I Want You To Want Me

Erika Todd has taken cue from her friend and has moved to New Orleans for a new start. As a sculpture working anywhere was not a problem, the problem was bumping into Vittorio who was also living in his brothers building. Erika knows that this is the man from the psychic reading but is frustrated when he gives her the cold shoulder. Of course the cold shoulder thaws and she will get her wish.

Vittorio Ridgewood is avoiding these woman like the plague especially as they started to die around him. That is why when he sees Erika he puts her at arms length but eventually he can’t stop what he feels and gives in. Vittorio will keep her close as he knows that danger could take Erika away from him and as its almost too late does he realize the villain.

I Want You To Want Me was a great sequel to the first in the series New Orleans Vampires. I liked that Kathy Love followed up a story with Ren’s brother Vittorio. I loved how she put the two characters of Vittorio and Erika together. Both were wary of each other but there was desire that pulled at the right strings.

It was interesting with Erika who was dreaming these horrible nightmares that would later come to the forefront. I liked that Love gave Erika a paranormal ability to a point, it gave a connection for the two characters.

Love keeps the story though lighthearted with humor and fun plot but this time adds in a little mystery. Of course throughout the book you understood who the bad guy was once Love gives certain info but you are left wondering why until the end.

Any Way You Want It

Maggie Gallagher is on vacation from her work with her two friends. After a break up with her boyfriend her friends encouraged a fling with a musician who started to pay attention to her. Maggie will throw caution to the wind and follow the music.

Renauldo D’Antoni now goes as Ren Anthony for a modern take on his name. As a composer years ago music has been his passion and as a vampire he has had plenty time to work on his music. Now Ren will find a woman who is not like the others. He will find himself wanting her but is scared by keeping her would be unfair.

I really liked Any Way You Want It by Kathy Love. I had started the series a while ago with the fourth book. This book was fun in the sense that Love keeps it lighthearted with humor and an easy plot to follow. I liked the different take she did on vampires. In the book Ren was a vampire but he was also a lampir, a vampire that sucks the energy instead of biting the person. With most of the vampire books it is a bite on the neck. Its nice to read about vampires with a little twist, but still the classic vampires will always be wanted.

Crystal Gardens

Not knowing that Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz had a new release I happily took the book from my grab and go section in my library. Crystal Gardens is the latest paranormal romance book and the first book of the new series Flint & Marsh.

Evangeline Ames is a paid companion but that is not all she does. She  is a writer and secret investigator in high society, but now she is on break. Two attempted murders in the same year is tough on a person. Evangeline manged to avoid the second attempt by going into her nearest neighbor, the Crystal Gardens.

Lucas Sebastian owns the Crystal Gardens and takes intruders seriously especially with the recent passing of his Uncle. Lucas helps the damsel but the danger doesn’t stop when the intruder drops dead. Lucas will help protect Evangeline but he will soon find out the villain might want something of his as well.

With passion, the Crystal Gardens and their paranormal abilities in high gear Evangeline and Lucas will come together. But there will not be a moments peace as treasure hunters are around at every corner and would be murders.

Reading and loving most of Amanda Quick’s books I knew that Crystal Gardens would be enjoyable before I flipped to the first page. Now saying all that I am torn as I went to read I found myself thinking of the other arcane society books and how this feels familiar. That was a little disappointing until I went further into the story and you are swept into the story.

The story line yes is similar to the others with a mysterious item or powers and the two main characters are both powerful with their abilities, but Quick brings in twists or little surprises to keep you invested.

With Quick she gets you in with the intrigue the plot and characters generate through the pages. You want to know more of the danger and the villain. Or will the two characters ever find that love they were not looking for.

Quick also brings humor and wit to the pages with Lucas’s family and Evangeline’s friends. Without those side characters Crystal Gardens would be a good story but I feel incomplete.

I look forward to how Quick will continue this new series and what other problem will occur in the paranormal way.