Sunset in Central Park

Frankie Cole never thought love was for her because of her parents divorce. She threw herself into work as a designer for gardens. That was her true passion. Frankie will notice things start to change between her best friend Matt, who she liked more than she should’ve. She knew that if something happened between them it would not end well, but Matt will keep pursuing and Frankie will start to wonder.

Sunset in Central Park is the second novel to the series From Manhattan with Love by Sarah Morgan. This was a cute book.

I had to get into more of the novel to really love Frankie. It wasn’t right away but once I was there I really liked Frankie’s character. She was definitely shy and kept people at a distance when it turned romantic. I liked that she finally took a chance and really had a talk with her mother which really helped her find love. Matt’s character was the right man for Frankie. He was sweet to Frankie and wanted the best for her. Also wanted her romantically as he had loved her for years. I wanted Matt to take a chance and tell Frankie, subtle didn’t work with her. There are predictable problems but it makes it all the more sweeter when things go right for them.

I am on the list for the third book which will be about Eva who is the hopeless romantic of the group.

Still Lake

Still LakeSophie Davis had wanted a change for herself, her sister and her mother which lead her moving them to Stonegate Farm. She will transform this place into a country inn but when a man moves next door her plans to get the land had taken a step back. When she meet John Smith she was hesitant, there was something dangerous about the man but nevertheless she was drawn towards him.

John Smith aka Thomas Griffin was back in the town that had accused him of murder. He had come back to find out the truth. He did not expect his neighbor to be distracting him from this task.

Still Lake is a novel by Anne Stuart. I loved this book. I was without a doubt brought into this story right away. The prologue writes about a young man, Thomas Griffin, who was being brought in for three murders that he supposedly committed. I wanted to know more. Anne Stuart then brings us forward twenty years when Griffin is back to find out what had really happened all those years ago.

Griffin was a man who had been almost convicted of murder and now he his back to find out the truth. He is a lawyer and is ruthless. He is not a friendly man but he is a passionate man and will show that side with Sophie. Now Sophie was timid but determined to do what she needed to do. She did have a backbone which was brought out whenever she was around Griffin.

I loved how Anne Stuart put together the mystery of these murders with Griffin. There was no doubt in my mind that he did not commit these murders which lead me to wonder who else would have done the deed. I had only one guess and it was just from subtle ways this person acted towards our heroine, Sophie. Throughout the book you got to know the thoughts of the murder and he was a man who was on a mission to cleanse these woman from their evil ways. It was because of these thoughts that I guessed the real murderer. Though just because I guessed the villain did not mean it was predictable.

Sleepless at Midnight

Sleepless at Midnight (Mayhem in Mayfair, #1)Miss Sarah Moorehouse is her sisters companion and has come with her to a house party. She is not looking for a man, only to be with her sister and friends, and in the quiet hours of the night her friends will discuss scandalous books. Sarah’s active imagination will lead her to wonder about their host Matthew Devenport and what he was doing late at night.

Matthew Devenport, Marquess Langston, had a limited time to do his fathers bidding and his time was almost up. If he couldn’t find what he needed he would have to marry a wealthy heiress whom he didn’t love. It becomes difficult when his thoughts will be only surrounding Sarah.

Sleepless at Midnight is the first book to the series Mayhem in Mayfair by Jacquie D’Alessandro. I absolutely loved reading this book. It was fun with with characters that you wanted to read about. I wanted to know about Matthew and Sarah as they were characters that captivated my attention.

Sarah was a spinster and knew it. She didn’t dream of finding a man wanting her but low and behold she will find a man who will want her. The problem is the man needs an heiress. The good thing is there is an attraction that is on both sides. Sarah is an artist and has an active imagination but she is right that Matthew is up to something. I liked that D’Alessandro gave us only little hints to what Matthew was up too. That kept your attention on the book. Matthew was a good man in a bad situation. I loved how he wanted Sarah but he fought it knowing he could never have her. Well that good intention will go out the window when Matthew kisses her.

