The Countess Conspiracy

The Countess ConspiracyViolet Waterfield, widowed Countess of Cambury, leads a double life. The life that society sees is the Countess of Cambry who follows the rules of society. The other life is one where she is a scientist that has been published, but she could not take the credit as Sebastian Malhuer was the one to pretend it was his work. Though it will all change when Sebastian can’t take it anymore.

The Countess Conspiracy is the third book from the series Brother Sinisters by Courtney Milan. I absolutely loved this book. I will have to say that for me there is no favorite for the series as I have loved each book so far. With this book it centers in on Sebastian and Violet.

I liked Violet. From the previous books I had always thought that she was confident, yet quiet. You get to find out more with her character and I knew it right away the secret that she had been hiding. The secret is of course her being the scientist, not Sebastian like Courtney Milan had written. That secret was found out very early into the book. I was shocked but with how the author writes about radical changes this secret of Violet being the true scientist it makes sense. Violet’s background story was heartbreaking with what she had to endure and you cheered for her to realize that it would be okay to take that risk with Sebastian.

Now Sebastian was a good man but his character was almost comical for he was almost never serious or never taken serious. It was a problem for him that he struggled because he wanted his brother to be proud of him. Both of these characters struggled with finding acceptance with family and their peers. I liked Sebastian as you knew that he truly loved Violet, it wasn’t just seduction. It was actually sweet with how he had loved Violet for most of his life.

It would appeared that they were opposites with Violet’s temperament to stay quiet and out of sight while Sebastian was not scared of making himself known in a crowd, but they were very well matched.

I am reading the fourth book next, The Suffragette Scandal.

A Bride Unveiled

a bride unveiledMiss Violet Knowlton fondly remembers the boy, Kit, from her childhood who was a good friend. Now a decade later she will see him once again and he has made a name for himself. She will find that the feelings she felt for him have changed and she is seeing him as a man that she is coming to love.

Kit came from little and was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship that changed the outlook on his life, but he never fought Violet. She was one of the good things in his life and now that he found her a second time he would not let her go.

A Bride Unveiled is the second book to the series Bridal Pleasures from Jillian Hunter. After reading the first book to the series I came to like this one much quicker. There was an ease in which Hunter told the story how Kit and Violet meet and how they became friends. It gave a nice introduction to their characters which made me like them all the better.

Violet was a kind girl who was just doing what she needed to do because that was her character. She does break out of the mold when it comes to Kit which is expected and nice to read. Their courtship is not fiery but definitely passion filled and sweet especially as they have been friends a decade ago. Kit became something with his trade as a swordsman and has done well as women flock to him and men want to be taught by him. I like that their meeting was by chance but everything after was planned to be close to each other, Kit was more active with pursuing but Violet was not standing on the sidelines.

I don’t have anymore of her books in my pile but I will be on the lookout for the next book of hers I find.

How to Seduce a Scoundrel

Once I finished Vicky Dreiling first novel I found myself wanting more and I had to wait a little for the sequel. Waiting is the most frustrating part when you find an author you want to continue with their work. The second book, How to Seduce a Scoundrel was worth the wait.

Lady Julianne Gatewick has been in love with one man for a long time and now she needs to show him but every time she tries he treats her like a child. Worse he treats her like his sister. She thought with him as her guardian she would have a chance but when it dwindles she comes up with a plan thanks to his outlandish Aunt she will find the way to seduce a rake.

Marc Darcet, the Earl of Hawkfield known as Hawk is a rake through and through. He doesn’t want to be the guardian of his friends sister but he does it anyways. He thinks it will be an easy task as they had always been friends but soon it all changes. His Julie-girl was not an easy girl any more, she was a woman and Hawk is finally seeing it but she is forbidden. But all is not easy with Hawk as he has something he is running from, Julianne might be the only one to help him.

I found myself realizing that Dreiling is very good at prolonging what you want to happen most, and in this case it is Hawk and Julianne to find happiness together. Dreiling doesn’t disappoint but it takes a while.

I love the light banter which happens. Hawk’s character finds his feelings develop in a much more slow rate where as Julianne has loved him for most of her life. But this was not just a love story. Dreiling gets the reader into the plot with the creation of the pamphlet Julianne creates with the help of Hawk’s aunt, Hester (who I loved in the book). The story which is created is funny way which Julianne grows up and learns about herself and becomes stronger.

Dreiling also lets Hawk to go within the book which you long for. Throughout the entire book you know he had something which happened to him but was not sure of the situation. I thought it was a cruel joke which was played and of course a woman would be involved but there was more to it. Dreiling does a good job leading the reader through the story giving hints and finally at the end you know the secret.

At the end of the book I went in search of who would be in the next novel and I was happy to see it was going to be Amy and Will. I like that Dreiling is keeping with the theme of rakes and how the woman will be reforming them in some way.

Joy by Jayne Ann Krentz

I was searching again and came across the book Joy by Jayne Ann Krentz.  This is an early book of hers and I went to pick it up.  I love her writing and style of characters.  This is a wonderful romance novel with mystery built within the plot.

The Plot of Joy:

“Virginia Middlebrook and A.C. Ryerson had both been burned in painful marriages.  Neither had any desire to relive the past-they’d take things slow.  A Caribbean trip seemed like the perfect way to test the waters of a new relationship…until A.C. wins a breathtaking emerald bracelet with a mysterious past.  Suddenly their days-and nights-become a reckless roller coaster of adventure, desire…and deadly peril.”

I loved this book with the mystery of the bracelet and the simplicity and complex of the characters.  A.C. Ryerson was involved with Debby the younger sister but he knew that nothing would happen.  He winds up meeting the older sister and knew at that moment this was going to be the woman for him.  I loved that he switched from one sister to another.

