Last Groom Standing

Last Groom StandingMarnie Price needed certain things to survive all her friends finding happiness. At the bar she finds it in drinks and she wouldn’t be alone in drinking as Dylan will be by her side. She will be waking up with him in her bed and it wouldn’t stop there. Marnie will want more but find that Dylan might not want that.

Dylan Brookes is a sensible man who is organized and does the right thing. He messes up with sleeping with his ex’s best friend. After that one night Dylan wanted more and will pursue this woman but he isn’t sure if he wants to take it all the way thanks to his parents.

Last Groom Standing is the fourth and final book to this series Wedding Season. Kimberly Lang finishes up this series with her story that pairs off the last of the friends. This was a cute finish up to the series.

It was interesting pairing between Marnie and Dylan but I liked them together as they were very much alike. The chemistry they have is obviously compatible especially as they continue this fling. I liked Marnie as she knew what she wanted but she also gave up too quickly. She didn’t want to be hurt by Dylan so she took the easy way out. Dylan is the straight-laced sort of guy and his world is shaken up with Marnie in it. I thought the information about his parents was interesting as it shaped him how he was and how he acted. As with the other books there were up and downs but when the time was needed I thought Dylan finally got it together.

I don’t read too many series where multiple authors contribute but I felt that the Wedding Season series was written well by all four of authors.

Some Like It Hot

Some Like it HotHarper Summerville is at the town Razor Bay for one purpose which was to examine the charity that is asking for grant money. As she was the one who ran the foundation that her father started it was her job to investigate if they were a credible organization. Harper will find herself being pulled into this town, making new friends and having things heat up with a certain Deputy.

Deputy Max Bradshaw does his job well but at times he feels he is being pulled in all different directions. He will find himself being pulled once again when he will be attracted to a new girl in town, Harper.

Some Like It Hot is the second book to the series Razor Bay/Bradshaw Brothers from Susan Andersen. I have read the first book which I did like. The second book follows the same pattern with some heartwarming scenes along with plenty of steamy scenes as the main characters get together. I will admit it took me some time to get into the book but that was more than likely because I had to keep putting the book down, so my attention was drifting. As I moved halfway through the book I was able to sit down and just read leaving me to enjoy the rest of the book.

Harper’s character was caring but at first she was a little cold as she was just doing her job. It was when she started to really volunteer you saw that she cared for those kids. Max was good man and good cop. He did right by things and helped out when he could especially with kids who were not privileged. I liked that he was taking a chance finally with Harper but you knew that by her not telling them all that was going on there would be an argument coming her way. Personally I didn’t think it was such a big thing to get all angry about. She wasn’t exactly lying to anyone, just not admitting the whole truth.

Andersen has written the next book with Luc and Tasha which I will hopefully getting soon. It sounded like at the end they had a connection of some sort so I am sure we will find out in this next book which should be the last book. That is unless there is another half brother out there yet to be discovered.

You Don’t Know Jack

You Don't Know JackThe second book to Erin McCarthy’s series New York Girlfriends is You Don’t Know Jack.

Jamie Peters is a free spirit and tends to pick her guys who are down on their luck but from what the psychic told her she would find her soul mate when she has an accident that included food. She will find her soul mate in Jack but he is not who she believes him to be.

Jonathon “Jack” Davidson knew better than to lie to Jamie but he knew she would never talk to him or give him a chance if she found out who he was. The truth will come out quickly and Jack will have to find a way to get Jamie back even if it meant begging.

The sequel was humorous like the first and there was a little more mystery especially with the hippie looking guy who was watching Jamie. The mystery man is revealed and he stays in the plot but at first I thought he was villain with how McCarthy was staging him to be. I liked the other outcome than what I was thinking.

Now Jamie and Jack steamed up the pages throughout the entire book. I liked that it wasn’t an easy affair to start and there was an endless banter back and forth about whether Jamie could give Jack a chance, but it was not annoying. It felt real as its something Jamie’s character would do. Jack was persistent which I liked and what gave him a great quality was how he treated his grandfather.

The series is now over but I still have my eye on her other series I started Fast Track which I am looking forward to continuing.