Raphael has decided it was time to bring the fight to the Europeans. He needed to send a message especially after the most recent attempt to harm his vampires and his Cyn. He will travel to Paris and bring the fight to Laurent who had taken over after Mathilda.

Relentless is a novella, number 11.5, of the series Vampires in America by D. B. Reynolds. I really loved this novella though maybe not as much as the others. The beginning certainly pulled me in with the shooting. There were several parts in the middle that were a little slow for me but the fight scenes were good. It is always amazing how much power Raphael truly has. What I loved was the interplay between Raphael and Cyn which is always something I love to read.

So part of the book was introducing Quinn who will be the next Lord of Ireland, which will be the next book that is coming out this year. I am interested in learning more about Quinn in his book. Though what intrigued me greatly was the woman he had followed at the end of the story. I am sensing that she will be like Buffy the vampire slayer, but time will tell.

I am reading Vampires in America: The Vignettes Vol 2 next.


Christian Duvall was determined to be the Lord of the South. All he needed to do was defeat any challengers as Anthony, the present lord, was stepping down. Although, Christian will find that Anthony will be a lot of trouble especially with the woman Christian wanted.

Natalie Vivant Gaudet was a forensic accountant who was working for Anthony but only because he had blackmailed her. She will be working at the office when Christian walks into the office. Natalie will instantly want Christian and she will do what she can to protect him.

Christian is the tenth book to the series Vampires in America by D.B. Reynolds. I really loved this book. I wasn’t sure how I would like Christian since his sire was Mathilda who was very evil. Christian for me was a character I could easily like. He was a warrior and had good intentions with wanting to be the Lord of the South. He was also very strong, much stronger than any other vampire had known. This helped with the fight scenes which were in the book and the challenges, and those fight scenes were intense. Natalie was a smart woman being a forensic account, which I loved. I thought that in the beginning she was a little too much with the desire for Christian but I of course wanted them together. I did like that she was a woman who could handle herself. She was by no means like Cyn but she could handle some of the bad things that had come her way.

Anthony was a very devious lord. I disliked him right away as he tried to cheat and used his vampire powers to do that. I was horrified that he wanted Natalie and would use his mind control to make her want him. Luckily Christian was a strong enough vampire to stop Anthony before Natalie’s fate was sealed.

I am reading Compelled next.

Vampires Are Forever

It seems to be I am getting caught up in the Argeneau Family series by Lynsay Sands as I have now read the eighth book, Vampires Are Forever.

Inez Urso works for the Argeneau business and is now promoted to vice president. Inez likes her job but is annoyed when she has to wake up at 5 am to pick up Thomas Argeneau. But trouble doesn’t start until Inez takes on the task of helping him locate Marguerite. She will soon discover that Thomas’s allegery to the sun is the least of her worries.

Thomas Argeneau has one thing on his mind finding Marguerite. The added burden of Inez was not something Thomas was looking forward to even if he liked how she looked or liked her yelling in another language. Of course when Thomas finds out Inez is more special to him, his lifemate, he must keep her safe. It is hard to do when Inez keeps getting her memory wiped from an unknown immortal. Together they will try to find the immortal only to find more danger.

I liked that this book focused on finding Marguerite who seemed to be missing the entire time which is leading up to her story which is the next one in the series. Now of course the story is really focused on the two main characters Inez and Thomas. I liked how Sands created Inez to be afraid and apprehensive of Thomas when she found out the truth. It was humorous to read as she started to accept who immortals were.

Thomas I liked as a character as he wasn’t so moody as the rest of the family and he had a hidden talent, music. Of course he was moody about his music and what others would think of it.

Sands created this book to be a little more action in the fighting sense. There was more violence especially when it came to what happens to Inez. At the end of the book you are left with a cliffhanger which will hopefully be found out in the next book with Marguerite at the center of attention.

Zen and the Art of Vampires by Katie MacAlister

Pia Thomason wants what she seemed not to be able to get. So she goes on a romantic tour of Europe for singles. The trip is not what Pia was hoping for then things get interesting when not one but two men show up needing something from Pia. She ends up giving into these two men, Kristoff and Alec. They will get her heart but who will she end up with.

Zen and the Art of Vampires at first this was a little confusing. Katie MacAlister had Pia’s named be called something else which got a little confusing.

I liked that she had two men after her but if I had to pick I liked Kristoff better. She is picked for him but happy endings are not in the card for Pia in this book.

I find it interesting that this is the first time the Beloved is not happy at  the end of the book. She is not with the man she is supposed to be. I liked that MacAlister creates the story so the reader has to guess and wait for Pia’s story to continue. Katie MacAlister finishes Zen and the Art of Vampires with an unfinished ending but Pia will be back and her ending will be found in the eighth book. Will Pia be finally able to settle down with her Dark One in Crouching Vampires Hidden Fang?

Unfinished Business by Nora Roberts

If you want a quick romance check out Nora Robert’s Unfinished Business.

Vanessa Sexton is an accomplished pianist coming back home to rest. But there are troubles that Vanessa will now have to face. She will have to find out what really happened with her parents and then to the boy that she loved.

This is a romance from Roberts gives the reader a look inside a family that has been estranged for reasons that are still unknown to the daughter. I liked how Roberts delviges into the story and leaves the last clue to the end. You stay involved with Vanessa’s character and throughout the story.