Forever a Lady

Forever a LadyLady Bernadette Marie Burton gets into trouble with an indiscretion and finds help in a rugged man who looked like a pirate. She will be captivated by this man but she has vowed to never marry again and be owned. Bernadette will come to realize that Matthew is not all that he seems and not that easy to resist.

Matthew Milton lives by his hands and what he can come up with to steal but he doesn’t do it for himself. He has plenty looking for him to keep caring for. Lady Burton was going to be a quick way to get money but one night in her bed and Matthew knew she was the one woman he has been looking for. He knows that chances are slim as she claims to not want to marry again and how could she want an Irish gang leader.

Forever a Lady is the second book of Delilah Marvelle’s series Rumor. I had just read the first book to the series so all the characters are fresh in my mind. This made the plot easy to follow but could be read on its own.

Now I have still yet to read many books from Delilah Marvelle. My first attempt with her was not the greatest and as this is only my fourth book from her I am still trying to find if I really like her books. The plot is intriguing and its different with an Irish gang leader with a Lady. I guess the story was just okay. Now the passion and lust are drawn out and very vivid as with most romance novels I have read. I did enjoy the characters as there was that lust but also a playfulness once they allowed themselves to follow that path.

I will still be on the look out for Delilah Marvelle just wouldn’t be running to the bookshelves.