Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage

Lady Isabella's Scandalous MarriageLady Isabella left her husband three years ago after enduring the loneliness, love and frustration that followed being Mac’s wife. She reserved herself and went on with her life but each time she saw him it broke her heart a little more. Now she will come to him with a problem that will lead to much more.

Mac MacKenzie was an artist, not a starving one but one who lost his muse for the art. It happened around the same time Isabella left. He will take his brothers advice and find a way to be husband again to his wife.

Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage by Jennifer Ashley is the second book to her series Highland Pleasures. I finally was able to get the second book. At first I wondered if I would like this book, I knew yes I would but wondered if it would be too heartbreaking to read about Isabella and Mac’s story. There were moments throughout the story that had your heartbreaking that they could not trust each other to really be themselves, namely Mac but with the ending there are nothing but smiles.

I found Mac frustrating that he wouldn’t just open up and talk to Isabella but the same can be said about her. It was interesting to read the quick wit and banter they flew at each other and how their tempers got away from them. What I loved was Mac and Isabella were both celibate with their separation and Mac stopped drinking. They still loved each other too much to cheat, which left hope for them.

Now of all the characters I have to say I still really love Ian. He is so different from all of them and I loved the advice or his opinions he gave his brother Mac on how to be happy again which meant to be husband to Isabella once again.

The villain was written well and had some mystery to him. You knew what he was doing but not the name of the person. I did like that Mac got very protective over Isabella when danger was coming too close to her.

The series Highland Pleasures keeps growing with more stories on the MacKenzies and I am interested on where she will go next with the series.

Silk is For Seduction

Marcelline Noirot is the greatest dressmaker in the world she just has to make sure the English woman understand that. With several clients her business was going well but she was setting her eyes on a bigger prize, the future wife of the Duke of Clevedon. All Marcelline had to do was go to Paris and convince the Duke she was the one to bring style to his future wife. What Marcelline did not expect was to find the Duke so attractive.

Duke of Clevedon knows that he must marry the girl he was promised to since childhood, it was understood. Clevedon wanted several more weeks of freedom which is when he saw the mysterious woman. He made it his mission to find out about her and was baffled that she was a dressmaker wanting his business or rather his future brides. Clevedon is confounded and tries to stay away from the dressmaker but she haunts him at every turn making her impossible to forget, and he has no desire to do so.

Silk is For SeductionI was captivated by Loretta Chase’s Silk is For Seduction which is the first book to the series Dressmakers. I have not read anything from her and was driven to finish the novel and was not disappointed. The two characters are from two different social status’s or at least on the surface. I liked that Chase kept the status alive between the two characters. It felt real as a duke does not marry a dressmaker but as you go on in the story you only want happiness for the characters as you are now invested in the story. They both fight hard to do the right thing, Marcelline more than the Duke but both still fought it. I loved the interaction between the two characters throughout the entire novel. It was fascinating to read how the Duke started to change from his quiet unobserving self. Marcelline did not change much but opened up for something more. Now Chase will definitely have those scenes of passion but they are few as our characters fight the attraction, of course when they come together there is no holding back.

Chase sets up the series to definitely have two more as the two sisters will undoubtedly have their own story which I can’t wait to read as the first book was refreshing and engaging to read.

To Love a Princess

When I had finished the last series of the Douglas Trilogy I took a little break from Patricia Grasso. Now I am ready to start the series Karanov with To Love a Princess which is I think the first book or second book of the series Karanov. I am going off two websites, the authors website and But then I turned toward the dates of publishing and if I go by dates I think I will get the order right. Now enough about that and my little ramble.

Princess Amber Karanov needed to leave Russia this moment. Her uncle would no longer protect her as he was her enemy now. Amber flees to England to find her cousin who she hopes will have a solution to her problem, finding a husband and getting an heir. She will be given a solution in the form of Miles Montgomery. They will find a way together eventually as Miles will move past his own tragedy but danger lurks at every corner.

Miles Montgomery, Earl of Stratford has seen and been in love which was taken from him four years ago. He was cursed with a scar that left him deformed those many years ago. He knows that no woman would want him and he can’t bear to let another woman into his heart. He thought he could be safe from Amber but with every moment they spent together the more and more he fell. Miles though will not have a perfect love as a man from her past is threatening to intrude.

Completing my list of names, which I did previously with the other set of books, as these series tend to overlap on certain characters left me with no confusion.  With the last names of Karanov and Montgomery I was able to recall their family very easily. For me this helps letting me enjoy reading as I like to connect the dots.

So for me once again this was a tale of love that is never to be or at least it isn’t until our hero opens himself up. While reading this story I had a flash back to the Disney story Beauty and the Beast. Of course Patricia Grasso tales are no Disney stories. Yes there is a happy ending but a lot of turmoil is thrown into the mix not something children get to see with those movies.

Our heroine was sweet and determined but is new to a world where she can have some happiness  and our hero was almost the villain with his moods. In the story  the villains are several but you are not given the identity of all until of course towards the end of the book. You don’t suspect right away until it is too late.

Another fantastic story down another to go. The next one will now be with Viktor Karanov in Seducing the Prince.