For The Love of Lilah by Nora Roberts

The third book, For The Love of Lilah, was amazing as all the other books so far in the series by Nora Roberts. The story of the sisters have intrigued me throughout all the pages so far and the mystery of the necklace is getting closer.

Max is a Professor at Cornell and Lilah works at a nature preservation. The two are completely opposite but fate brings them together when Max is shipped wrecked and Lilah dives into to save him. From the very beginning the two are at each other but Lilah needs more than his lust. She needs him to love her. The two will have some problems as the thief is still in the picture and trying to get the emeralds and he is not working alone.

I like the new addition of Max being with Lilah I like their dynamics in the story. One is a philosopher and the other is about the elements and fate. Perfect opposites. There scenes get steamier than the previous one.

The family are all in the picture still and they learn some new things about the past and who Bianca’s lover was which lead into the next book.

I like that throughout the books you are going back in time to hear the thoughts of Bianca but in the third book it is getting more pronounced. I like the past since Roberts blurs past and present together. It is interesting to read how things are repeating and the family’s of the past are coming into play with the present.

A Man For Amanda by Nora Roberts

There is something easy to Nora Roberts books. The second book of the series Calhoun Women is A Man For Amanda. The second book was a fantastic continuation of the series.

Amanda Calhoun is the practical sister who is the assistant manager at the hotel in town. Sloan is the new architect who is going to help transform the Towers into a functioning hotel. The two automatically butt heads right from the beginning but they will find each other through their own stubbornness and a sneaky new character who wants more than Amanda’s companionship.

The second book of Calhoun Women was a blast to read. There was romance, wit, and humor that drifted through the characters.

I liked that the plot was only a few weeks apart from the first book. It kept the reader in the story and the lives of the sisters. I loved that it was Amanda’s time to find love according to her Aunt and it was in the form of Sloan.

The two characters were a blast to read. There stubborn streak kept the book filled with wit.

I liked that the plot had a little suspense to it. A sneaky character was trying to find the emeralds that had been leaked to the papers. He is not someone you think would do that but very quickly you know his desire. I actually liked that you knew who the bad guy was in this book but you didn’t know his strategy which left you to enjoy the book and to read on to find out his plan.

A Man For Amanda is a delight to read for romance readers. You will fall in love with the Calhoun women.