Fanning the Flames

Fanning the flamesLauren Foster was looking for a night of sex. She had not expected that night would involve Jake Davis who was a firefighter and her ex husbands good friend.

Jake Davis was told by his adult daughter to get out and find someone. Jake will take the advice and find himself looking at Lauren, a local librarian.

Fanning the Flames is the first book to the series Girls Night Out by Victoria Dahl. I liked the book but I felt that it should have been longer. This was a novella under one hundred pages.

The story was about two characters who were middle aged and will be lusting after each other. I was happy to read that Jake, who was forty seven, was wanting Lauren who was a few years younger than him. He was not looking for a twenty something girl. Though as I said before I wanted more, I wanted them to find love with each other and have that struggle but find their way back together. Dahl did hit those points it was just really quick. I guess it seemed just too short for me to really love either character, I liked them just wasn’t loving them.

I, however, am going to read their next two books to the series which are full lengths book. The second book is with Sophie who was mentioned in this book.

Always on My Mind

Always on My MindLeah Sullivan did not have the best childhood which carried over to her as an adult. She had a hard time finishing things thinking that she was a failure. With the cooking show she got on she will show the town she was a failure once again, but all will not be lost as she will have Jack to lean on.

Jack Harper has always thought of Leah as a friend at least for the most part. They had tried before to be more but she ran. Now with the possibility out there once again she might not be the only one who wants to run.

Always on My Mind is Jill Shalvis’s eighth book from the series Lucky Harbor. This was another cute story that kept up with Shalvis memorable characters. It was a story of second chances and believing in each other. Leah and Jack had the foundation of a strong relationship but were torn apart by Leah being too scared. The second chance is Jack not putting his heart into this situation. Of course the ending will come to a happy ending.

The next book isn’t coming until February in 2014. It is not giving me any hints yet but I would bet that Ben and Audrey will be staring in it.

Trapped! by Lori Foster

The Men to the Rescue series brings another hero to the cover with Ethan Winters.  Ethan Winters is another fireman who has been burned before but this time was a woman.  His ex fiancee ran off with his ex-best friend.  Rosie his ex-best friends sister is left behind as well.

Everything for Ethan has been going okay since then.  He has been dating anything with legs but he is baffled when he wakes up to Rosie beside him in bed.  Ethan didn’t remember anything happening, but he didn’t remember anything from last night.  He decided to get wasted while at the award ceremony and that was all that was remembered.

Rosie who is a real estate agent has been in love with Ethan and had plans of seducing him but she wants to make sure that Ethan is over the hurt of what Michelle did to him.

The two are put together and it doesn’t take Ethan long to understand his feelings for Rosie were not all that platonic.  Of course he still fought and Rosie edged him on.

In this book Harris, Buck and Riley are mentioned and Regina nicknamed Red.  These characters will be next to find love.  In the next book Riley will take his turn with a red head reporter.

This book was a very quick read being under two hundred pages but worth every page.  The men to the rescue are amazing men to read about.  They seem real along with the women that encounter them.

Heartbreakers by Lori Foster

Heartbreakers is the collection of Lori Fosters two books in the series Men to the Rescue and let me say they are definitely hearbreakers that will take away your breath in “Treat Her Right” and “Mr. November”.

“Treat Her Right”

“Gorgeous, statuesque fitness expert Wynn Lane can’t help but fall for her sexy neighbor, paramedic Zack Granger, and his adorable daughter.  But brash, outspoken Wynn is not Zack’s idea of mommy material, even though she’s making daddy’s libido do flip-flops.  Still, the laws of attraction rule-and Wynn is a force of nature all her own!”

This story was fantastic to read.  I loved Zack’s little girl Dani.  She was the sweetest little girl and I loved how Wynn took to the little girl automatically.  Zack and Wynn’s attraction was very steamy from the beginning to the end.  Her family and the friends made the story comical and realistic.

“Mr. November”

“Creating a beefcake calender for charity.  Amanda Barker has found the perfect Mr. November, super-buff firefighter Josh Marshall.  But the notorious ladies man is a hard sell, and she’s forced to negotiate with the only collateral he’ll accept: a date with her!  Josh knows where there’s smoke, there’s life-but this could burn completely out of control…”

Josh and Amanda were a dynamic pair with all the  bantering they did together.  The man thing that was argumented was how Josh wanted her in his bed and Amanda kept refusing him.  Even though she can’t stand the sight of him with other women she wouldn’t give in.  I loved the fact that Josh the womanizer has fallen for the one girl who didn’t automatically throw herself at his feet.  I was waiting for his turn at love.

Lori Foster creates real life men in these real situations and makes you care what happens to them.  These two books left me smiling, laughing at the outrageous behavior of the men and hoping to find a real life man to the rescue.

Fallen Angels by Lori Foster

Lori Fosters collection of books for the series of Men to the Rescue is filled with steamy men, determined and passionate women, and enticing plots.  This collection starts off with “Beguiled”, “Wanton”, and Uncovered”.


“P.I. Dane Carter assumed his murdered twin’s identity to find his killer.  Angel Morris was his main suspect-a woman his twin had betrayed.  Now Dane could destroy her trust again.  By falling in love with her…”

This was a great book to start out the series.  Since I already read the third one I knew about some of these characters and that made it very interesting to see how they began.  I loved the character of Mick as a 16 year old kid and to see how got into his career.  Dane and Angel are fantastic together.  They are steamy, passionate and interesting.  I like how Angel is trying her best with her little boy and protecting both of them from the threats that keep coming.  I love Dane and how protective he automatically becomes of Angel.


“Passion had clouded P.I. Celia Carter’s judgment once.  Never again.  Now she took on dangerous undercover assignments to deal with her guilt.  But P.I.  Alec Sharpe was determined to reawaken Celia’s sexuality…before she got herself killed.”

This story was fantastic with Celia as the character.  I love her drive that is making her be brave on this assignment.  Alec though doesn’t give a damn about her needs of helping all he wants to do is get her out of danger and in his bed.  The plot is Celia is undercover trying to find a missing girl who ran off with a man.  He told her that she could be a model.  Celia goes undercover as a young girl wanting to be a model and a whole lot of trouble follows but it also helps Celia find what she is really looking for.


Firefighter Harris Black stumbled across nude photos of a woman, and handwritten notes…about him.  Who was this mystery woman?  Harris hired a P.I. trace her…never suspecting he’d already found her.”

I really liked this story with Clair and Harris.  In here we also got to read about Dane and Alec for a little but it was primarily about Harris and Clair.  Clair wants more from Harris but she is not stupid, he is a womanizer.  Of course when Harris finds the nude photos he becomes obsessed with the woman not knowing they are really Clair.  Clair though wants Harris to want her and not the photos.

Easy and quick reads these books were fun to devour.  The steamy scenes were enticing and characters well thought out along with the plots.