The Stolen Mackenzie Bride

Malcolm Mackenzie was the youngest of the Mackenzie brothers and the wildest but that will all change when he sees Lady Mary. Mal will want Mary and will change his ways but it will be difficult to be together in the time of war.

Lady Mary Lennox was being the dutiful daughter but when she sees the wild highlander something inside her changes. Mary will find herself helping secure her sisters future and changing the path of her own.

The Stolen Mackenzie Bride is the eighth book to the series Mackenzies/Highland Pleasures series by Jennifer Ashley. I really enjoyed this book. This series has been one that I have loved since the very first book with Lord Ian.

I thought this story was interesting with the history of the family that I had loved reading about. It was interesting to read that what the history was to believed over the years was not exactly as it was thought to be, especially when it came to the fate of the Mackenzies. Although, I will say that with all the brothers in the story it was a little distracting. I almost wanted to just focus on one brother which was Malcolm. Then again as the story progressed I became invested with the brothers.

Malcolm’s character was a man of honor even though he was a wild one. I liked that when he saw Mary, he knew that Mary was the only woman for him. Mal fought for his family and the ones he loved. Mary’s character was a proper daughter who did what she was told. I liked that even though she was that type of person she had a backbone, and that backbone grew with her interactions with Mal at her side.

I thought that this was a great finish to a series.

One Night with a Cowboy

One Night with a CowboyTucker Jenkins was not looking for anyone special but he will be immediately interested in Becca. After one steamy night his thoughts will be focused on her but seeing her again was not possible with the distance. Tuck will be shocked to find out that she will not be in New York but right at the college he worked at.

Becca Hart was ready for a new start after losing her job and boyfriend all in the same day. She will get a fresh start in Oklahoma as an associate professor. The only problem was the one night stand she had happened to be working at the same college.

One Night with a Cowboy is the first book in the series Oklahoma Nights by Cat Johnson. This was my first time reading anything from Cat Johnson and was I was not disappointed. I thought the book was good and was entertaining to read, and of course the cover on the book isn’t too bad to look at.

Alright so this book starts out pretty simple with Becca who is heartbroken, well not too heartbroken, but is encouraged to let loose. Becca will have a steamy hot one night stand. The steamy attraction does not die overnight between Becca and Tuck as they will still have it throughout the book. The only problem is that they are fighting a real relationship. Becca is just out of a relationship while Tuck doesn’t want anything serious. Of course that will only last so long.

I liked Becca’s character who took a chance, which was risky, though it was what she needed at the time. She was shy but passionate, especially with Tuck. Tuck’s character was not the cliche cocky cowboy, although he had his moments. Now from the cover you think its going to be all about sex but it wasn’t. There was a romance that was building between them, but there was a problem at the school. Faculty members were not allowed to date. In order to save Becca’s job Tuck will find a way to distance himself. I thought it was a little much when Tuck thought about how to distance himself but it got you to the happy ending.

I will be reading Emma’s story next.

A Dangerous Love

A Dangerous LoveViscount Emilian St. Xavier was a half blood, half English and half Rom. He was stuck in two places where he did not know where he belonged. He will long for his Rom family and now want revenge for his mother but there will be someone who will divert his attention, Ariella.

Ariella de Warenne lived her life with independence and did not care about society. She will not be drawn towards any suitor until she meets the wild Rom, Emilian. She will want him but will not be prepared for the heartache that would follow.

A Dangerous Love is the eleventh book to the series De Warenne Dynasty by Brenda Joyce. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There was love, betrayal, pain, heartbreak and lust.

Now this is not a love story that is perfect. There are ups and downs, though a lot more downs especially on Emilian’s side. He kept being cruel to push Ariella away. They were of two different types of people, he was a Rom and she was an Englishwoman. I liked Emilian because even when he was being cruel he was doing it to save Ariella. Now Ariella was sweet and independent. I felt annoyed at times how she would not give up and kept forgiving Emilian, she should have stayed mad at him for a little longer I think. There was one part in the book which had me thinking a happy ending was not going to happen. In that scene a tragedy happened and there was actually conflict which was heartbreaking.

I will definitely be back to this series to find out more on the family.

Once Upon a Winter’s Eve

once upon a winter's eveViolet Winterbottom was sent to Spindle Cove like many other girls before her but not many went to find out if they were expecting a child. Violet gave the one thing she was supposed to give to a husband to the man she loved. Crushed that he left Violet knew to get on with her life. It has now been a year and she was to come back into society but on her last night at Spindle Cove a man will stagger into the ballroom and fall at her feet.

