Some Girls Don’t

Some Girls Don'tSelena Durrum was back in her hometown to give a speech. She was nervous, but not because of the speech. It was because she would see Jarrod who had been the love of her life. When she sees him for the first time in fifteen years she knew that there was the fire and love they shared but Selena did not want to be trapped.

Jarrod Weston was a firefighter and loved what he did. Though Jarrod was never complete since Selena had left him. With Selena back only for a couple of days Jarrod knew not to get reattached but it will be hard as he still loved her.

Some Girls Don’t is the second book to the series Outback Heat by Amy Andrews. I liked this novel. It was very fast paced and entertaining to read.

Selena’s character is a driven career woman, it was all she wanted. I liked that about Selena but that meant she had distance herself from others especially in the relationship department. I wanted her to realize that keeping a hold on Jarrod didn’t weaken her. She had lived her life and to be with him would truly make her happy, she could have it all if she gave it a chance. Jarrod’s character was also a driven man and I liked that he was stubborn which could be a problem. Although when he was around Selena he turned back into a seventeen year old who had been in love with her.

What made this very fast paced was the amount of sex that was in the book. It is explosive between Selena and Jarrod. They are full of fire that is great for chemistry but they tend to butt heads together and say things before thinking. Though even with all the bumps in the road I was definitely cheering for Selena and Jarrod being together.

I am reading the third book next.

Body Heat

Body HeatAndi O’Roarke is the fire chief and has been for fifteen years. She loved her job but it was hard as she had to work hard to make sure the men respected her since she was the only woman in the firehouse. When she meets the arson investigator sparks will immediately fly between them and that will leave Andi wanting something more.

Tucker Fields is an arson investigation sent to a firehouse to look over a case. Tucker will be ready for his job but what he wouldn’t be ready for was Andi, the fire chief. He will want her instantly and will pursue her but they had to be careful to make sure the other firefighters did not get wind of their relationship.

Body Heat is the first book to the O’Roarkes series by Katherine Garbera. I liked this book. There is certainly a lot of heat from the fires and from the two characters. This was a free book that I had gotten on my kindle awhile ago.

So the character of Andi was a woman who fought hard and she had to because she was the only woman in the firehouse. Andi is strong with her command and she had gotten that from her four brothers and father who are all strong willed men. But she had a softer side it was just well hidden. Now, Tucker was a player. He was a love them and leave them kind of guy, and was a very take charge kind of guy. I liked him anyways especially as he was very charming, and he got Andi to open up.

The connection between the two characters is very explosive just like the fires that are written in the book. I will have to say that I thought the fires did get put in the back seat with the book. But I liked that it was character driven.

I liked the O’Roarke family. They were a bunch of big men who protected Andi but also argued endlessly with each other. I can’t wait to read their stories. So the second book to the series is with Rory, Andi’s brother. His is the only other book that is written, I assume the other two brothers will be written eventually, at least I hope. I will be on the look out for the book at my library but I am not sure they have it. I figure I will read it eventually but it just might not be right away.

Against the Fire

Against the FireGabriel Raines is watching the fires that are being set to the places he helped build. He has to find a way to stop them and will get tangled up with Mattie Baker who will be getting involved in the search.

Mattie Bakers wanted to help a local teen and and will find herself being thrown in an all too dangerous situation as she stays by Gabe’s side. Mattie will feel over her head but she has to keep going.

Against the Fire is the second book to Kat Martin’s series Raines of Wind Canyon. So far this series is very fast paced letting me read their stories quickly. I really loved Gabe’s character. I love so far how Martin has created each brother. They are all a little different but still very much the same. They all have that same pull of masculinity which pulls you into the story and instantly liking them.

The co-star is Mattie who leads with her heart when helping others but reserves it for those who she finds attractive. She has been brokenhearted and can’t seem to trust. Of course she will learn again especially as she is paired off with Gabe.

The brothers are all in the book which lets you get to know them more but what I liked were some of the side characters who are being featured and having their own story being told along side of Gabe and Mattie, you get more from the story.

Now with a novel like this and all the suspense there was of course a spin on the arson that was happening and who it was connected too.

Against the Fire was easy to get into and fun to read. The third book will be all about Dev the last of the Raines brothers.

Slow Burn

Slow BurnEvan Donovan was doing an old friend a favor when he went to check up on Faye Duncan, Mike’s ex wife. Evan had no idea he would find her so appealing or that she was the photojournalist doing a story on them. Temptation will be too great to leave her on her own.

Faye Duncan wanted freedom and after her divorce she was going to take it. She will soon find herself in the arms of a strong smoke jumper and she wouldn’t want to leave but knows that this life is dangerous and doesn’t know if she wants to do it again.

Slow Burn is the second book to Anne Marsh’s series Burn. Reading the first book I wasn’t pulled in right away but ended up liking it a lot. This one I was prepared for Marsh’s type of writing and found I was pulled right into the book making me love reading it. First off Evan was completely different from his brother. He was quieter and had a softer side along with a very sexy side. Faye is beginning to enjoy life but also finding herself again.

Once again the enemy is a person who is starting fire but not a stalker this time. I liked that Marsh mixes it up and has a new person starting the fires in hopes to draw attention to their ability to put out the fire, at least the ones he started. Things will of course get out of hand and he will not be getting away from what he has done.

Anne Marsh has no other book out yet for the series Burn but I figure it will be Rio next in the series who is the last Donovan brother. I wondered if she will continue it with the rest of the smoke jumper team, it would be a way to keep the series going.

Burning Up

Burning UpJack Donovan is a smoke jumper and was asked to come home. Immediately he dropped everything. He will be back to work on fires that were starting up for the summer but some will be connected to the woman he walked away from.

Lily Cortez left San Francisco and driven out by a stalker who wants her. She had no idea who the person was but thought going home would bring peace, not knowing that is where her stalker lived. Lily will find comfort in her childhood crush but knows that she has to stay away as she could not risk loving him and losing him.

Burning Up is the first book to Anne Marsh’s series Burn. From the looks of the cover you would immediately think sex and strong sexy men and pretty much that is what is going on in the book, and if its not sex there is the sexual tension between Jack and Lily. Now it was good but it didn’t pull me in right away, of course at the end I was all for the series. I think what didn’t pull me in right away was the almost too cocky attitude that Jack had and was a little too dominating with Lily. He was doing it that way because he is the tough Jack and doesn’t hold back but it took a little to get use to.

What I thought was done well by Marsh was the way she described the job in the book for these smoke jumpers. It was interesting to read about and it held that danger making you want to read more. There was also the angle of the stalker which again was well done. You don’t find out who he is until more than half of the book is written but it takes them to almost the very end to stop the stalker and the fires he is obsessed about.

At the time I  picked up Burning Up I got the second book which is great as I definitely want to read more on this series and find out about the rest of the brothers. Ethan will be next in Slow Burn.