Lori Foster’s, “Jamie”

Finally I read the last book “Jamie”.  Finally the character of Jamie would be explained.  Throughout all the books Jamie has been around giving mysteries advice.  Knowing what others were thinking and see into the future.  He was responsible for the happy couples of Visitation.

The story line is that Jamie, who lives isolated onto of the mountain finds a woman stranded in the forest huddle and shivering on the ground.  He unclothes her and carries her to his cabin.  The moment he sees her, he wants her but from experience he is caution.  The woman that Jamie was carrying to his cabin wakes up and says “Jamie”.  The woman, Faith, has been looking for Jamie.  She needs his help and much more.  As the two of them get to know each other you find out about Jamie’s time at the institute research where he was tested on and Faith’s child which she is protecting, and who sent Faith to Jamie.

Outside of Faith and Jamie there is still Alyx who is getting tired of chasing Scott around but she loves him.  There is a new comer to town Becky, who has other plans of her own.

This was a really great book to read.  I liked actually hearing about Jamie and having much more communication rather than him popping into a few scenes then leaving.  You actually got to know how Jamie came to be and about his past.  It is always interesting hearing about the characters past.  I think the book was a perfect end to the Visitation series.