The Sassy One

The Sassy OneFrancesca Marcelli had a goal to get her degree in psychology which had her doing a social experiment. One of her experiments will lead her to Sam Reese. Francesca decided to take a chance and have a fling with Sam but things will get completed when his daughter shows up.

Sam Reese was thrilled when Francesca said she wanted no strings but things will get completed. Sam will find himself face to face with a daughter he had no knowledge about. He was out of depth handling a twelve year but he will find help from Francesca.

The Sassy One is the second book to the series Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road by Susan Mallery. I really loved this book. I am taken in with the story primarily because it was a really entertaining story. The family is still around and sometimes impossible but you know they love each other.

Francesca is self conscious of what others think about her and is doing her best to prove that she can do what she needs. In walks the complication which is Sam. She wanted a fling but of course you know that will not last especially when something Francesca had not expected happened. Now Sam was a good man but he was out of his limit when it came to children. It was pretty much like that throughout the book, it was like he wanted to pull his hair out in frustration and that whatever he did he screwed up with Kelly. It was realistic and it made me like his character because I was cheering for him to get it right. But with Sam there are more downs than ups.

There were a lot of things that happened within the book that were not just about Francesca and Sam. There was the introduction of Kelly, who is Sam’s daughter, who showed up out of the blue. I liked Kelly. I think Mallery wrote the character well because she certainly acted like a hurt teenager. Then there was the surprise brother. I was thrown with this but knew there was going to be a story with a male Marcelli as there are five stories and four of them are with the sisters. I am looking forward for the newest Marcelli’s story but first I have to read Brenna’s story who will be interacting with her first love. I will be reading her story next.

Under Her Skin

Under Her SkinLexi Titan is in a bind when the loan of two million dollars was owed at the end of the month. Not wanting to go to her father Lexi tried to think how she would get it, then opportunity landed in her lap when Cruz Rodriguez was willing to make a deal. Lexi knew it was a bad idea especially with the past they shared but it was the only way.

Cruz Rodriguez wanted the privilege that went along with the royalty of Texas. He was a self made millionaire but to those of the rich he was still a barrio boy who would amount to nothing. He was going to use Lexi to gain that what he desired. What he didn’t expect was for the old feelings to still be there.

After I read a couple of books from Fool’s Gold series I was expecting Lone Star Sisters to follow the same path of heartwarming tales. Susan Mallery surprises me with this story as it has a little more of an edge to it along side with mystery. There is of course still a heartwarming tale and heartbreaking situations.

The characters of Lexi and Cruz are strong in their own right and each have their own flaws. I felt for Lexi and all that she had to deal with in her personal life. Cruz you felt for but you wanted him to be less cold and to have a way to open up to love. At times he was a hard character to like.

The one thing they shared is sex which is the only thing they were good at together at least in the beginning. I liked that everything started to unravel making the farce of an engagement into something permanent. Of course that is not an easy path to go down especially with problems occurring from a man named Garth. You are introduced to this character and at first you don’t know what to think but it gets pretty clear its personally. I knew that Garth was the illegitimate brother of these sisters but what I wasn’t expecting was the sinister way he was being played out. He wanted to hurt this family that he was estranged from and it all stems from whatever happened to his mother. I really want to know what happened. I have a feeling that he will be the villain throughout but as he will be staring in the fourth book there has to be something redeeming about him.

Now I liked all the sisters so far but the father Jed Titan is one less to be desired. He is an ass to his children and thinks he is the one to rule them all especially with the mind games he play. He is not an easy character to warm up to.

Under Her Skin was a page turner and so far turning out to be a very engaging series. I checked out the other three books already knowing that I would want to read them all in a row. I am especially glad as I want to know what other secrets these books will be uncovering.

Breaking the Eternal Curse

Lucky Break is the third book of the Carly Phillips series Lucky. I have only read this book but from seeing how it ended I am definetily wanting to know how it started and how the cousins found a way around the curse.

Jason Corwin is the big man on campus as he is an ex Olympic Snowboarded but a rumor ended his career and sent him packing home. He started as a carpenter in his home town and as luck would have it a new job would be coming his way. Lauren Perkins was home and things will now be settled between them.

Lauren Perkins was given no choice to leave at seventeen but now she is back if only for a little. Her grandmothers house needs to be fixed and sold. Jason her teenage heartthrob and man she gave her virginity to was the only one available. She wanted to have another chance with Jason if only for the time she was here. And things move into that direction but problems start coming there way as problems with the house start to occur and Jason and Lauren will have to work together to solve the problem and break the curse.

I liked that this was a book of second chances. The third book gives the characters chances to heal which the curse brought to the families and for old feelings to rekindle.  Phillips makes the book steamy with the sex scenes as the two characters are now grown up and know what they are doing.

Lauren and Jason’s characters were steamy and playful which kept the book light but there was a serious side as feelings and thoughts are expressed which makes the book have more depth.

I liked how Phillips created the end to have that ending you were hoping for which helped all of the Corwins and Lauren Perkins. Lucky Break was a great finish.

My Lord Scandal by Emma Wildes

The first book, My Lord Scandal is from the series Notorious Bachelors. Emma Wildes I have not read and from the first book of the series I like her characterization and the plot which grabs you as a romeo and juliet story but there are many clues that will be unmasked as the story continues.

Alex St. James was a younger son and would not inherit. He is fine with that. With more than enough woman and money he was content but now he has a mission. A missing key which he must find for his grandmother. He must breach the home of his families sworn enemy.

Amelia Patton is the daughter of earl and is now thrust into the marriage market. She does not want to be there especially now that she has had a forbidden kiss from a would be thief. She will find his identity and their lives will be interwoven as love blossoms between them. But family will make it difficult as their families are sworn enemies all because of a past discretion.

Alex and Amelia were two characters that pulled you into the story right from the start. Forbidden always brings desire and lust and in their case love will form. I like how Emma Wildes creates these two characters to belong to families which have had a feud for many years.

The feud is not what it appears to be and it is tragic as parts are revealed but for the most part a happy ending is given.

Wildes does a good job as she uncovers the past for our present characters. All side characters were also well written and involved to make sure they were not forgotten.

My Lord Scandal was a delight to read with the sensual characters and interwoven plot that pulls you into the world of forbidden love and the consequences that go along.