Say Yes to the Marquess

Say Yes to the MarquessClio Whitmore was tired of waiting for her fiance, Piers Brandon, to get her to the alter. After eight years she was done waiting. She wanted out of her engagement and to do that she had to talk to Piers brother Rafe. But Rafe will not want her to get out of the engagement. She will be shocked when he will start to plan the wedding.

Say Yes to the Marquess is the second book to the series Castles Ever After by Tessa Dare. I really liked this novel. It was cute and charming.

Clio’s character is a woman who wants to now live life and it was only fair since she had waited over eight years for a man who had made a promise to her. Clio I think was strong for being able to finally walk away and for taking control of her life. I liked the idea that she had come up with to make a living. Then there is Rafe’s character who is a prizefighter and very rough around the edges. I liked Rafe but he was at times a little too controlling when it came to making sure he got his way. Although he was a good man as he was just trying to make sure that he did right by his brother. He was especially being a good man as the woman his brother was to marry was someone he wanted.

The ending was sweet and charming. I liked how Dare resolved some issues that were coming between the characters which gave the happy ending.

I am reading the third book next.

The Pirate and The Cowboy

The Pirate, The Adventure & The CowboyThe Pirate

Katherine Inskip needed a vacation and her friends decided to help her. They will arrange for Katherine to have a vacation for one month on an island. Katherine will be upset but will find that the island might be interesting especially with the captivating Jared Hawthorne.

I liked the story. It was definitely a quick read for me. I found Katherine’s character entertaining with her attitude. She was not a mean person just overworked. I liked Jared’s character. He was a confident man, a little cocky, but overall a good man. Within the book there is a mystery with what is happening on the island which is what Katherine will stumble upon.

The Cowboy

Margaret Lark has to go to her father who is dating her ex’s mother. She doesn’t want anything to do with her ex, Rafe Cassidy, as she had been hurt a year ago. She didn’t want to reopen that wound but Rafe will not let her forget what they had and he will be persistent.

I really liked the third book which concludes the trilogy. I liked Margaret’s character who was fueled by anger still over the man that she had loved. I liked that she fought hard to keep her guard up around him as she did not want to be pulled back in. Rafe’s character was the smooth one with a killer instinct. Though you will find that Rafe is not quite the ruthless business man he once was. So the story was simple but it kept me interested with the characters and with a side mystery. Someone was leaking information to the enemy and Rafe will have to find out who. The choices are limited so you could guess easily but I liked it nevertheless.

Once Upon a Wedding Night

Once Upon a Wedding NightLady Meredith Brookshire was in trouble. The new lord was coming to claim his inheritance and she would be out on the street as she knew he had to be like his brother, the previous lord. She will make up a lie of being pregnant but will find out that Nick was not a man that could be fooled.

Nicholas Caulfield had no desire for the new status in his life. He will take the title reluctantly and will be interested in helping the widow, that is until he finds out that she lied to him. Once he knows that she can’t be trusted he wanted to make sure that she is out of his life, the best way was to marry her off.

Once Upon a Wedding Night is a standalone novel by Sophie Jordan. I liked this novel. I thought that it was a good romance novel that pulled me into the story. Sophie Jordan had me wanting to know more about both characters of Meredith and Nick. I wanted to know what had happened in their past that made them how they were.

The story was simple between Nick and Meredith. It was a story of mistrust that grew to love, at least it turned to love when they let themselves love. The person who needed to let go of their past was Nick. Though for Nick that was difficult because he was far too jaded which resulted in becoming mistrustful. Meredith might not have been mistrustful but she lacked confidence. The loss of confidence was due to her husband not wanting her from the moment they had wed. I do like that she found some confidence when Nick showed that he wanted her. The romance between Meredith and Nick was shaky at best. There were plenty of ups and downs with them because Nick did not want to want her. Though don’t worry because they will get it right.

The Sparkling One

The Sparkling OneKatie Marcelli is a party planner and is landing a big job. The problem was the man who hired her, Zach Stryker, was too good looking and looked liked he was going to become her sisters Father-in-law, and he wanted nothing more to stop the wedding.

Zach Stryker knew that his son was marrying too young at eighteen. He just had to prove that his son was making a mistake but Zach will be distracted by the older sister of his son’s fiance.

