Missing You

Missing YouJess was getting back to her life after living through war because of her job which made her lose her ability. Though Jess is not happy with her life in New York. She likes teaching kids but not becoming a professional musician. She will be shocked to find Rob, the boy she loved and who she broke up with, was at her doorstep and asking for help to find his sister.

Missing You is the fifth and final book to the series 1-800-Where-R-You by Meg Cabot. I was happy that she was able to write another book after the four books. With the fourth one she ended it and it was good but I wanted to know more with what was going to happen with this group Jess was working with and how Jess and Rob progressed in the relationship department.

So as I was reading the book I started to remember more and more of what the book was about but I was still missing little details. I was shocked to read about how Jess got post traumatic stress disorder which resulted in her losing her powers. Then there was Rob who was seen kissing another girl. Well I knew that Cabot would not disappoint us with Rob and Jess not being together, and she doesn’t. Its hard at first but when you find out what Rob has done to better his life and it is for Jess which will make your heart melt.

The missing sister was interesting and led them on a path of some pretty bad things that involved girls being taped and who were underage. I liked the end scene as the bad guy does not get the happily ever after ending since that is reserved for Jess and Rob.

So since the beginning Jess’s mom, Toni, has not been my favorite. It is like she wants Jess to be the perfect daughter and Jess is not that girl. I hated that she disapproved of Rob and kept reminding Jess that he kissed another woman. I was happy that she changed towards the end, well to a point. Her dad though was pretty great especially the last book. It surprised me that Cyrus, the FBI agent, was also pretty nice. He wasn’t bugging Jess to join back up since her powers came back. Mostly I figured it was because of her post traumatic stress but it was still nice he didn’t try to manipulate her.

So with that ends the series I read from Meg Cabot when I was a teenager. I have only read one other series which was Insatiable. That one was not bad. There are others out there like the Princes Diaries but I was never into that one and the fact was after this series I stopped reading a lot of young adult books. Down the road I might try another one of her series.

Love Irresistibly

Love IrresistiblyAssistant U.S. Attorney Cade Morgan had been a prosecutor before and a rising football star before that, but right now he was working with the FBI to bring down a senator. Cade will enlist the help of Brooke Parker and with her help they will be successful. He will keep the work relationship going with Brooke but bring it to a personal causal level. Things will get complicated when he starts to have real feelings for Brooke and when he meets his half brother he never knew.

Brooke Parker was a good businesswoman and knew when it would be good to play ball especially with the Assistant U.S. Attorney and two FBI agent staring back at her. Brooke would do them the favor which would bring her closer with interacting with Cade Morgan. She finds herself wanting more and hoping that this one would work instead of failing like her other relationships.

Love Irresistibly is the fourth book from the series FBI/US Attorney by Julie James. After reading It Happened One Wedding not too long ago I wanted more from Julie James and now I picked up this one and Just the Sexiest Man Alive. I liked this book a lot.

Cade’s character was like a playboy at times and had some humor laced through the book. There was a serious side to the story. One being the investigation and the second with Cade’s past. How his father abandoned him and how his half brother showed up. There is a secret that came out of the end and you wanted to cry for Cade but with how James leaves the story there is hope and a chance for peace between certain characters. I liked Brooke as well. She was a savvy business woman and knew what she wanted and knew what was wrong with her in regards to relationships. When Cade and Brooke finally get together it sizzles but it is also comforting for each other. They are both in the same fields so they know the work schedule but they make it work and into something more. Of course things will get intense and things will get complicated making them weary of each other but James will not disappoint us and give a happy ending.

I will be reading Just the Sexiest Man Alive next.

It Happened One Wedding

It Happened one weddingSidney Sinclair was thinking that it was hopeless to find Mr. Right and she will admit that her recent break up from her fiance has harden her heart. She will soon start to look for Mr. Right Now who just might be her sisters soon to be brother in law.

Special Agent Vaughn Roberts liked his job and liked his freedom especially with woman. He will instantly want Sidney when he sees her but the feeling isn’t mutual which created an allure. Vaughn will pursue this woman which wouldn’t be hard as they were going to be together for the next three months helping to plan a wedding.

It Happened One Wedding is the fifth book to the series FBI/Us Attorney by Julie James. I haven’t read anything from Julie James for a while but I remember reading her some of her books. I looked back from my earlier posts and saw it was from four years ago. I think there was such a big gap because she only had several books out available to read. Still there are not tons of books as I only need to read four books of hers but I am looking forward to reading them as with this story was something that pulled me into the story and wouldn’t let go until the very end.

Needless to say I really loved this book. There was a simplicity of the plot as it surrounded a wedding being planned and of course an undercover story happening on Vaughn’s end. I fell in love with these characters. For one reason they seemed like real people with real problems. Second is that their relationship started out with annoyance but with interaction they were able to like each other more. I liked that Sidney was walking on the wild side and not thinking about settling down with Vaughn as she knew that he would break her heart. I was okay with her going on dates with other men because I figured she would finally understand that she really had fallen for Vaughn. The same thing could be said with Vaughn, he understood his feelings as he heard about her bad dates and the one that had potential.

I am going to get back to this series soon. I wouldn’t mind any of the books to read but I do want to read Cade’s story who was in this book as one of Vaughn’s friends. I will have to see what is available for me to pick up.

