Duke of Pleasure

duke-of-pleasureHugh Fitzroy, the Duke of Kyle was on a mission to stop the Lords of Chaos. He will find help from a boy from St. Giles, Alf. Though Hugh will realize quickly that Alf is more than he appears, specifically that Alf is a girl.

Alf has disguised herself as a boy for as long as she could remember. It was easier to get around St. Giles as a boy. But Alf had another secret, she was also the Ghost of St. Giles. Alf will find herself helping Hugh and that interaction will lead her to have feelings for him.

Duke of Pleasure is the eleventh book to the series Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really loved this book. It has been interesting learning about these vile Lords of Chaos and I loved that the Ghost of St. Giles was a woman.

Hugh’s character to me seemed a little too stuck up in the other books but as I got to know his character I found he was a brave man and committed to his task. Also, that he loved his sons, he just might not be able to show it. Actually Hugh has a problem expressing his feelings no matter what which is evident with how he acts with Alf. Though when push comes to shove Hugh will get it right. Alf’s character was intriguing. She was the one who got the information and she fought to protect those around her. I liked that even when she had to dress up as a lady the real woman was still there and not lost in all the glitz of the ball.

I liked the mystery of the Lords of Chaos. They are the evil guys and they need to be stopped. It looks like they will be here to stay as they will be in the next story. I am wondering who will be the person to stop the group.

I can’t wait to read Duke of Desire which will come out in October of 2017.

Fighting Dirty

Fighting DirtyArmie Jacobson has wanted his best friends sister for many years but he has kept away. He didn’t think that he was good enough, then he will find himself playing protector to Merissa and things will start to change. He will find out that the woman he has wanted for years, wanted him as well. But there will be a problem and Armie will have to protect Merissa from being hurt when his past comes out.

Merissa “Rissy” Colter has loved Armie for years but she was always seen as a little sister. Then something changes. They will kiss and Merissa will become aware that Armie wants her, but he is still distant. Merissa will not let Armie go which means she has to pursue. Though Merissa will have a problem when accidents are happening around her and Armie’s past comes back.

Fighting Dirty is the fourth book to the series Ultimate by Lori Foster. I loved this book. So far, I’ve loved this series. Though as always I am a Lori Foster fan and I really loved that she went back to the stories with fighters, like the ones in SBC Fighters series. In this one she even brings back several of the main characters from the SBC Fighters series and Jude from the book Jude’s Law.

Alright, so Armie’s character is fantastic. He was not your typical hero. He was loud and known for his sexual exploits. But then he worked for kids and was sympathetic towards them. He was someone you could count on. Merissa was a woman who did the right thing and was just living her life. I liked Merissa but I wanted her to either take the chance and get closer to Armie or step away. Well she does take that step with Armie which I loved. Together they were perfect for each other because they completed each other. Armie was not that outrageous and Merissa was not that shy.

The problems that occurred were due to Armie’s past and Merissa’s. Armie’s past I had wondered about since the beginning of the series. I had a couple guesses and one of them turned out right. I liked that Foster will resolve the issue which helps Armie move on. Merissa’s problems weren’t from that long ago in the past, more towards the present. I thought that the problems they faced were well developed and it made me want to know more.

Lori Foster is continuing with the series but the next book comes out in January of 2017. So I have a bit of a wait but I have no doubt I will enjoy it.

Lover Unleashed

Lover UnleashedPayne has been released from her prison only to find herself in another one when she is seriously injured. Her brother will make sure she does not stay paralyzed as he will bring in a doctor, Manuel Manello, to fix her. Payne, however, was ready to die that is until she meets her healer.

Manuel Manello had lost one of his best friends a year ago, but will soon find out that she is not completely gone when he is pulled into a very strange situation. Manny never believed that vampires were real, that is until he met a whole group of them. He will help heal Payne and find that he will not want to leave her side, but knows they have no future.

Unleashed is the ninth book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. Another great book to the series. I found that I flew through the pages with this book. I thought it was interesting with the new character, Payne, and revisiting with Manny.

From the previous book I thought Manny was alright but in this one I was liking his character. I liked that he become tongue tied and not as cocky as he had been. He wants Payne pretty much right away and the feeling is mutual. Payne for me was like the other Chosen. She was very new to this world but what she has that the Chosen do not are the fighting skills. They have no problem with chemistry but what they do have a problem with is the future and how they can have a relationship.

Well with the last enemy not really in the book you know that Ward has to find another one and it will be from the past when the Bloodletter was alive, and the Bloodletter is V’s and Payne’s dad. Right now that enemy is staying hidden but I have no doubt he will come back to the Brothers to complete his mission.

The story of Qhuinn and Blay continue on and it gets interesting when it looked like Qhuinn was having almost a vision. Its a vision he never want to happen, which makes me wonder if Qhuinn will ever find happiness? Also with how things stand will these friends ever be together? I looked ahead with the summary’s of the books and found that Qhuinn’s story is coming in the eleventh book. Of course you will still hear about him in the tenth book which I will be reading next.


BurnedRosie Miller had loved a man five years ago and felt her heart break when he had left. Now he is back and she is finding out that he wants her back.

Hunter Black never stopped wanting Rosie but their relationship needed space. After five years he will come back to find out if Rosie would take him back.

Burned is the second novella to this two book series Miller Sisters by Sarah Morgan. I really liked this book. It was sweet and steamy. I thought it was a good follow up to the first book which had first mentioned the man that Rosie had loved and who had broken her heart. As said this was a novella so it was pretty short but I felt that I got the important information, although at times it might have been a little rushed.

