Whitelaw’s Wedding

Whitelaw's WeddingManda Munroe was privileged and had been a spoiled young woman but she had changed when the man she loved was killed in a car accident. Tragedy will follow her until her brother hires a bodyguard who will marry Manda to draw out the stalker.

Hunter Whitelaw had been friends with the Munroe’s for years. He will receive a call from his friend Perry who was asking for help. Hunter will readily agree to act as bodyguard and husband to Manda so he can stop her stalker.

Whitelaw’s Wedding is the fourteenth book from the series Protectors by Beverly Barton. I was surprised by this book. There was more to this book than it appeared to be. First thoughts were that it was going to be a romance between a spoiled girl and seriously gorgeous man. Well Hunter is described as big and gorgeous but he was also filled with mistrust. Not so much that he would not be able to be with another woman but I would say that his ego was bruised. Now Manda had grown up from her spoiled ways. She had learn hardship and heartbreak and there was a fear that followed her.

Thoughts on who the person could be were several people. I was actually nearing down the suspect and thought that I had guessed right but I was wrong. I should’ve realized that my guess was too obvious. You had to look a little more closer to discover the person that did not want Manda to have any happiness.

I would be definitely up to reading more from Beverly Barton, either from this series or her other novels.

Christmas on 4th Street

Christmas on 4th StreetNoelle Perkins wanted to live life. She wanted to make the Christmas Attic work and find a man she could share her life with. It seemed she was not to be lucky that was until she encountered Gabriel, Gideon’s brother, who will be helping her at her store for the season but quickly feelings will start to form at least for Noelle.

Gabriel Boylan needed a break from all the work he had done. He was looking forward to seeing his brother but not his father as he was the person who forced him into the military. Gabriel will find himself again as he spends time with Noelle but he knows that he is leaving after Christmas.

Christmas on 4th Street is the fourteenth book of Susan Mallery’s series Fool’s Gold. After reading the previous books this one took a different spin being a milder passion but lots of sentimental heartwarming feelings. It felt on the verge of a little too sentimental but being that it was on Christmas it was appropriate.

The characters of Noelle and Gabriel were both a little lost, Gabriel more so, but they were both healing. Noelle was so happy at all times so it was interesting to read what had happened to her a couple years ago. Her tragedy explained her need to live life her way. Gabriel was a man who didn’t know what he wanted anymore. There was a constant battle between him and his father. It was sweet that everything does get patched up in the end, maybe a little too quickly but it brought us to that happy ending.

After reading Christmas on 4th Street I decided to go to a different series of Susan Mallery since this looks like the last book that is until the next is published. I checked out all three books from the series Keyes Sisters and since it is only three books I don’t have to wait for any of them.

The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo

The Vampire with The Dragon TattooA few years ago Dougal Kincaid lost his hand in battle and now he has a new hand that is controlled by his mind. Dougal finds it is hard to handle especially as he is distracted with the new scientist who he knew as his first love three hundred years ago.

Leah Chin is a brilliant doctor who will learn very soon that vampires are real. She will be drawn towards Dougal at the first sight of him and doesn’t understand it. She will be drawn into danger as she follows her heart. Leah will find out more when the enemy gets too close.

The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo is the fourteenth book to Kerrelyn Sparks series Love At Stake. I have started this series a while ago and got hooked on these quirky characters. Lately Sparks has been leading her characters down the path that is a little darker. It is not just happy/quirky characters finding love which gives the book a little more.

I was intrigued from the start with the idea of past life of Leah Chin. I was wondering if it was true and if it was would she remember. The drive to know what was to happen was one thing that kept me going. Another was of course the instant draw that Dougal had which pulled you into the book. I wanted to know more about him and his tattoo that was not anything normal.

The enemy, Master Han, is actually pretty vicious. It was interesting how Sparks used the scenes between himself and Leah to change the book and the fate once again for Dougal. The misery wouldn’t last too long for him as the ending will eventually give him and Leah a second and third chance for happiness that was ripped away from them.

The fifteenth book will not come out till April so its going to be a wait but I will definitely be back to read the next one.

What Price Love?

What Price LoveDillon Caxton is a protege of Demon Cynster and is known around the race track but now his reputation is at risk from a scheme. He will get his cousin, Felicity, and her husband, Demon, to help him. He will be sidetracked with a young woman who will come into his life but could be the key he needed.

Priscilla “Pris” Dalling was on a mission to help her brother Rus no matter what. She was told to find the register but to get that she had to tangle with Dillon. She was told to seduce him to get close and Pris will take the challenge but will find much more.

What Price Love? is the fourteenth book to Stephanie Laurens Cynster series. I liked it. It was engaging, not my favorite but I liked it. No matter what I will have my ups and downs with this series. I never hated any of them just some where more disappointing than others.

The characters acted not as innocent as they were well at least with Pris. She is a woman who has to do what she needs to, but is not a bad person. She protects those that she loves just does things that are not exactly right. I liked the way she progressed when she was with Dillon, who was certainly a protege of Demon. He was a man that meant business. So really they were perfect for each other.

When I was done I looked at the title. The title was true to the characters as it tested what they would do for love and Dillon and Pris proved that they were willing to fight and to pay what they needed for love.

I am going to keep going with the fifteenth book, The Taste of Innocence.

Hungry For You

Calen Valens who is part of the Argeneau family is done looking for a lifemate. After two thousand years he knows he will never have one. Then Alex is thrust into his sight and sparks fly. A lifemate but it gets tricky for Calen as he starts out lying to his mate. Calen will work beside Alex to help her in every step which includes saving her life as accidents find their way to her.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Willan is a cook on edge of a nervous break down as nothing is going right with her preparation of her second restaurant. To make matters worse her cook was tempted away from her. Now Alex has to find a new chef but luck gives her a break when Calen comes her way. Of course things are never that easy. Calen is not who he said he was but still her heart is racing every time they touch. She wants to ignore the feelings but it gets harder and harder to do.

Hungry For You another book from the Argeneau Family series number fourteenth written by Lynsay Sands.

I liked that Sands gave all the Willan girls their chance to find their own immortals so they could still be a family. Alex was a fun character as she was always stressed and Calen was stern but in a comical way.

The book had minimum lies and betrayal which I liked. It wasn’t about the ultimate bad guy they are chasing but one that you don’t exactly think as one which left you guessing. Technically I had a feeling I knew who the bad guy was but it was not for the reason that was found out at the end.

Hungry For You to me was a happier go lucky story as it was cute and fun to read.