A Buckhorn Baby

Amber Hudson has been dating Noel for a while and she wants more, but she wants Noel to declare himself first. She had tried everything but nothing was working. Then a tragedy strikes a friend and Amber’s world will get turned upside down with a new addition to her family.

Noel Poet did not want children but he wanted Amber. He just wasn’t good at showing what he wanted. When Amber takes guardianship Noel will surprise himself by helping out. He will start to wonder if he could have it all.

A Buckhorn Baby is part of the Buckhorn Brothers series by Lori Foster. I really loved this sweet story. I had been waiting for Amber’s story and I was not disappointed.

Amber’s character is the matchmaker of the group but when her friend dies she becomes guardian of June. Amber quickly falls in love with the little girl but knows that she will lose Noel as he was adamant about not wanting children. I loved how Amber was willing to give up everything for this child. I also liked that there was a different side to Amber. With June she was not her perfect self, she was unorganized and tired. It was realistic for a new mother. Noel’s character was a good man and a firefighter. He was also against children because of his job. It was sweet how he was taken in my June. She hung on to him and did not let go. Noel’s life would be incomplete without Amber and June in his life. The ending to this story was very sweet and very true to this Buckhorn Brothers series.

Now is this series done or are we going to get more? There are still Gabe’s daughters who have not gotten their story. Only time will tell.

In the Heat of the Night

In the Heat of the NightRory O’Roarke was trying to get his life back together after a failed marriage. He will find himself in a small town as a fireman again. He will also find Meg who will have him wanting to chance his heart again.

Meg Starling had left her small town to make it big but she was unable to reach her dream. She came back home but was still set on getting her own show. Though she will be distracted by Rory who was someone she wanted to be with.

In the Heat of the Night is the second book to the series The O’Roarkes by Katerine Garbera. I thought this was a good sequel to the series. It was a cute story of two characters reaching for what they want and learning to make the appropriate sacrifices.

Rory’s character was a man who had given it all up for a woman only to find out that life with the woman had not worked. Rory lost of a little of himself when that happens. He is trying to find his place again. I liked that he was finding it in the small town and letting himself feel again. Meg’s character was a determined woman who had been burned before with her career. She was not willing to let it go until she was a success. I did like Meg’s determination but it was almost forced because it was something she needed to do and wasn’t in her heart anymore. Their romance was steamy but sweet at the same time. What I didn’t like was that they each were asking the other to give up what they loved. It wasn’t fair to either of them. Though for one of them they were lying to themselves because what they had wanted was no longer in their heart.

There are still some O’Roarke’s that haven’t had their story told. I don’t know if those stories will be coming since it took about eight years for the sequel to come out. If the stories do come out I would be interested in reading them.

Some Girls Don’t

Some Girls Don'tSelena Durrum was back in her hometown to give a speech. She was nervous, but not because of the speech. It was because she would see Jarrod who had been the love of her life. When she sees him for the first time in fifteen years she knew that there was the fire and love they shared but Selena did not want to be trapped.

Jarrod Weston was a firefighter and loved what he did. Though Jarrod was never complete since Selena had left him. With Selena back only for a couple of days Jarrod knew not to get reattached but it will be hard as he still loved her.

Some Girls Don’t is the second book to the series Outback Heat by Amy Andrews. I liked this novel. It was very fast paced and entertaining to read.

Selena’s character is a driven career woman, it was all she wanted. I liked that about Selena but that meant she had distance herself from others especially in the relationship department. I wanted her to realize that keeping a hold on Jarrod didn’t weaken her. She had lived her life and to be with him would truly make her happy, she could have it all if she gave it a chance. Jarrod’s character was also a driven man and I liked that he was stubborn which could be a problem. Although when he was around Selena he turned back into a seventeen year old who had been in love with her.

What made this very fast paced was the amount of sex that was in the book. It is explosive between Selena and Jarrod. They are full of fire that is great for chemistry but they tend to butt heads together and say things before thinking. Though even with all the bumps in the road I was definitely cheering for Selena and Jarrod being together.

I am reading the third book next.

Back to Buckhorn

Back to BuckhornZoey Hodge was back in her hometown to help her mother. Back when she was a teen Zoey’s ex boyfriend got into an accident and was killed, Zoey was blamed for the golden boy dying. When she comes back there will be those who still blame her but she could always count on the Hudson family to have her back, especially Garrett.

Garrett Hudson had a crush on Zoey when they were younger and he will find that his crush was not over. With Zoey back home he finds himself thinking of the possibility of spending more time with her. Garrett will find plenty of excuses to stay around especially when it looked like Zoey could be in danger.

Back to Buckhorn is the seventh book to the Buckhorn Brothers series by Lori Foster. I really liked this novella. Another great story from Lori Foster.

