The Seductive One

The Seductive OneBrenna Marcelli passion was the winery but for the last ten years that life had died thanks to her ex husband. She wants to now prove herself that she is good enough to run a winery which will lead her to her family’s nemesis to ask for a loan.

Nic Giovanni was a direct competition to the Marcelli’s winery and his only goal was to claim it. His opportunity comes when the woman he loved ten years ago ask him for a loan. He will give it knowing that when he calls it in she will be ruined.

The Seductive One is the third book to the series Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road by Susan Mallery. With each book I love this crazy family even more. This one I will say had a little more of cruelty within the book as revenge was a focus. On a side note I had thought this was already published on my site as I was reading these books in order last week. I guess I just saved it instead of publishing it, so here’s the review.

I liked Brenna’s drive and courage to try the winery business on her own. I thought she was wrong ten years ago for not following her heart with Nic but life is messy. Alright now I liked Nic but he was too headstrong with the idea of revenge. I could understand Nic’s pain but he was taking it too far and when the truth came out he would be the one left with heartbreak. Now besides revenge there is a steamy chemistry that these two characters have with each other. It was something that they could build from.

One character that is still driving me crazy is the grandfather. He was so old school that you wanted to smack so sense back into him. Though there will be a little surprise at the end with this family that will show you they have a chance to move into the twenty first century.

So the new brother, Joe, was not what I expected which I liked. I am looking forward to reading his story and finding out how his life with the Marcelli family will change him.

No Strings Attached

No Strings AttachedDune Cates has loved the game of volleyball since he was a kid. He has become a celebrity in the game but with age he was finding it hard to keep going. Dune will be coming back home to rest up and will find himself connecting with Sophie once again. He will want to protect her and with every moment he stays close he will be falling harder and harder for her.

Sophie Saunders knew that she was shy and not quite stable on her feet but she was going to do something about it. Sophie will be working her way through the boardwalk but will be sidetracked when she will come face to face with Dune once again. She has had a crush on him for years and she will soon learn what it will be like to love the man.

No Strings Attached is the second book to the series Barefoot William from Kate Angell. This one had a little more humor to its pages thanks in most part to Sophie who was a very shy young woman and who was also a klutz but she had heart and people loved her. She finds her niche in the town and her place later on in the book which made her stronger. I loved the job she took as it completed her. Dune was a strong man and very tall especially when it comes to Sophie. He was a man that smiled easily and played hard. I loved his protective side with Sophie and that he let her spread her wings even though he was worried.

Once again their story was not the only one being told. There was Mac and Jenna who were nothing but opposites. There was a lot of animosity that came from being by each other but there was also a lot of passion. Then there was also Zane and Tori but their story was a very short one being told and the focus went back to the main couple.

Now there was plenty of sexual tension and sex throughout the book with Dune and Sophie. It was sweet that he wanted to protect her all at the same time but it wasn’t all about the sex. The feud came back into play and more of the story came out with what happened and how things could have changed if certain things were known sooner. It was a sweet wrap up with the feud but it leaves me to wonder if more books will be coming from the Barefoot William series.

No Tan Lines

No Tan LinesShaye Cates believes in family and fun. She helps run the boardwalk that her family owns but now she has to deal with her nemesis in order to save her home. She will be baffled when feelings start to intertwine among her interaction with Trace.

Trace Saunders is all about business and he has no time for the flighty and sneaky Shaye Cates but he had to work with her. Trace will not back down when dealing with her but he will find much more as he keeps to her side.

No Tan Lines is the first book to the series Barefoot William. Kate Angell is a new author I found and I have to say I liked the book. It was a little quirky with the characters that populated the book but they were fun loving people. I was able to grab the second book to the series and will be reading that one next.

The book had a light feel to it especially as it was set on the beach. I liked how Angell created a background with this family feud and she did it well. There is a sense of cruelty almost that stems from the feud and Trace and Shaye fall victim to it as they are not their best with each other. Of course opposites do attract and they will sizzle across the pages when they find that passion in each others arms.

Throughout the book there are different characters being focused on and I fell in love with Nicole and Kai as they found a way to be together. Then there was Dune and Sophie who were in the charity volleyball tournament. There was something there but nothing happened. Angell will be giving the couple another chance as they will be in the second book and the primary focus.

Highlander in Her Bed

Highlander in Her BedMara McDougall has lived in Philadelphia but soon finds herself owning a castle in Scotland. There will be a problem though which started with a medieval bed where a man is very rude. She will be seeing this man more and more, and find out that he is not exactly real.

Sir Alexander Douglas is not exactly a ghost as he is not exactly alive or dead. He is there to guard his bed and will find himself going back to Scotland with the bed’s new owner. He will despise the owner because she is a McDougall but he wouldn’t be able to stop his feelings for her.

Highlander in Her Bed was a book that was sitting on my bookshelf in my to be read pile. It is the first book to the series Scottish-set paranormals. I found the book different, I liked it but it was certainly a little strange with the ghost but not ghost Alex. I got into the book fairly easy and it was entertaining with Alex and finding out about the curse and feud between the two families. The different realm was a little strange but once you got into the story it was entertaining to read. Mara is a character you liked and Alex was someone you wanted to have him find his absolution. I figured out how the ending would be shaping out to be but it was fun nevertheless.

