Seduction by the Book

Picking up Seduction by the Book I did not know this went along with Her Sexy Valentine with Carol Snow. But Seduction by the Book is the first book which introduces this unique book club.

Gabrielle Pope had one purpose and that is to start an erotic book club where the women would find new meaning to seduction. Gabrielle will have each pick an erotic book and find the man they need to experiment on. The women, Cassie Goodwin, Page Sharpe, Wendy Trainer, and Jacqueline Mays will all be able to complete their tasks except for the last member Carol Snow who will have her own story later on.

The pages will literally sizzle as you read Stephanie Bonds book. The four short stories are steamy leaving you wanting more. Bond keeps the characters unique in their sexual desires and witty attributes. Stephanie Bond keeps the stories short and too the point and you will not be disappointed unless you are looking for four novels on these woman.