Charming Sir Charles

Sir Charles had been courting Lady Norwood but she was oblivious to his attempts. Charles knew that he had to step up his attempts and he will get the chance with the help of Sally’s niece.

Lady Norwood, Sally, was escorting her niece Meg. Sally was happy with the season especially as Meg had a suitor, Sir Charles. Sally thought they would be a good match but she was conflicted as she wanted him, though she knew she could never have him.

Charming Sir Charles is the fifth novella to the series Dashing Widows by Anna Campbell. I was a little disappointed with this novella. It really didn’t have anything to do with the plot as I liked the idea of the plot. A younger man (only by four years) was wanting a mature woman instead of a school lady who would be eighteen. This plot had promise but for me it was slow going and not as fun as the other. The reason for me was Sally’s character. I thought Sally was a good woman and was trying to do what was right but she was so unsure. She drove me a little crazy with the switch of wanting Charles and then not wanting him. I just wanted her to make the decision. I also just wasn’t connecting with her character.

After reading this one from Anna Campbell I am hoping that the sixth novella from the Dashing Widows will be better. When the sixth story comes out I will give it a try and hope for the best.

The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne

Picking up the book you think it is about a little old lady, first image I got in my head, but that is all wrong in the case of The Little Lady Agency novel.

Melissa Romeny-Jones can bake a perfect sponge cake, type her little heart out, and plan a party blindfolded.  But none of that has helped her get far in life or in love.  When she gets fired-again-she decides to market her impeccable social skills to single men.  To avoid embarrassing her father, a Member of Parliament, Melissa dons a blond wig and becomes Honey, a no-nonsense bombshell who helps clueless bachelors shop, entertain, and navigate social minefields.  A confident Mary Poppins in silk stockings, she even attends parties if a client needs a “date”.

So far, Melissa has kept her adventures as Honey a secret from her snobby family.  But when an intriguing new client, dashing American Jonathan Riley, starts to request Honey’s services on a regular basis, Honey’s and Melissa’s worlds are sure to collide.  She’s recently attended three weddings as Honey, and one as Melissa…it was only a matter of time before she’d have to attend a wedding as both at the same time!

This novel is definetly an original.  I have not read anything like this book.  It was cute, quirky, witty and very charming.

I thought that there were very unique characters especially Melissa aka Honey.  I love how Melissa tries this agency only to find herself being pursued by a man that paid for sex.  Being a good girl she leaves being out raged.  Of course the clever thing is Melissa starting her own agency.  I like Melissa’s character starts an agency to help the men as a girlfriend.  No sex allowed or real dating.

I loved her friends but hated her father.  He was a jackass but he got what was coming to him in the end, which was nice to read about.

I found this novel refreshing with that there was no sex.  It wasn’t needed.  All you had was Melissa’s life which was wacky and intriguing to read about.  The first book of the series Little Lady Agency is worth reading.