Irish Rose

Erin McKinnon is a long way from home. A native to Ireland Erin is wondered by all that is in America. She was skeptical working as a bookkeeper for Burke Logan but Erin needed to leave her home. She needed freedom and a way to make something of herself. But Erin wasn’t expecting to fall for her employer.

Burke Logan knows what he wants and goes for it. Hiring Erin, marrying Erin and taking her all seemed right. But Burke doesn’t trust Erin as he should. He doesn’t know if she is there for his money or not. Burke will find out what Erin wants when he opens his own heart.

Irish Rose is the second book from Nora Roberts series Irish Hearts. As sequels go this one was a sweet yet frustrating book to read. Roberts continues with Dee and Travis but she focuses on Dee’s cousin Erin. Erin is another fiery Irish and Burke is a gambler. Both are hot heads and impatient so the scenes were intense with arguing which kept you wanting to turn the pages.

The villain is clear and the reader will be interested in to see what will happen as the heroes are faced in a crisis.

Irish Rose is a fantastic sequel and second book to the series.

Here Comes Trouble

The title reflects perfectly to the character Donna Kauffman has created in Here Comes Trouble.

Brett Hennessey is down on his luck and needed to get away from Vegas and all the gambling. He is a professional gambler but his luck went south that is until he meet Kirby Farrell at the B & B in Vermont.

Kirby Farrell is the owner of the B & B and is also down on her luck that is with customers. But she knows her luck will change as Brett comes to stay. Around ten years younger than her she knows it can’t go anywhere but that doesn’t stop them from a fling. A fling which turns serious as feels get involved and trouble comes knocking on the door.

The dynamics between the two characters were enduring to read. The action which followed Brett was subtle and not in your face. The story Kauffman tells is sweet and really about the characters facing with the fact that feelings are involved.