Take Me Home for Christmas

Take Me Home for Christmas (Whiskey Creek, #5)Sophia DeBussi had lived through her own personal hell and she knew she deserved it with the choices she made through life. Determined to get her life back after her husbands death she will do what she can not to be broken. Sophia will be surprised when Ted offers to help, but she knows that she can’t get close to him again as she was going to make sure to leave Whiskey Creek for good.

Ted Dixon had loved Sophie fourteen years ago and now all he felt was anger, at least that is what he wanted to believe. He was afraid that if she was around him for too long he would forgive and feel more. Ted will find it in his heart to forgive and hirer her when no one else would, but he will still be scared to take that next step that could lead to heartbreak once again.

Take Me Home for Christmas is the fifth book to Whiskey Creek series from Brenda Novak. I can’t get enough of this series and its sad as I only have one left to read in my pile. Every time I pick up a book from this series I know that there will be love but it is love that is hard, not the simple kind. There will be tough situations that the characters will have to get out of and they will make mistakes, sometimes a lot of them. Novak makes these characters seem real with their faults.

So Sophia is a changed woman. She changed the moment she married the slime husband of hers. She was a battered woman who needed a break and she does get it when her husband dies running away. Sophia’s biggest problem was believing that she wasn’t good enough and I liked that she became stronger and more secure as the book went on. I even liked her when she had a relapse as it made her more real. Ted was a man struggling to forget the one woman he loved. He makes mistakes in the book and will have to pay for them but he isn’t a bad guy, just human. He comes around and accepts his feelings for Sophia but it does take a while. Theirs was a romance that never ended, it was just waiting dormant until they were ready.

I hated the character of Chief Stacy. He was an ass and thought too much of himself. He was getting too dangerous as the power was going to his head. I have a feeling that just because of what happened at the end of the book will not stop him especially as he has several vendettas against several people. Though I could be wrong. I will find out soon as Come Home to Me is next on my list of books to read, and is my last book from Whiskey Creek.


SleepwalkerMicayla “Mick” Lange was a good cop but found herself in a situation that has her guessing what was really right. She will catch thieves red handed with a brief case of money. She will stop the thief, Jason Davis but soon find that all is not what it appears to be and finds herself getting more tangled up in lies and betrayal making her wonder who to trust.

Sleepwalker is a novel from Karen Robards. I have discovered this author not too long ago with the book Shiver and I absolutely loved that book which made me cautious to read another book of hers. I was cautious because if this book wasn’t as good then I didn’t want to continue on with the author. Well after finishing the book I knew that I would be going back to Karen Robards. The book was suspenseful and full of thrilling scenes that had your heart bumping at the action of the book.

Sleepwalker was a longer book with 400 pages over but you didn’t feel that it was a long book to read. Every page I devoured and wanted to know what would be happening next. The main characters were complete opposites but more alike as you find out about Jason’s past which was unraveled very nicely for both Jason and Mick. The twist at the end with the mystery man was something I didn’t see coming.

The bad guy was obviously Nicco but he was really behind the scenes and it were the bad guys on his payroll were the ones who were in the mist of the action.

I am a definite fan of Karen Robards especially with how she writes a thrilling and suspenseful scene with memorable characters.

The Woman He Knows

Darcy Gordon has worked as a waitress for three years but the owners are more like brothers to her. But she is not being all that honest with them. Darcy is not who she says she is and now could be in danger.

Patrick Devereux is here to help his brother run the restaurant due to his accident. Patrick will take the task on to find out what happened along with the task of running the restaurant and gazing at Darcy.

The Woman He KnowsThe Woman He Knows is a Harlequin romance novel by Margaret Watson and the second book to the series Devereux Family Trilogy. I liked the book. I felt through most of it there was already a story that had been told with the sister. When I started the book I didn’t know it was part of a series. The book is easy to follow as Watson gives background on things that have happened.

I felt that this was a very quick paced book and it had a lifetime movie feeling to it, a good lifetime movie. There is no big surprise with the plot but it was well written with the characters who seemed real. I would be interested to finish this trilogy to see how it started and finishes.


ShiverSamantha Jones works to survive. She has to as her four year old son depends on her. Sam will go to work as normal in her repo job of cars when the unexpected happens, in the trunk a man’s body is found. She thought him to be dead with all the blood but then he asks for help. She will have little time to think as she is quickly pulled into a dangerous situation.

Daniel Panterro or to his enemies Rick Marcos. Danny is undercover from his FBI job but something went wrong. Danny finds himself being beaten to death and left for dead only to have a woman come to his rescue, but the danger is long from over.

First off I have to say that I loved this book. I have never read anything from Karen Robards but I was blown away with the action and the quick moving plot from Shiver that had you wanting more. This is quick fast pace book that is purely an action adventure and suspense thriller, you will be racing to finish to the conclusion. I had a feeling I would like this book from the description so I made sure to read it in the morning so I could finish it in one sitting. It was a good thing as I couldn’t put down the book.

This is a story that is already in the process of being told with the situation Danny is in but it is easy to follow. I thought that Danny’s character of the FBI agent was believable. He would not give up his name no matter what throughout the mission. He gave away little to help Sam and Tyler cope. Now Sam was a strong woman that was determined and clever. She did what she needed to survive which I loved about her. I think that both of these characters for me seemed real.

The villain was of course was a twist like any good thriller. This was probably a more violent book I have read but it is done without over doing it, so you know exactly what is going on. Robards keeps the plot simple and fast paced, and gives us an ending which wraps up the whole story. I often read more books from series so its nice at times to read a book and know that you just read the conclusion of the story. Shiver will not be the last book I will read from Karen Robards especially with the long list of novels she has written.