Full Throttle

Full ThrottleShawn Hamby needs a husband thanks to her grandfathers ruling. She had to get a husband so she could own and run the track which had been her grandfathers. She had little to chose from but will find herself gravitating towards Rhett Ford.

Rhett Ford was not looking for another woman to be with but will be intrigued by Shawn when he sees her at a fetish club. He will be even more intrigued with her proposal and will except. He found himself wanting this woman and made it his mission to show Shawn what she had been missing.

Full Throttle is the seventh book to Erin McCarthy’s series Fast Track. I have read all of these books and have found them fun and steamy. The seventh book certainly plays true to that fact and gets steamier. Everything about the book is steamy especially with Rhett and Shawn together.

Rhett is all about control in the bedroom but not without his partners consent. Rhett is not exactly a player but he knows how to play the game. I like that he found his match in Shawn. She was a strong woman and did not break the first moment that Rhett touched her. She fought to stay in control but soon found that it wasn’t a bad idea to given in to her hot husband.

There are of course problems that occur with the couple that will come up but when Shawn finds out news at the very end of the book there’s definitely a problem. It looked like the couple would not be walking in the sunset but McCarthy will make sure that is not the case.

I will admit that the ending was a little sappy but you gotta love that these characters are having their happy ending.

The Chase

The ChaseKendall Holbrook is focused on her career but it is hard to do when the man who was her first love is always around. She will be forced to confront Evan and will find that her feelings never left.

Evan Monroe has been going down in his career but found that interacting with Kendall was something he wanted again. There will be a small problem that will arise which will shake their already unstable relationship.

I got the fourth book, The Chase, of Fast Track by Erin McCarthy. I had to read the series out of order because this book was checked out. Now the upside of reading the book out of order I already knew that Kendall and Evan would have a happy ending thanks to the fifth book. I didn’t have to wait to find out about the little surprise that Evan would be receiving and things do work out.

Fast Track is a fun series that is a quick read no matter the book. There are hard driven characters like Kendall and Evan with lots of sexual tension that ultimately leads to hot and heavy sex, and McCarthy writes those scenes well. I loved that Kendall is continuing the career she loves no matter what others say, if she can or can’t. Evan is a man who was heart broken and it showed on the track even after all these years. He is not the best driver but a good man and will show that with how he handles Kendall and the surprise that is thrown at him.

I have finished with the series so far since the next book is coming out in December, but when I can get my hands on it I will certainly read it.

Jacked Up

Jacked UpEve Monroe is all about order and precision. Going on a date with a man like Nolan was impulsive but she went for it. Eve found that being around Nolan let her relax but she doesn’t know if what they were starting would last.

Nolan Ford went into things impulsively but he knew that his feelings for Eve were for real. He wanted to get to know her and have her take a chance with him.

The sixth book to the series Fast Track is Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy. I do love this series. Its fun and quick to read. Now this book I did like a lot but it wasn’t my favorite. I was excited to see that it was Eve who was going to be the main character. I liked her but didn’t like that she was almost a doormat at times when it came to things she wanted to do like racing, which is where her heart was. Also letting her father dictate a few things in her life. I wanted Eve to stand up for what she wanted, for what she believed, but she does get better and change throughout the book. Nolan was on the impulsive side but it made you like him even more because there was charm to him. You wanted him to have that happy ending with Eve.

Once again McCarthy brings in the sex to the story and its there but this time its almost playful between the Nolan and Eve. They had good chemistry even though they were complete opposites.

I am looking forward to going back to getting the fourth book to read it and to continue the series with the seventh book where Rhett will be the main guy.

Slow Ride

Slow RideTuesday Jones has just lost her father and is trying to get through her grief. She will soon find herself being comforted by an ex race car driver and it will turn into much more.

Daniel “Diesel” Lange has had plenty loss and tragedy in his own life. He wanted to help Tuesday but also wanted her romantically and was filled with lust for this woman.

I was waiting for the fourth book but it was already checked out so I went on to the fifth book, Slow Ride. Erin McCarthy writes a steamy plot so far in all these books in the series Fast Track. So Tuesday is a blogger that can be a little harsh when writing her stories. She calls it like she sees it, but is a good person with a few little problems. Diesel is a wonderful character. He is the strong manly type but cares and can relate to what is happening with Tuesday but he is still closed off to his past. I think both characters are dynamic and actually are very much a like being flawed. Tuesday has a becoming alcoholic problem and Diesel is too afraid to move on.