The Sparkling One is the first book to the series Marcellie Sisters of Pleasure Road by Susan Mallery. I have to say that I really liked this book. It flew by as I wanted to know how Katie and Zach would find a way to be with each other.

I liked Katie’s character. She was a strong, independent woman but she was still timid when standing up to her family. Katie will have her moment which will have me cheering for her. Zach’s character I thought would be ruthless with this family but he really wasn’t. He was just a worried father. Now when Katie and Zach do find that they have chemistry the pages will sizzle. I really liked them together as they were perfect for each other, they just had to figure it out for themselves.

Alright now Mia I had already read about in the last book of the series, but it has been a while. I will be rereading that book as I go through the series. I liked Mia’s character, she was much more mature than David. Now David wasn’t a bad kid but that is what he was, a kid. I didn’t like how immature David got with what he did but it all turned out for the best.

Susan Mallery sets up the series by giving us insights to these sisters and this crazy family. The grandfather is a piece of work but you know they all love each other. I am going to be reading the second book next which will be all about Francesca.

A Bride Unveiled

a bride unveiledMiss Violet Knowlton fondly remembers the boy, Kit, from her childhood who was a good friend. Now a decade later she will see him once again and he has made a name for himself. She will find that the feelings she felt for him have changed and she is seeing him as a man that she is coming to love.

Kit came from little and was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship that changed the outlook on his life, but he never fought Violet. She was one of the good things in his life and now that he found her a second time he would not let her go.

A Bride Unveiled is the second book to the series Bridal Pleasures from Jillian Hunter. After reading the first book to the series I came to like this one much quicker. There was an ease in which Hunter told the story how Kit and Violet meet and how they became friends. It gave a nice introduction to their characters which made me like them all the better.

Violet was a kind girl who was just doing what she needed to do because that was her character. She does break out of the mold when it comes to Kit which is expected and nice to read. Their courtship is not fiery but definitely passion filled and sweet especially as they have been friends a decade ago. Kit became something with his trade as a swordsman and has done well as women flock to him and men want to be taught by him. I like that their meeting was by chance but everything after was planned to be close to each other, Kit was more active with pursuing but Violet was not standing on the sidelines.

I don’t have anymore of her books in my pile but I will be on the lookout for the next book of hers I find.

Ruined by Moonlight

Ruined by MoonlightLady Elena Morrow will wake up dizzy and confused at her surroundings especially when she sees that there is a man next to her in bed. Elena will be shocked and horrified when she sees that it is the rake Viscount Andrews. They will be at a loss at why they were taken, but with each moment they stay together a temptation will build between them and soon the resistance to that temptation will fall.

Ruined by Moonlight is the first book to Whispers of Scandal series from Emma Wildes. I have only read a several of her books but have found them to be engaging and something I wouldn’t mind reading again. This books follows that same mold as the rest but what this had going for it was it completely surprised me in the direction this story was going.

At first I had thought it would be a love story with Elena and Ben but then I found that Ben was married and it didn’t seem likely he would stray from his wife. So that left Viscount Andrews or known as Ran. He was a rake and was thoroughly against marriage and only went into affairs with married woman. Elena was completely the opposite of what he wanted as she was innocent and still a debutant. That doesn’t mean that Ran will not avoid temptation altogether nor will Elena. Of course before then they tried to find out who had kidnapped them.

The other couple that was prominent in the book were Lord and Lady Heathton, Ben and Alicia. Ben mostly worked as a spy in his old life which was why he was on the search for Elena. He does his job well but there will still be the question of who brought them to that tower. That is a thought that stayed with me throughout the entire book. I was waiting for some evil doer to be revealed but Wildes surprised me with the outcome and now I can’t wait to read the next book from the series that has Ben playing detective again.

Always a Scoundrel

Always A ScoundrelLord Bramwell Johns is a second son of a duke and a famed scoundrel who never knew a wager he didn’t like. He has done everything he could to tarnish his reputation but now he will do everything to save this woman.

Lady Rosamund “Rose” Davies has done everything she could do to keep her family in order. Now she is being sold off to pay her brother’s debt to a scoundrel. She will look to another scoundrel to help save her.