Joy had intrigue and suspense with a wonderful romance story.

3rd Degree by James Patterson

I can’t get enough of the Women’s Murder Club series.  It really is addicting and fast to read.  You start the book and next thing you know it is done.

The Plot of 3rd Degree:

“Plunging into a burning town house, Detective Lindsay Boxer discovers three dead bodies…and a mysterious message at the scene.  When more corpses turn up, Lindsay asks her friends Claire Washburn of the medical examiner’s office, Assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt, and San Francisco Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas to help her find a murderer who he has targeted one of the four friends.  Which one will it be?”

Every time I read one of the books in the series I seem more and more drawn into the characters lives and the intense thriller plot.  You really get to know the characters and into their lives.  It gets addicting to read because you have to find out who is killing and what is really happening.  For instance Jill has a bruise and Lindsay is concerned.  Is this a problem in Jill’s life?  Lindsay finds out for certain.

The bad guy is really bad guys.  An organization that is killing supposedly for the good of the people.  Those who need the most help.  For this group it is war against the big CEO but it does get personal.

There is an unspeakable tragedy that hits the Women’s Murder Club and one of them will be permanently gone from the group but who and why are they targeted by this group.  The plot thickens and lead everyone to where the bad guy is getting his inspiration.  But even as the book end the group is still really a group because there will always be another to pick up the cause.

James Patterson brings another thriller and suspense tale to the pages with 3rd Degree.  I was amazed by the book.  The story line is interesting with the radical and very tragic which will make you sad for the death of the member.  I also like the fact that one of the members might have found love and won’t let him get away.  Hopefully it will last to keep her happy, until the next book.

Rainwater by Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown is one of the authors that I have been reading and was one of my first romance author I started to read.  Her latest book is “Rainwater”.  I was excited to pick up the book and read it since she always has interesting plots but as I started to read the book I knew that it was going to be a tear-jerker.  Finishing up the book I was crying, I was happy but still sad.  It was not a perfect ending but an ending that lead to the characters future in a way.

“The year is 1934.  With the country in the stranglehold of drought and economic boardinghouse with an efficiency that ensures her life will be kept in balance.  Between chores of cooking and cleaning for her residents, she cares for her ten-year-old son, Solly, a sweet but challenging child whose misunderstood behavior finds Ella on the receiving end of pity, derision, and suspicion.

When David Rainwater arrives at the house looking for lodging, he comes recommended by a trusted friend as “a man of impeccable character.” But Ella senses that admitting Mr. Rainwater will bring about unsettling changes.

However, times are hard, and in order to make ends meet, Ella’s house must remain on hundred percent occupied.  So Mr. Rainwater moves into her house…and impacts her life in ways Ella could have forseen.

The changes are echoed by the turbulence beyond the house walls.  Friends and neighbors who’ve thus far maintained a tenuous grip on their meager livelihoods now face foreclosure and financial ruin.  In an effort to save their families from homeless and hunger, farmers and cattlemen are forced to make choices that come with heartaching consequences.

The climate of desperation creates a fertile atmosphere for racial tensions and social unrest.  Conrad Ellis, privileged and spoiled and Ella’s nemesis since childhood, steps into this area of teeming hostility to exact his vengeance and demonstrate the extent of his blind hatred and unlimited cruelty.  He and his gang of hoodlums come to embody the rule of law, and no one in Gilead, Texas, is safe.  Particularly Ella and Solly.

In this hotbed of uncertainty, Ella finds Mr. Rainwater a calming presence.  She is moved by the kindness he shows other boarders, Solly…and Ella herself.  Slowly, she begins to rely on his soft-spoken, his restraint, and the steely resolve of his convictions.

And on the hottest, most violent night of the summer, those principles will be put to the ultimate test.”

In the very beginning I knew what was going to happen.  I had a sense of it but still at the end I was a little surprised and ended up crying a little but crying happy.  The characters of Mr. Rainwater and Ella were delightful to read about.  There story should have been a happy one under different circumstances but for what they had it was true.

This book was another enjoyable romance book to read with feeling, true characters with problems, heartache, friendship, finding love and a story behind them.

Wedding bliss in “Vision in White” by Nora Roberts

The bride and groom are all ready, flowers aligned and guest are waiting.  Everything is perfect for their day but have you ever thought about the preparation behind the scenes of a wedding?  Well that is were are four main women, Mac, Parker, Emma, and Laurel come into play.  Through their love of weddings since they were children the four of them have created a business creating the special day for the bride.  All of them play a part in the wedding, booking, the food, the cake, designing and the photographs.

Mac is our main character in this novel.  Mac is the photographer and has not lead a simple life with her mother either married or having an affair with a new man everytime Mac turned around.  Mac tries to get her mom out of her life but it is hard to do since she has been doing it her entire life.

As a photographer Mac is pretty happy with her work and in her life but when she runs into Carter Maguire while she was only in a bra and pants, Mac starts to re-evaluate her life.

Carter a shy and slight nerdy teacher back in his old school teaching is the one who has had the biggest crush on Mac when he was in high school and it seems those feelings never died.  He is determined to be with Mac but is a complete nerd when she is around.  He keeps blotching up his attempts but with every stutter and blush Mac falls more and more for him.

Nora Roberts writes her first book “Vision in White” of her series The Bride Quartet.  Since this was my first book from Nora Roberts I assumed it was to be another romance novel, which it was but it was amazing to read.  The book had humor, love, heartache, frustration, friendship and family.  All things you love in a story.  The characters were great to read.  Very thought out and well created.  It wasn’t the story where everyone was happy but there were hardships the characters had to get over which makes a dynamic story.

This novel was a fantastic read and I’m looking forward to her other books and this series.  Who will be next to find wedding bliss?