Now what Erin McCarthy does in this book is getting the characters into some really steamy scenes and there is a lot of sex between these two characters, and I mean a lot. The sex is what gets them together but its overcoming their own personal tragedies that keeps them together. That is if they can get it right. The sixth book I am reading next is Jacked Up.

Hot Finish

Hot Finish Suzanne Jefferson is running out of her alimony and she needs to get back to work. Wedding planning wasn’t her favorite job but if done right she could make money. The only problem was in this particular wedding her ex-husband was a groomsman and he wasn’t her ex she soon found out.

Ryder Jefferson never wanted to divorce from his wife but they couldn’t seem to not stop the fighting but Ryder will find out that it wasn’t final. He was going to take this second chance and show Suzanne that they can make it work.

Hot Finish is Erin McCarthy’s third book to the series Fast Track. After loving the first two I was ready for the ride of Suzanne and Ryder’s chaos and soon to be reunited love. Okay so first it was okay. There was certainly sex involved as McCarthy has that down but I wasn’t overly found of the couple in their book. I liked them before and still liked them but I wasn’t pulled into the book as the first two book.s It might be Suzanne’s over sarcastic side and Ryder’s laid back/non confrontation attitude he has. Of course at the end the characters have me smiling that they finally got it right and some of the barriers have been broken down.

I am still going on with the series as I always do. I am looking forward to finding out more on Evan and the rest of the race car drivers.

Hard and Fast

Hard and FastImogen Wilson is a grad student working on her thesis for her sociology degree but her mind got occupied every time Ty McCordle was around.

Ty McCordle loved racing and was not ready to settle down but when he found the chance to be with Imogen things started moving fast and he found that wasn’t a bad thing.

Hard and Fast is the second book to Erin McCarthy’s series Fast Track. So I have only read the first book but it got me hooked. This is a fun, sexy, fast paced book that I finished in one sitting that will leave your heart pumping faster especially with the sex from the two characters. Or a lot of sexual tension which will have them burning up the sheets later on in the book. Now Ty’s character is all about charm to the ladies and he is giving it his all when it comes to Imogen. I love that he can’t pronounce her name most times and calls her Emma Jean instead. Imogen was book smart with a very prim and proper look to her but with a hidden side to her that wanted Ty badly. She was fun to read about as she was the quiet one who when decided to do something she went for it.

I will say there is a little surprise with Ty’s character that I did not see coming but looking back all the signs were there. I was too engrossed in the heated romance of Imogen and Ty to really notice the signs I guess. The third book, Hot Finish, will be next for me.

Flat-Out Sexy

Flat-Out SexyTamara Briggs is the widow of Pete Briggs, a race car driver who was killed on the track several years ago. Tamara is now trying to find love once again but to a normal man, no race car driver. She will try and find the man boring until she meets another at a party but will be horrified to learn he is a driver and several years younger than her. She will though not fight the attraction which sizzles between her and Elec Monroe.

Elec Monroe saw this woman and wanted her immediately. He thought her beautiful and full of life. Elec never had a problem with getting woman but she being resistance in wanting a relationship out in the open. He will do his best to find a way to get into her life and get her to see that they are good together.

Since trying two books from Erin McCarthy I wanted to try more. I went in search of some of her books. I came across the series Fast Track which is all about race car drivers on and off the track. First off I loved Flat-Out Sexy which is the first book to the series. It definitely sets the tone of the series, dangerous, wild and steamy. The book was quick to read especially with the nail biting driving and the steamy scenes between Tamara and Elec. The two characters were ones I wanted to read about. I loved that Tamara was a little older but was eventually able to let herself love Elec. They had chemistry immediately and I loved that it was supposed to be a one night stand but it kept escalating into more. I also love that Elec cared about her kids and wanted to know them.

I liked that McCarthy created a feud between the Monroe’s and Briggs that originated between the fathers on both sides, gave a little more to the novel. McCarthy also sets up the book with several characters who will all have their chance at their own book. I am on the search for more of the series at my library. I want to know more of the characters that McCarthy has introduced in this first book. I am looking forward to finding more books on the series Fast Track.