Always A Scoundrel is the third and final book to the Notorious Gentleman series by Suzanne Enoch. After finishing all the book from this series I will have to say this was a great series but for me this book was my favorite out of the three. I started the book late into the evening and could not put down the book. This was mostly because I wanted to see Rose be able to fight away her soon betrothed and to see how Bram was using his skill on Rose at the same time changing into a better man.

I guess what I really liked about this story was the transformation that happens with Bram. He is everything bad and almost cruel but he slowly changes and becomes more honorable to more than just his close friends. Rose also has a transformation where she starts to think about herself and not her family.

I have to say her family were a little selfish but not in the mean spirited way. I wanted to shake James and knock him down for what he was doing to his sister, for making her marry the blackguard after he lost the money. James does get better but not very quickly. Our enemy is certainly Rose’s intended and he is a horrible man who is set on destroying the innocence of Rose. He will start to succeed but Rose will seek for another to educate her. There will be a lot of education happening between Rose and Bram throughout the book.

Always a Scoundrel was a great finish to the Notorious Gentleman series.

Against the Sun

Against the SunJake Cantrell was not one to take orders especially from the people he watched over but Sage Dumont did just that. He would stick with his job no matter how attracted he was starting to feel towards Sage, but that will be pushed to the side when the threats start getting closer to her.

Sage Dumont was a strong businesswoman and did things her way. She will be furious with her grandfather for making her have a bodyguard because of the deal she was about to make, but Sage will soon learn that have Jake Cantrell was not a bad thing.

Kat Martin’s sixth book, Against the Sun, is from Raines of Wind Canyon keeps up the action with some foreign visitors but a similar plot with threats coming close to the woman that these Ranger men seem to get attached too. Now the characters of Jake and Sage to me were very much alike with their need to be in charge, so there is a little battle but soon they find a way to handle the situation. I liked Sage and the strength she had in the business world but she also wanted to help those who couldn’t like the daughter of the sheik. Then there was Jake who was a fantastic bodyguard. He was someone you wanted protecting you especially from the bad guy who was not someone I was expecting.

I loved the fact that the guys from previous books are mentioned and come into play with the story and more are added. With the way that Martin adds characters this series could keep going for a long time which is not a bad thing.

The Birthday Scandal

The Birthday ScandalDuke of Weybridge knows that everyone loves a scandal and a surprise, he will be planning one for his birthday that will involve his family. He will make sure that Lucien, Emily and Isabel will be given what they need to find their own happiness.

The Birthday Scandal is a novel from Leigh Michaels. At the start of the book I had a feeling how the story would be progressing and who was involved with manipulating the siblings to find that happiness that they never had. The one person was obvious and as the story went on the other was pretty clear, but it was a fun and a sweet story to read even as it was predictable.

The Duke was one that you liked and there was a funny surprise at the end that had me laughing. Now the actions of the siblings and the love interests were also engaging to read about. Most once again was predictable but you wanted to keep going with the story as it was enjoyable. Each sibling and love interest were intriguing to read about and the problems that were around them. I loved that each of them created a scandal at the party making the title relevant. The ending gives a new beginning for all the characters that leaves you smiling.

Being Dumped Was Never This Hard

Chloe Patterson though her live was going pretty great. She was excited about her fiancee and the baby that was now on the way. She had not told him but knew he would be excited. That was until she got dumped by a letter he sent by fedex. A letter exclaiming he got married to Meredith his secretary.

Now all Chloe has to do is get away before Todd finds out. That seemed possible until Simon, Todd’s older brother starts hanging around. It seemed impossible but Chloe starts to feel things for Simon. It was an impossible situation but it looked like Simon was not one to give up.

Patricia Kay wrote a sweet romance in Wrong Goom, Right Bride. Although this book was frustrating to read there was a perfect happy ending that suited to the plot of the story.

Kay writes Chloe to be down in her luck  and the reader feels immediately for her character and lets them despise Todd, Meredith and the mother with good reason. Simon’s character is fantastic as he doesn’t let his mother rule him and if he wants something he goes after it.

Kay gives surprises through the book and gives the reader satisfaction at the end with how Chloe’s life ends happily.