Bad Boys Online

Bad Boys OnlineBad Boys Online is a collection of three short stories written by Erin McCarthy. This is my first book from the author and I will say it was really good, it was fast pace, straight to the point, had some humor, and non-stop sex. It was amazing how much sex was involved with the characters but as that was a big part of the stories it made sense.

Hard Drive, User Friendly, and Press Any Key are the three titles of McCarthy’s short stories. Each are dealing with a computer and how that started the steamy interaction between co-workers or best friends. This definitely falls into the erotic romance category and yet there is humor as its wildly out there but is still believable for the most part. What I did like about the stories were the characters. They were all developed well enough for such a short story and what kept the stories going was the straight to the point style McCarthy wrote. For me short stories can be hard to get into but there are authors who write them well, McCarthy gives the reader a punch on the sensual scenes and funny characters.  So if you want some steamy scenes and humor filled plot try out Bad Boys Online.

3rd Degree by James Patterson

I can’t get enough of the Women’s Murder Club series.  It really is addicting and fast to read.  You start the book and next thing you know it is done.

The Plot of 3rd Degree:

“Plunging into a burning town house, Detective Lindsay Boxer discovers three dead bodies…and a mysterious message at the scene.  When more corpses turn up, Lindsay asks her friends Claire Washburn of the medical examiner’s office, Assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt, and San Francisco Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas to help her find a murderer who he has targeted one of the four friends.  Which one will it be?”

Every time I read one of the books in the series I seem more and more drawn into the characters lives and the intense thriller plot.  You really get to know the characters and into their lives.  It gets addicting to read because you have to find out who is killing and what is really happening.  For instance Jill has a bruise and Lindsay is concerned.  Is this a problem in Jill’s life?  Lindsay finds out for certain.

The bad guy is really bad guys.  An organization that is killing supposedly for the good of the people.  Those who need the most help.  For this group it is war against the big CEO but it does get personal.

There is an unspeakable tragedy that hits the Women’s Murder Club and one of them will be permanently gone from the group but who and why are they targeted by this group.  The plot thickens and lead everyone to where the bad guy is getting his inspiration.  But even as the book end the group is still really a group because there will always be another to pick up the cause.

James Patterson brings another thriller and suspense tale to the pages with 3rd Degree.  I was amazed by the book.  The story line is interesting with the radical and very tragic which will make you sad for the death of the member.  I also like the fact that one of the members might have found love and won’t let him get away.  Hopefully it will last to keep her happy, until the next book.