Immortal Nights

immortal-nightsAbigail Forsythe has had a tough couple years and they will get a lot worse when she finds herself hiding in the back of a cargo plane, but she wouldn’t be alone. Abigail will find an unconscious man who had been kidnapped. She will help free him but they will have to move fast to keep distance between them and the kidnappers.

Tomasso Notte and his brother had been kidnapped. His brother had escaped and with the help of a stowaway he will escape as well. Though Tomasso will not be freed from the trouble as it will follow him and Abigail as they search the island for safety.

Immortal Nights is the twenty fourth book to the series Argeneau by Lynsay Sands. I thought that this novel was good. I liked reading about Tomasso and his plot intrigued me as it continued with the Notte twins.

Abigail’s character was someone who had it tough for a long time. She was a strong woman to handle caring for her mother. You wanted Abigail to find love and to be happy again and for her to get her life together how she wanted, like becoming a doctor again. Tomasso’s character a strong warrior and loyal to his family. He was also adorable as he was a closet nerd. He liked science but you would hardly know that as he didn’t speak much. Though when he does speak he is thoughtful.

There are parts in this book that is the same with every book which is always explaining about the immortals. I think that Lynsay Sands writes it well but it gets repetitive especially since I have read this series from the beginning. The danger in this book is low key but Sands will leave us with a cliffhanger at the end.

The next book is coming out in March of 2017.

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess

Secrets of an Accidental DuchessOlivia Donovan looked to be a fragile woman and she was with the malaria that she survived from years ago. The fevers still come to her and weakens her but inside Olivia she wants to break out and be brave. She wants to experience life. She will find herself waking up to a new life with Max.

Maxwell “Max” Buchanan is soon to be a duke and has lived a life like a rake not caring about many things. He will place a bet to seduce Olivia but when he meets her he forgets about the bet altogether. He will just want to get to know Olivia and to be with her. He will get his wish but there will be danger that threatens to rip them apart.

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess is the second book to the series Donovan by Jennifer Haymore. I really liked this book. The story flew by for me and I was into this plot as the villain was pretty horrible and the situations were pretty dangerous for the safety of the characters.

Olivia was a weak character with her health though she was strong in her personality which shinned as a caring person with a passion that was sizzling below. Max was a rake but when responsibility comes to him he changes. He was changing already by his interaction with Olivia. The two of them were doomed to start as you know that business with the wager, between Fenwicke and Max, was going to come back and hurt the couple. Though that hurt will not stay too long to keep them away from each other and I was happy for their happy ending.

The villain was clearly Lord Fenwicke who liked to cause pain. In this book there is without a doubt of spousal abuse as he uses his wives body as a punching bag. Though Lady Fenwicke is not the only one that Fenwicke wants to cause pain. He wants to hurt Olivia for not accepting his offer as a mistress. Then there was Fenwicke’s hatred for Max as he was jealous. Fenwicke is a dangerous man when he wants something and will use any kind of violence to get what he wants. Well in this book the villain does not win but he came close towards the end.

I am reading the third book next which will have Meg coming back. She was thought to have died at sea so I am excited to find out what had happened to her and how she will be reunited with the man she loved.


FeverJace Crestwell knew what he wanted in bed but when he finds Bethany it all changes. He will become obsessed with this woman and will put his friendship with Ash in jeopardy to keep Bethany all to himself.

Bethany has had a hard life. After she has a night she wouldn’t forget she figured she would never see Jace again but he will be there to help and to find a way to keep her close. Bethany will not fight the attraction and find herself submitting fully to Jace.

Fever is the second book to the Breathless series from Maya Banks. I started out with the first book and I really loved the story that went along with the characters and of course the sex that happened every time they were together. Banks gets even more detailed and goes further with pain and pleasure that Jace is into.

Now I really liked Jace even though he was a very controlling man. Banks will be writing about Jace and Ash who are frequent to have threesomes with a women but Bethany is different. I think Jace is an idiot for going through with the threesome because he felt for Bethany, but it will happen regardless and it will get steamy. The book doesn’t stop because the threesomes do as Jace and Bethany will keep going and find love in the process. Bethany’s character was helpless but found her voice and does use it when the time is right. She is very caring and very easily led down the path of being submissive with Jace.

One thing that I really like about the series is the covers. There are no half naked women or men on the cover. This is a book I can take out in public and no one will know what I am reading. In my book club we all love these books secretly as we don’t want to advertise what we are reading to the public. I will still try out the books with those covers but they might be angled towards my lap so the cover stays hidden.