The villain you knew would be a member of the house party. It was just a matter of figuring out which one was the person. I liked the conclusion D’Alessandro gave to the villain which results in a very happy ending for this unlikely couple. I was really happy with how D’Alessandro ended the book with Sarah and Matthew, it was the perfect happy ending that had me smiling as I closed the book.

I will be reading Carolyn, Sarah’s sister, next.

Big Sky Secrets

Big Sky SecretsLandry Sutton was a self made tycoon and was ready to sell his land to his brother but staying in the country was looking like something he might want to do. His change of heart happens when Ria Manning steps into his sight. He finds himself drawn to this woman and unwilling to stay away.

Ria Manning had finally started to settle into this country lifestyle after the tragedies that followed closely together for her. Ria will like the country expect for when buffalo roam into her field and brought the cowboy Landry Sutton into her life.

Big Sky Secrets is the sixth book from Parable, Montana series by Linda Lael Miller. I have read books one through five and have enjoyed them. They are sweet and heartwarming and the sixth book was no exception which made it enjoyable to read.

In the previous book Landry is introduced and he seems like a pretty rough guy around the edges. He is like that still but there is a softness about him when secrets are revealed. There was also humor that comes out from him which made him likeable. Ria was a woman living day to day. She is serious from the tragedies that had occurred but I like that she opened up and went towards a different path that ended up with Landry at her side. I liked the addition of Quinn, Ria’s niece, who let Ria show a different side to herself. Now things will be revealed in the story that will be hard but a happy ending will be given for Ria and Landry.

Getting to know The Naked Gentleman

Going into Sally MacKenzie’s series Naked Nobility I knew I was reading part way into the series but I wanted to see how I would like it. The Naked Gentleman sounded entertaining to read as I thought it would actually be a comedy and I was right. MacKenzie writes to the reader with witty commentary and funny plots.

Miss Margaret Peterson wants to study plants she loves them and her ideal man will have an extensive garden in which she could explore. She thought she found the man but he did not show his interest so Margaret must find herself a man she could marry. Margaret lures the men out to the gardens and tries to find one that she likes but this will cause danger for her and John Parker-Roth is the one which will save her.

John Parker-Roth wants to be left alone. Being left at the alter is a blow to any mans character. All he wants is to garden but then trouble comes his way in the form of Miss Margaret Peterson. He saves her from an attack but gets himself into a bit of trouble when they are compromised. He offers but Margaret refuses. John should just let it be but everyone is telling him he must and something inside of John is saying the same thing.

As far as plot goes MacKenzie was very funny in how obtuse and smart Margaret really was. I love that they each have a love for gardening but that is not revealed until later.

There are a lot of other characters who have points of views and their own sections in the book. As the reader you will have to keep track of the characters but what I did like was how she split up the voices as they did not do a continual one long chapter with ten people talking. She had page breaks to let the reader know a different person was talking which helped.

The one thing in which I am confused is how MacKenzie does the order of her stories. Grace a woman who left John at the alter is married to her baron in The Naked Gentleman which is the fourth book. I looked ahead for the other books to discover in the fifth book Grace is just meeting her baron in The Naked Baron. So the timeline is a little confusing but I will see how MacKenzie plays it out.

From just reading this one book from the series I am looking forward to finding the rest.

The Language of Flowers

A couple days ago I went to my very first book club. Now this was not something I ever really thought I would do as I don’t always like to speak up in groups but then again the topic would be about books. So I tried it out. The library in which I grew up going to hosted the book club where it will be around the town in different local restaurants where we can sit back and relax.

So ‘LIT’ as the book club is called I thought was a very good success. Lots of laughter, a good book and of course a glass of wine. The only thing missing was a couch but maybe the next location will accommodate.

Now the first book, The Language of Flowers, we read was from a new author Vanessa Diffenbaugh. From the first book I have high hopes of this new author and hope there will be many more books from her.

Victoria has been in the system and tossed around from one foster family to the next. Elizabeth is her last chance for a family but Victoria will discover that family doesn’t exist and she needs to only depend on herself.