So Rosie was someone you wanted to hug, to tell her to let herself have that happy ending with Hunter. You wanted her to trust him again, to give him a second chance. I had a feeling that Hunter was not a bad guy for leaving. I knew that there had to be more to his side, and I was right. Hunter’s character was a man with an edge, a man who fought for what he wanted. You want to have someone like Hunter pursue you.

So I was getting annoyed, at least a little annoyed, with the book because I wanted to know more about Hunter. I wanted to know why he left Rosie five years ago. Well I get my answers, only it was pretty close to the end. The explanation let you get to know Hunter a lot better and you felt for him and his past.

I liked the ending of this book as what happened in the first book happened in the second book, only on a different holiday. The ending left me smiling.

Vampires Gone Wild

Vampires Gone WildVampires Gone Wild is a collection of several books. I picked this collection mainly for Kerrelyn Sparks as it was another story from the series Love at Stake.

So Kerrelyn Sparks story, V is for Vampwoman, was fast and entertaining. Since reading about Roman’s harem from the beginning I wondered if any of these ladies would become more, not just living in their past. I got more with this one. Pamela was the Victorian vampire. She seemed helpless in the past but wanted to do something about that. I liked that she was really trying to help in a crazy way by becoming Vampwoman. Her superhero identity brings humor to the book. Then there was Mikhail the other main character who has been part of the series for a while. I liked him and was happy that he got his happy ending. Now with all short stories I did feel that more could be written about these characters but Sparks gets to the point and tells us a humor and action filled story.

I only have two more books to read from Kerrelyn Sparks which will finish up the series as it is officially done.

Now back to this collection. Since I had the book I figured I would try out the other three authors and their short stories. There was A Forever Love by Pamela Palmer, First Dates are Hell by Amanda Arista, and Blood and Water by Kim Falconer. I thought all three were interesting and of course filled with many vampires that are deadly and in need of love. Though my favorite of the collection was from Kerrelyn Sparks.

Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most WantedGenevieve McInnis is no longer the woman she was when she left a year ago. She will find salvation as she will be freed by another clan but it will not be easy to get away. She will be kept there by Bowen who will give her a chance to have a normal life than the one she had been given the past year.

Bowen Montgomery came to the opposing clan expecting a fight but most men have fled along with their leader. He will help the ones that were left behind but will mostly concentrate on Genevieve who needs to have a champion after all that has happened.

Highlander Most Wanted is the second book to Montgomerys and Armstrongs. Maya Banks follows up right after the first book with Genevieve and Bowen’s characters meeting at McHugh’s land where Ian is dead and Patrick has fled. As a sequel this was a great follow up story. As before I was pulled into the story, perhaps not as fast but still quickly enough and I stayed entertained throughout the book.

Genevieve was one who had a brutal past year as she was taken against her will and was used by Ian over and over. No one dared stopped the treatment but the torment stops when Ian is killed. There is a surprise that shows she was part of Eveline abduction but things are explained and she is not the villain. Although from all that you learned there was little doubt she was a villain for even a second. Now with all the ill treatment you will smile when she discovers true happiness in the arms of Bowen. Bowen seems like a harden warrior but he falls hard for Genevieve the moment he sees her, scar and all. I liked that when he found out the news at what she had done there was not complete judgement. He looked at the situation and then asked the rest of the story from her.

The villain is Patrick who ran away in the beginning but he wouldn’t be forgotten. The other villains of the book are his clan members who shunned Genevieve as a person but all will be rectified at the end.

A complete happy ending did not happen right away but at the very end of the book Genevieve and Bowen would have that perfect ending they deserved.

Can’t wait to read the next book. It will be with Brodie and Taliesan unfortunately it wouldn’t be out until November which is a long time away but there are always more books to read.

Red Handed by Gena Showalter

The third edition to the Alien Huntress series surprised me.  I thought it was just going to be another book to the series but instead Red Handed was a teen book.  That caught me off guard because all her books have been adult fiction.  I was excited to see how she would incorporate the genre into a Teen novel.

Phoenix Germaine has been trying to earn back her mother’s trust after going into rehab and kicking Onadyn-teh drug of choice for New Chicago teens.  But when a party in the woods turns into an all-out battle with the most ferocious aliens Phoenix has never seen, she’s brought home in what appears to be an Onadyn-induced state.  Hello, reform school.

Except, what her mother doesn’t know is that Phoenix has just been recruited to join the elite Alien Invesigation and Removal agency, where she’ll learn to fight dirty, track hard, and destroy the enemy.  Her professional training will be rigorous and dangerous, and the fact that one of her instructors is Ryan Stone-the drop-dead gorgeous, nineteen year-old agent she met in the woods that night-doesn’t make things any easier.  Especially when dating him is totally against the rules…

Gena Showalter showed that she is dynamic with being a teen novel into the series.  The characters and plot were interesting and correlated to the series.

I liked that you got to read about the school where the agents were made.  I like the fact that Mia who was from the first book was involved in the recruiting of the teens.

In the book there is the mention of a drug which many kids use.  The main girl Phoenix uses but stops and she wants to be better.  I liked that it was a struggle.  Showed a very realistic person going through an addiction.

Since this is a teen book there are sensual scenes but Showalter cuts it down from her other novels, which is apporpriate.  But there is still plenty of fighting.