Trap

The Marriage TrapJack Rigg, Earl of Raleigh, did not want to be married and least of all trapped in one. Nevertheless he will be in that situation and find that marriage might not be so bad with the right woman. He now just has to prove that his brother in law was not a murderer.

Ellie Hill or Aurora as she has gone by is a woman who was bent on surviving. She takes care of her brother but trouble will find its way to them. She will have to prove that she is not a thief or that her brother is a murderer. Jack will proved her a way out of that trouble.

The Marriage Trap is the first book to the series Trap by Elizabeth Thornton. This was a book that I enjoyed. Things were deceiving when it came to the book and not just the plot but the characters. The mystery of who murdered the actress and stole the jewels were the topic for the book and it was something that kept my interest throughout the book.

I liked the character of Ellie as she was feisty and a little rebellious when it came to following the rules. For the gambling part she is acting out of character to save her brother from creditors so its not all about her wanting to have fun. For the most part she puts on a brave face and doesn’t want to give into charity. She will take it at times especially when it came to Jack but she will still go toe to toe with him. Jack was a man who avoided traps especially the marriage kind and he will find himself being trapped twice by the same woman. There is animosity between the two but that also brought heated passion. Passion will not be the only thing that will hold their attention as there is still the mystery of the murder that Robbie was being accused of and there was a good twist that I didn’t see coming.

The villain was the mystery but they were one and the same with the murder and the theft. I was not expecting the person who was the villain but if I were to look back there were hints but they were subtle enough that they didn’t grab you and point out the bad guy.

This author sounded familiar and as I started to think about her when I finished the book. I thought about it and found that I have read one book from her list of novels long before I started this blog. With this book done I think I will definitely have to follow up with the other two books from this series.