I really liked how Foster wrote Zoey’s character. Zoey was a free spirit and did not let things get to her. She accepted things and moved on. Well her attraction to Garrett was one thing she would never let go. I felt for Zoey when she came back to town and how there were some that still thought she was to blame for her ex’s death which it clearly wasn’t. The boy made the mistake and he faced the consequences which was sad for his family.

Amber is playing matchmaker throughout these books which is humorous. She is a force to be reckon with. I hope that Lori Foster will write a story with Amber and then another story but with Adam.

The last book that I am reading from the Buckhorn Brothers series is A Buckhorn Summer, which I will be reading next.


The Fireman Who Loved Me

Melissa McGuire couldn’t believe that her grandmother made her go to an auction of hot single fireman and actually won one of them for her. Melissa didn’t want to go on the date but as she looked into Harry’s eyes she couldn’t say no. Melissa knew there could be nothing between them as they were too different, then passion took over for Melissa but would that be enough for them to survive?

Fire Captain Harry Brody didn’t like attention which was why he avoided the auction except when he had to do Ryan the favor. Harry couldn’t believe his luck with Melissa, there was passion and she was not one to throw a fit. He will find though that passion is not all he likes about Melissa as she makes him feel alive, but there will be plenty of complications to rip them apart.

The Fireman Who Loved MeSo now looking at the novel you wonder why someone would pick this book. With The Fireman Who Loved Me I let the cover pull me in, so this time I did judge a book by its cover. Jennifer Bernard has wit, some laughs, and lots of passion bring to this first book of the Bachelor Fireman series. Aside from the fiery characters, no pun intended, there are some extraordinary side characters who I can definitely see being part of the continuing series like Ryan another firefighter.

The two main characters were completely wrong for each other but in every way it counted perfect for each other. I liked the constant battle  that was going on between Melissa and Harry it was funny but challenging. Melissa was a great character as she grew within the book, she grew a backbone when everything was crumbling beneath her feet. Harry was a man who saved people but he finally found a way to save his own life.

Now the matchmaking grandmother Nelly was fantastic. I love the gumption she had and of course the secret she carried. I wasn’t thrilled what happened at the end but it was heartwarming nevertheless. Now as Nelly was good Ella the news report whom I loathed was definitely the villain. She turned out okay in the end, well really it was just strange with what happened but made sense. There was also Rebecca who I wasn’t thrilled with but once again things worked out.  In the end most of the characters find happiness leaving a happy ending. I will definitely be revisiting this fireman series.

Burning Up

Susan Andersen’s writing is fun and character driven. I tried one book from her already and wanted another. This time I grabbed just a novel not part of a series. So picking up Burning Up I knew it would be fun to read I looked at the summary but surprisingly enough it was a book that just told a really great story.

Macy O’James ran away from the town that believed the worst of her. Most hated her or thought the worst of her except for Macy none of it was true but only a few believed her. But Macy is coming back. She is thriving as a dancer in MTV videos but her cousin needs her help and she will drop everything for family. Now that she is back there will be the problem of peoples memories and the new Fireman Chief.

Gabriel Donovan has been in this town for only a little to know much of the old and new gossip. He is thrown when he finds himself meeting the one person who most of the gossip was about. He will not know what to do with Macy except want to get her into bed but the more he spends time with her he doesn’t know what he had done with most of his life.

Andersen gives a story in Burning Up its not original (but what is original nowadays) but its fun. I did not want to put the book down. She gives the characters interest and make them realistic. I like how authors gives stories which seem to be real but at times over-dramatized. I guess I also like stories that involve the bullies and how the victims overcome and have some sort of justice. I loved Macy’s hard exterior and how she hides herself from the town which had all but abandoned her. I also love how Gabe sees beyond the person she is portraying and likes her for who she is.

Anderson gives some good twists which are funny and typical but at the end there is a happy ending with a twist. She also gives a little epilogue which is cute and sweet for the characters. A happy ending for all.

Trapped! by Lori Foster

The Men to the Rescue series brings another hero to the cover with Ethan Winters.  Ethan Winters is another fireman who has been burned before but this time was a woman.  His ex fiancee ran off with his ex-best friend.  Rosie his ex-best friends sister is left behind as well.

Everything for Ethan has been going okay since then.  He has been dating anything with legs but he is baffled when he wakes up to Rosie beside him in bed.  Ethan didn’t remember anything happening, but he didn’t remember anything from last night.  He decided to get wasted while at the award ceremony and that was all that was remembered.

Rosie who is a real estate agent has been in love with Ethan and had plans of seducing him but she wants to make sure that Ethan is over the hurt of what Michelle did to him.

The two are put together and it doesn’t take Ethan long to understand his feelings for Rosie were not all that platonic.  Of course he still fought and Rosie edged him on.

In this book Harris, Buck and Riley are mentioned and Regina nicknamed Red.  These characters will be next to find love.  In the next book Riley will take his turn with a red head reporter.

This book was a very quick read being under two hundred pages but worth every page.  The men to the rescue are amazing men to read about.  They seem real along with the women that encounter them.