The Shadows

The ShadowsTrez was destined to be mated with the Queens daughter thanks to his parents selling him to the Queen when he was a baby. Though Trez has no desire to be with the daughter especially when he has found a woman to love.

The Shadows is the thirteenth book to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. I liked this novel but I will say that it took a little time to get into the story. One reason, and it is a reason that happens most times I read from this series, its the length of the book. I know that I should be used to the size as every book in the series is close to five hundred pages or over. Another fact is sometimes the detail. It can get a little too much, though that comes back to the size of the novel. Now don’t get me wrong I really do like the series, it can just get overwhelming with all the stories that are happening in the book.

So within this story the primary characters were Trez and his brother iAm. Although the rest of the brotherhood played a big part of the book, along with some of the enemies. Each of them have their own part in this story but it is all related to each other. I found that in the past couple books when the shadows were written in I wasn’t really all in to it. I liked just reading about the brotherhood and their enemies. I liked these shadows but I still prefer the brotherhood.

I liked Trez’s story, though it was hard to get to the end as you knew there would be a tragedy at the end. But because of that ending a happy ending occurred for another. I just hope that Ward will make sure those who sacrificed their happiness gets their own happy ending in another book.

I will follow up on the fourteenth book later on but I am switching to the spin off series Black Dagger Legacy. I will be reading Blood Kiss next.


JoylandDevin Jones is a college student in need of a summer job. He will find one at an amusement park called Joyland. He will find work as a carny but that summer will change him forever.

I don’t read a lot of Stephen King novels and thought to give Joyland a chance since I kept seeing it on the new fiction shelves as I walked the library. Knowing that King is good at writing the strange I was prepared to understand that this book was going to be a little out there and not surprisingly it was.

The story takes place in this strange amusement park that Devin is recapping. He will find his life will be changed forever as his heart will be broken and find new meanings of life. The book reminded me of Water for Elephants with the carnival aspect but this had more of a spooky outlook to it. I did like the book as I thought it was interesting with all the characters that were part of the book. They were all woven into the plot well.

Things I didn’t like was Devin’s ex girlfriend. I don’t know why I concentrated on her but she was really annoying and the funny thing is I can’t remember her name. I just remembered that she was pretty selfish when dealing with Devin. I was happy that Devin was able to move on.

Finishing Joyland I know that I will keep going with Stephen King novels to keep trying them out.