Once Upon a Winter’s Eve is a novella in the Spindle Cove series from Tessa Dare who really can’t go wrong with her books. It seems no matter what I will just keep reading from this author. With her two novellas that I have read I loved them and very quick to read. I read about Diana and Aaron first as I was waiting for this one to come available.

What surprised me with this novella was that there was a lot going on. It was non stop action once you found out that this mystery man was indeed the man that Violet loved. It was interesting as it did not seem like it but he quickly clears up the confusion, that is once they are away from others who would be listening to them. I liked that this dealt with a little espionage which gave a little more action to the book. Violet was a great character as she was very smart and knew many languages which helped her understand the intruder/Christian.

I was wondering how the ending would play out as Christian was a spy and needed to keep his identity intact. I was pleasantly surprised with the ending which lets Christian and Violet have an adventure along with a happy ending.

I can’t wait to read my next book from Tessa Dare. I don’t have anything in mind right now but I know eventually I will get back to the author.


IrresistibleClaire Banning was on her way home when her carriage was stopped and she was grabbed. Claire fought hard to get away only to be taken by a different man. She is thrust onto a ship and finds they think her to be spy.

Hugh Battancourt grabbed the woman he thought was a french spy but as he spends time with this woman he is not so sure. Soon he will believe her and let her go but he knows that he will be seeing her soon.

Irresistible is the second book to Banning Sisters series from Karen Robards. I loved this book. It was definitely romance but not an easy one where nothing bad happens. There was more mystery and a lot of adventure that flowed through the book, which I loved reading.

Claire was the beautiful one of the sisters but probably at this point the most miserable one of the sisters. She didn’t love her husband and was now kidnapped. I liked that she didn’t give up and kept trying her best to tell them that they were not the woman they were looking for. Hugh was a mystery. He was a spy for one thing and took his job very seriously. He was hard but had a sense of humor and a seductive way about him that made Claire melt eventually. The spying played more into the story than the first one and it was well done. Chemistry was also really well done by Robards. It was steamy between them once they were through with the kidnapping but it was not instant as they were both strong characters and did not give up easily.

I was not sure how this book was going to continue when Hugh was to be out of her life but there is a twist with who Hugh really is which was well done. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a happy ending with the two since Claire was married but there will be once again a twist that will give Claire and Hugh a happy ending.

Now the villain in the book would have to be the person who was attempting to kidnap Claire in the first place or it is really the person who ordered the men to kidnap her. I was surprised by the villain but Robards explains why they were doing this to Claire.

Beth’s story is next and I can’t wait to read how her story will go.

The Promise in a Kiss

The Promis in a KissHelena Rebecce de Stansion Comtesse d’Lisle meet a dangerous man seven years ago and he left with a kiss. Seven years later she sees him in the ballroom and he is still that dangerous man. She will be tempted but keeps him at bay though circumstances will keep him close to her.

Sebastian Cynster, Duke of St. Ives meet Helena by chance seven years ago and now that he has her in his sights once again he was not going to miss his chance. Sebastian will seduce Helena but will learn that something is going on that she is hiding.

The Promise in a Kiss is the eighth book of the Cynster series from Stephanie Laurens. I picked up a few books of the series to continue the path of reading the Cynsters. I was surprised to read it was a prequel to the Cynsters. This book is about how Devil’s parents came to be. I didn’t know who this couple was at first which is why I am very happy to see the timeline that Laurens gives in the book.

So the book was good. It was shorter than most of her books but still with a good amount of detail and intrigue to keep the reader going. I liked how strong Helena was especially when it came to protecting her sister from the blackmail of their uncle. I remember from the first book with Devil she was still that same woman being strong and resilient. Sebastian was charming and had that Cynster style when it came to the woman and doing the right thing. I liked that there was a little danger and mystery which brought Helena and Sebastian closer together without them knowing it at first.

Amelia and Amanda, the Cynster twins, will be up next stirring up their own trouble each with their own book.


SeductionDominic Paget, Earl of Bedford, was injured and now has no idea where he is only that he is being helped by a beautiful woman who looks to be the enemy according to her radical views. Dominic will have to stay silent about his identity not knowing who to trust.

Julianne Greystone is radical for the French. Being British she had to watch what she says and to whom but Julianne believed in her views. Her radical ways will get her in trouble as she falls for a man who is not whom she thought to be. She will also find out that life in London will not be kind to her views or to her heart as she is still in love with Dominic.

I was pulled into Seduction right away as Brenda Joyce has a way with words and how she can write a plot and describe her characters. Reading the second book already I knew I would like this book and I was right. I kept reading until the last page.