At eighteen Victoria will be out of the system and on her own to finally find what she is looking for. She will find her passion, her way of living through flowers.

Diffenbaugh writes Victoria as a harden girl who was never given the chance to grow. Every time there was a chance it was taken away from her. I found that because of her past the first part of the book was hard to get through as I became frustrated with her character. You wanted her to open up and care but it was not something she really learned. Caring came to Victoria in the form of flowers.

I think the author did a beautiful job with the magic and the language that the flowers have and how they shaped the character. Victoria was able to spread the word of flowers with each customer that bought from her. She was able to help each of them.

There are several characters who all come into Victoria’s life who will have an impact on it and I have to say each one is dynamic and all a little damaged.

I waited in the book if there would be a love story. I almost thought there should not have been as it could cheese up the story. Diffenbaugh though does not ruin it with a love story. Grant who is the boy Victoria will find is damaged and content with his flowers. The flowers brought them together and gave them a chance but it is far from perfect.

There were moments I wanted to put down the book as our main character kept thinking she failed herself and those around her but I kept with it. The ending I wouldn’t say is a happy ending as that would not fit the mold of this book. The ending is uplifting as there is hope for the future.

I definitely recommend The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

For The Love of Lilah by Nora Roberts

The third book, For The Love of Lilah, was amazing as all the other books so far in the series by Nora Roberts. The story of the sisters have intrigued me throughout all the pages so far and the mystery of the necklace is getting closer.

Max is a Professor at Cornell and Lilah works at a nature preservation. The two are completely opposite but fate brings them together when Max is shipped wrecked and Lilah dives into to save him. From the very beginning the two are at each other but Lilah needs more than his lust. She needs him to love her. The two will have some problems as the thief is still in the picture and trying to get the emeralds and he is not working alone.

I like the new addition of Max being with Lilah I like their dynamics in the story. One is a philosopher and the other is about the elements and fate. Perfect opposites. There scenes get steamier than the previous one.

The family are all in the picture still and they learn some new things about the past and who Bianca’s lover was which lead into the next book.

I like that throughout the books you are going back in time to hear the thoughts of Bianca but in the third book it is getting more pronounced. I like the past since Roberts blurs past and present together. It is interesting to read how things are repeating and the family’s of the past are coming into play with the present.

A Garden Folly by Candice Hern

Marriage for a fortune was all Catherine Forsythe could think about since her father left her sister and herself destined to be penniless.  But as luck would have it Catherine and Susannah are going to have the chance to find eligible bachelors of fortune, but perhaps there would be more for the girls.

Aunt Hetty’s old school girl friend who has been the duchess for some time has invited Hetty and her two nieces for a month long house party.  Hetty was delighted at this for her nieces and herself with renewing her old friendship.  Catherine and Susannah are beyond excited.  Both girls are very pretty but Susannah the youngest was the fairer one of the sisters and naive in the world.  Catherine is going to take it upon herself with the help of her Aunt and MacDugel to find the most wealthy of the men for the two of them.  This house party had to secure one of them a husband of fortune if not both.

The Duchess “Isabella” has her one and only son Stephen who detest these house parties and has long since left before they started.  His fear is that his mother would try to set him up with a young woman ready to be wed.  Stephen wanted the woman to love him and not his title, but once they knew that he was a Duke all their interest was upon that fact.

Catherine and Susannah make it to the house party and immediately Catherine went to work on her strategy for snagging a man.  Of course Catherine made time for the gardens which she loved.  There she was literally be run over by a man who happens to fall on her.  Catherine thinks that this man is the head gardener but instead it is really the Duke himself.  Through their interaction Catherine finds herself telling him things and feeling things for him but he is only a gardener and she can not wed him.  Even though those feelings are becoming stronger every time she sees him.

Stephen finds he loves to spend time with Catherine but is crushed when he finds that she is a fortune hunter.  He can’t believe he was wrong about her but his feelings are making him act crazy.  Is she just the fortune hunter or is there something else that drives her need?

“A Garden Folly” by Candice Hern was a wonderful romance to read with mystery, secret identity, and finding love in the midst of everything.