I am interested in finding out more on the other paranormal men that were introduced in the first book. So I know that I will be checking out Allie Mackey for more of her books from the series.

How to Abduct a Highland Lord

Fiona MacLean is in need to marry Black Jack Kincaid and with not a moment to spare. It did not help that the man was mostly unconscious but the safety of her family was in dismay. Fiona thought it would be easy as they had shared a passion years ago but she finds that he is just the same. Fiona will make it her mission to teach her husband that he can’t control her but danger will come into play as her life will soon be threatened.

Black Jack Kincaid had no desire to be married. Although the choice in wives Jack was not altogether displeased as Fiona still had that passion he knew many years ago. Jack soon found out that he had other things to worry him other than a wife who told him his old ways were done, he also had to worry about her brothers and someone who would want to harm his wife he is starting to fall for.

How to Abduct a Highland LordI am new to this author Karen Hawkins whom I stumbled upon raiding through the aisles of the library in the romance section. What got me was the cover of the book as it looked like it could be a book with humor. Reading How to Abduct a Highland Lord was quick, easy, sexy and altogether fun. There was humor laced throughout the book and some jealousy along with brother protection, which I loved. What I did not expect was a paranormal aspect where the curse for the MacLean’s tends toward the weather. The rain was comical especially as it was controlled by the emotions of the MacLean’s and when they were angry you did not want to be the source of the anger.

The byplay with the brothers and their sister was fun. I love it when authors give a big family a series as there is a lot to go with. I always think back to Julia Quinn’s series the Bridgertons. The main character of Black Jack was fantastic as the rogue and someone you fell for. Fiona was a riot as she did what she wanted but naive of what would happen especially when she came upon a competitor. I have to say I was not sure of the villain until the very end and a little surprised at the venom from this person but it made sense.  After finding Karen Hawkins I know I will not be done with the author especially as I have several brothers to get through in the MacLean Curse series.

Highland Belle

Brigette Devereux was ready to get married but she thought her groom would have had the decency to be there for the wedding. Brigette was forced to marry by proxy with her groom’s brother but she would not take that laying down. Brigette will soon runaway from her new family only to come across a stranger who captivates her interest. Little does she know this is her husband.  Wedding bliss will not be immediate for the pair as once they come to the MacArthur land trouble will not be far behind.

Lord Iain MacArthur came upon his brother expecting to find his bride only to discover she has disappeared. Iain will travel to find his bride and will but will take this time to disguise his identity to learn more about Brigette. Iain will win his brides heart but it will take time and understanding as they work together to trust one another. Of course trust will be hard to do when there are several obstacles which will be placed in their way.

Going on to my next series of Patricia Grasso I was able to find her very first book, Highland Belle, of her first series Deveraux. As a first book this was fantastic. There is a lot of fire between the characters that makes this book entertaining. In Highland Belle there is not so much betrayal but lack of trust. Half the time I was shaking the book hoping the characters would trust each other truly.

Both characters of Brigette and Iain were fiery in the book making their story that more interesting to read. There was also I think for both a sense of naivete that Grasso gives them. They were naive for different reasons but it made you like them all the more.

Grasso has many side characters going on with their own parts that really added to the story so it was not just Brigette and Iain’s. I loved the family of Black Jack and Percy. Magnus was a nice touch in the story as well I liked how he played the knight in Brigette’s situations.

The villain was told as he is an enemy of the clan but there is another who is Antonia. You will know she is a schemer the moment she arrives on the page. Throughout the story I truly disliked this woman and was happy that justice was served.

Patricia Grasso gives a solid happy ending for the couple which left you satisfied. Kathryn the eldest sister is up next.

Revenge at Bella Terra

Eli Di Lucca is the oldest siblings and has to face his demons of his past. Not only is his childhood past haunting him the failure of his families business is troubling. Loosing the money hit him where it hurt but now there is a chance to get it back. It would only cost him a wife.

Chloe Robinson is a new author with her first book published. It was only last year did she meet her father and since then he has been trying to get her married to the men he keeps throwing at her. Chloe will not know that Eli has been made an offer. Chloe doesn’t like to have her life manipulated but Eli will disarm her and love will follow but not before revenge.

The second book Revenge at Bella Terra was fantastic. Christina Dodd brings mystery, betrayal and heartache all the while a romance was building even if it was based on a lie. As I read on I found myself thinking of the other series of hers with the Fortune Hunters. There is something in the way the brothers are portrayed that they remind me of the ones in the other series. I guess it is they are all strong noble men with a tortured life (tortured emotional, no killing) due to their family.

Throughout the book I loved and hated Eli. He was the eldest and the one that was responsible and took it serious but you knew that once he made the deal with her father it would come back to haunt him later on. Dodd makes sure it does.

Now Chloe was a very enchanting character as she drew upon her innocence. But she was strong in her convictions. I liked that she didn’t back down and become weak when trouble started.

From the first book I noticed the family is very old world Italian and I liked that it was about the family and protecting each other. It was humorous with Chloe’s father (another Italian) and the contract he made, he was very old school Italian and just wanted his daughter to have security and protection, and of course grandchildren.

As a Dodd fan I was definitely pleased with Revenge at Bella Terra and can’t wait for Noah’s turn.