The last book for the series is with Ash in Burn.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast

When Beauty Tamed the BeastMiss Linnet Berry Thrynne is in the middle of a scandal that is not her fault or even true. Her family’s plan is to wed her to an Earl who can’t have children. Linnet will go to Piers and immediately know why he is called a beast but Linnet wants the challenge.

Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant detest all things about his father and that would include his fathers choice in brides, but with one look at Linnet he feels a lust pulling him. Piers though has no time for woman or a wife and will do his best to push her away from his castle.

Going forward with the second book of Eloisa James’s Happily Ever After series I found myself loving When Beauty Tamed the Beast. With a title like this it is obviously from Beauty and the Beast and I thought James does a good job keeping those key elements into her story. Now Piers is not really a beast and Linnet does not burst into song like in the Disney version but she is a great beauty and Piers has a fierce temper. I liked that she put these two characters at odds throughout most of the story even as they were passionate with each other. It was never dull with their banter back and forth. I was happy to read as well that Linnet was not a wallflower and had a backbone when dealing with Piers. Now when it came to happy endings James throws in wrench and puts the breaks on for these two characters. She gives Linnet and Piers a new challenge which to overcome and once that happens happiness is in store for them.

The Duke is Mine is the next installment of the Happily Ever After series.

Don’t Get Stuck at the Recital

Performing your musical talents is a Smythe-Smith tradition. Every year the sisters or cousins perform for all of the ton but it would help if any of them had any talent. Honoria is the youngest of the siblings and very much out of place with them but she finds her way in the world with trying to make the best at her situation but when fate drops in her brothers oldest friend. Honoria will think about a whole new possibility.

Marcus Holroyd is the only son and has been left on his own since the time of his mothers death. He had grown up a shy boy but had a great friend of Daniel Smythe-Smith. Growing up with Daniel’s family had felt like his own but never really his. But when he sees Honoria again he will start to see her in a whole new light especially after she saves him from fever.

Marcus and Honoria will set upon a romance that neither one admits until either can’t hold back to what they are feeling with the help of family.

Reading the series Bridgertons (which is a fantastic series) you will have already have heard of the famous Smythe-Smiths, and I love that Julia Quinn creates a series just for them. The novel, Just Like Heaven, is a sweet new series that follows just like the Bridgertons but Quinn gives Honoria her own voice and you fall for this completely sweet story.

The whole time I read it there was a smile that kept to my face as you read about her bantering to herself and to Marcus. Of course you can’t forget about the bad playing with the cousins which was comical and lightened the story even more.

Then when you came to Marcus you cheered when he found his own strength to show what he was feeling. I loved hearing his own words through the story and how Quinn expresses his thoughts progressing towards the act of love.

Now there is of course the unbridled lust in the story. This act though was tamed and towards the end giving the story a very sweet and cute plot with flirting and the possibility of more.

Just Like Heaven is the perfect start to the series Smythe-Smith Quartet and I can’t wait for the next one. Who will it be? My bet will be Sarah but I could be wrong.

Seduction of a Highland Lass

After reading the first book to Maya Banks series Highlander I wanted to find the second book right away, Seduction of a Highland Lass. As the first one was with Ewan now the second book will be about Alaric and how he will have to perform his duty to his clan.

Alaric McCabe has been told he will marry Rionna McDonald and Alaric will do his duty. But Alaric will find a complication as he is left for dead but an angel will be the one to heal him.

Keeley McDonald is a healer and has been exiled for years from her clan. Keeley will across a warrior. She will heal him and feelings will start to stir but nothing will be able to happen. Alaric is bethrohed to her childhood friend. She will give her heart to Alaric knowing they will not have a happy ending.

I was excited to find the book as every time I looked it was never available to check out from my library but finally I got it. This trilogy is not the most original but then what is. With Maya Banks I seem not to be able to put them down. Maya Banks has created her characters to be irresistible and you just want to keep reading. And of course that is what I did. I could not put Seduction of a Highland Lass down. I had to finish the book once I started that first chapter.

The brothers are irresistible, Ewan is still strong, Alaric dutiful and Caelen mysterious and I love how even though this is about Alaric they are all involved within the story. Alaric is the dutiful brother and keeps that appearance even though he will loose the one that he truly loves.

Keeley’s character is another strong female which is being brought into the story so of course she blends right in. Her love for Alaric is sweet and you want them together but the destiny is already played out. Of course with any good story there is a twist and Banks will write it well.

Seduction of a Highland Lass is a fantastic second book to the series and I can’t wait to read the third book. Caelen is going to have his chance at the of being the lead and I am looking forward to what will happen.