This is a romance story but it is more of course as there is betrayal and lots of betrayal on both sides. Dominic was doing more for malicious intent, well to a point, as he knew a life with her would never be. Julianne’s betrayal was to save the lives of others even though she knew she would be hurting another. There is of course a happy ending at the end but once again it was tough to get there for Julianne and Dominic. It seemed everything was pulling them apart from their views to the people around them. I liked that they had to fight to get that happy ending.

In the story you are introduced to Jake and and Lucas who are Amelia and Julianne’s brothers. Jake will be in the third book which I am interested in reading but wonder if Lucas will have his own story as well.

The Devil in Disguise

The Devil in DisguiseLord William Randall, the Duke of Clairemont or known as Iron Will has been given a mission and that is to protect Lucinda Grey. Will knows its no hardship as she was a beautiful woman. He will find himself falling for this woman but he cannot forget his duty.

Lady Lucinda Grey has heard all the same comments from all different suitors over and over. She wanted something more. Lucinda will be surprised when it comes to her in the form of the infamous Duke of Clairemont “Iron Will”. She will be scandalized with his proposal but will except.

Stefanie Sloane is a brand new author for me. I will say I liked it. It was fun and had adventure in the book with a some what tamed villain. There was no big surprise moment but it was fast and enjoyable to read. You knew what would happen when Lucinda would find out the truth of what Will was doing and without a doubt tears and betrayal follow but Sloane wrote the scene well.

I found that I liked Lucinda as she was intelligent and was passionate character. Will was a contradiction which made him all the more interesting. The rogue who only plays one for a cover but the man behind the mask is the best kind of gentleman. I would be interested in reading more from her.

How to Abduct a Highland Lord

Fiona MacLean is in need to marry Black Jack Kincaid and with not a moment to spare. It did not help that the man was mostly unconscious but the safety of her family was in dismay. Fiona thought it would be easy as they had shared a passion years ago but she finds that he is just the same. Fiona will make it her mission to teach her husband that he can’t control her but danger will come into play as her life will soon be threatened.

Black Jack Kincaid had no desire to be married. Although the choice in wives Jack was not altogether displeased as Fiona still had that passion he knew many years ago. Jack soon found out that he had other things to worry him other than a wife who told him his old ways were done, he also had to worry about her brothers and someone who would want to harm his wife he is starting to fall for.

How to Abduct a Highland LordI am new to this author Karen Hawkins whom I stumbled upon raiding through the aisles of the library in the romance section. What got me was the cover of the book as it looked like it could be a book with humor. Reading How to Abduct a Highland Lord was quick, easy, sexy and altogether fun. There was humor laced throughout the book and some jealousy along with brother protection, which I loved. What I did not expect was a paranormal aspect where the curse for the MacLean’s tends toward the weather. The rain was comical especially as it was controlled by the emotions of the MacLean’s and when they were angry you did not want to be the source of the anger.

The byplay with the brothers and their sister was fun. I love it when authors give a big family a series as there is a lot to go with. I always think back to Julia Quinn’s series the Bridgertons. The main character of Black Jack was fantastic as the rogue and someone you fell for. Fiona was a riot as she did what she wanted but naive of what would happen especially when she came upon a competitor. I have to say I was not sure of the villain until the very end and a little surprised at the venom from this person but it made sense.  After finding Karen Hawkins I know I will not be done with the author especially as I have several brothers to get through in the MacLean Curse series.

Lessons from a Scandalous Bride

Miss Cleopatra Hadley is on a mission to find a husband and she has her eye on an elderly gentleman reaching his eighties. He was the perfect person as he would not be able to sire any children which would keep Cleo from making her mothers same mistakes. As she is about to complete this mission a new man comes her way making her heart feel things she never experienced.

Lord Logan McKinney is in need of an heiress for him family and home. He had set his sights on one woman but another has his attention. She is about to become engaged but Logan will not have that happen as he believes she is the one that will be a perfect fit with him.

Lessons from a Scanalous BrideIt was only by chance that I had come across the book Lessons from a Scandalous Bride. This is the second book of the Forgotten Princesses series. As I like reading the series together I also grabbed Sophie Jordan’s first book again, Wicked in Your Arms, just to refresh myself with the story.

For me I love how Jordan keeps her characters well developed and intriguing throughout the story. The plot is simple but with the past that is driving these characters you are given a lot in the book. I loved how Cleo was determined to not become her mother but the ever persistent Logan was not giving her any room to flee. Throughout the book there is no real villain like in the first book. Cleo and Logan do though make it hard on themselves as to admitting their own feelings leaving it only to the very end. I thought the ending though was very touching and left you on a very happy note.

This was a charming story and I like that Jordan introduces another half sister making her most likely the next leading lady to have her own book.